Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation

North Atlantic Books, 10 mrt. 2015 - 336 pagina's
Building on his previous groundbreaking work, Peter Ralston once again proves to be a sure-footed guide for readers seeking to negotiate the challenging terrain of personal and spiritual growth. In accessible language, Ralston demonstrates how the lofty goals†of self-transformation and enlightenment can be achieved with a no-nonsense approach available to anyone willing to reach†beyond their current experience of self and reality.†Pursuing Consciousness†is a†down-to-earth handbook for staying focused on the work at hand, even while tackling†such unsettling tasks as investigating deeply ingrained psychological beliefs and identifying common†areas of misunderstanding that hamper transformative growth.

Ralston explains that deeper levels of consciousness aren't just for monks—anyone can have an enlightenment experience. He shows that enlightenment does†not†transform the self, and transforming the self does†not†produce enlightenment. Once we grasp that these two pursuits take place in entirely different domains of consciousness, we can use each to empower the other. Ralston provides specific tools for changing the very person that we experience being. His work has been acclaimed by people from a diverse range of disciplines—including spiritual teachers, psychiatrists, cognitive scientists, physicists, and artists. As with Ralston’s previous works, this book points the way to a direct†encounter with†the true nature of†Being and the possibility of real personal change.

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Consciousness and Change
Clarifying Enlightenmentsort
Getting Down to Work
Freeing Self from ObjectIdentity
Mechanisms of Experience
Transforming Your Emotions
Predictable Pitfalls
Transcending Your Life Story
Breaking Free of Assumptions

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Over de auteur (2015)

Much in demand as a teacher of consciousness workshops since 1979, Peter Ralston has done over forty years of intense contemplation and personal experiential investigation into the nature of self and reality. Ralston's consciousness work is acclaimed by people from a diverse range of disciplines, from spiritual teachers and psychiatrists to cognitive scientists, physicists, and artists. He has authored a number of strong selling titles, including The Book of Not Knowing. He is the founder of Empowerment, as well as the founder of Cheng Hsin, his school of internal arts and ontological research. Ralston trained with Stewart Emery and Actualizations, and has served as facilitator for other personal growth organizations such as: Lifesprings, Tony Robbins, Institute for Self Actualizations, Esalen, and others.

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