land, 355•


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JUSTICIARY, courts of, in Scot- Mentelle's treatise on the sphere,


MESSIER, M. his astronomical
KANG.HI, Emperor of China, papers in the Berlin memoirs,
his literary works, 552.

KEPLER, the great astronomer, METTAM, Mr. his letter to Mr.

account of him and his discove. Tillington, concerning a remark-
ries, 530.

able phenomenon in the Derby-

fhire mines, 46.
LAMBERT, M. his papers in the MIDDLETON, Capt. his uncom-
the Berlin memoirs, 513.

mon bravery, 260.
Law, William, his enmity toward MILLER, Mr. his account of Su.
Reason, 241.

matra, 420.
Leibnitz, M. his letters to F. MILNER, Rev. Mr. his reflections

Orban, 542. His litileness in on the communication of motion
foliciting profitable appoint- by impact and gravity, 418.
ments from the Emperor of Ger. Mines, in Derbyshire, curious
many, 543.

accounts of, 45.
Le Roy, M. his clocks, for the MOHAMMEDANS, various fects of

discovery of the longitude, tried in Arabia and the East Indies
in a voyage to Newfoundland,

described, 305.
71. Other trials in various parts MORAY, Earl of, his negociations
of the globe, 154.

at the papal court, 186.
Dr. his account of the MORE, Sir Thomas, remarks on
fection of the symphysis of the his character, 196.
pubes, as a substitute for the MOUNTAINS in Swifferland de-

Cæsarian section, 74.
LEVELLERS, or White Boys, of Muller, John, the inventor of

Ireland, pleasant story of, 11, the Ephemerides, 529.
tbe note.

Music, French, observations on,

Light, See BeGUELEN.
LONGINUS, Mr. Toup's edition Musical establiments in Wales,
of his works commended, 377;

35. Degrees and distinctions
Stri&tures on the ftyle and senti- in, 36.
ments of Longinus, 380. MUSK-ANIMAL. See

LOWENDHAL, Count, anecdote
relative to, 545

Lysius, the orator, compared NABOB. See TANJORE,
with lfæus, 456.

Naxos, ancient and present
MACBRIDE, Dr. his account of Necessity, philosophical, re-

an improved method of tan- marks relacive to, 208.
ning leacher, 419.

NEWS-PAPERS, apology for their
MARGRAFF, M. his memoir of licentiousness, 464. Benefits,
the Saxon topaz, 513.

to the public, refulting from and
his fupplement to the over-balancing this evil, 465.
above account, 517.

NEWTON, Sir Isaac, panegyrical
ME, M, his singular taste in display of his immense discove,

gardening, 9. Curs his park ries in philofophy, &c. 533•

into the form of a thistle, ib. NINEVEH, remains of, 310.
MELIORATIONS of soil, remarks
on, 27-


fcribed, 343



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ftate of, 509.


don, 247•

rit, 527


Poor man's prayer, 461.
Oculus Mundi, properties of, Pope, John XXII. See Bruce.

and where found, 517. POPERY, in Ireland, less malig-
DRATOR, Cicero's opinion of the nant now than in former times,
powers of, contraverted, 457.

Tracts relative to the tole-
ORIGEN, his Hexaplar edition of ration of popery in England, &c.

the LXX. translated into Syriac, 243.

Price, Dr. his friendly contest
ORLEANS, Philip, Duke of, his with Dr. Priestley, 208. His
character, 151.

ftrictures on the Bishop of Lon-
Ossa, Pubis, reflections on the

division of, as a substitute for Priestcraft, curious story of.
the Cæsarian section, 6o. In- . See INDIANS,
ftance of an operation, 74. Prints, from engravings, aneg.

dotes relative to the history and
Painting, sketches of the an- progress of, 367.
cient history of, 365.

PRUSSIA, King of, celebrates Vol.
PALLISER, Sir Hugh, sentence taire, 68, 144. His Majesty's

passed on him by the court-mar- difinterested and generous con.
tial, 400. Remarkable differ. duct in this respect, ib.
ences in the printed accounts of, PTOLOMY, his aftronomical me:

PALSY, account of a particular PURBACH, his improvements in

kind of, 199. Cure of, 200. astronomy, 529.
Papists, tracts relative to them, Pus, new disquilition on, 541.

PYTHAGORAS, account of his
PAPUAS, account of that people, doctrines, 120.

PARTINGTON, Mr. his account of

the cure of a muscular contrac- UANTITIES.

tion by electricity, 414. -
Patents for new inventions, obf.

on the tendency of, 72. RATTLE-SNAKE, wonderful story
PERSIA, Mr. Niebuhr's obs. rela- of one of those animals, 281.

tive to what he saw in that coun- REDEMPTION, of mankind, Mr.
try, 305,

Search's scheme of, 432.
PHARMACOPEE de Lyon, 313. Revelation of St. John, new
PHILOSOPHY of the ancient explanation of, 75. Objections
Greeks, general account of, 120. to the authenticity of that book

natural, new and cu- answered, 561.
rious experiments relative to, Richter's geographical research-

es, 311.
PLATINA, some account of his ROBERTSON, Dr. his character as
works, 565.

an historian, 270. Censured,
PLATO, his philosophy, 122.

PLAY FAIR. Rev. Mr. his remarks Rousseau, Jean Jaques, sketch

on the arithmetic of impoffible of his character, 137. "Speci-
quantities, 418.

men of his memoirs of himself,
Poetry of the ancient Greeks, 139. Manner of his dying, 140.

generally characterised, 123. Of His last words, 141. His tomb
the Hebrews, 132.

and monument, 142,
POLYGAMY, fory relative to, 308.





of, 419.



SURAT, account of the inhabis
SABBATH, how to be regarded

tants of, 305.
in farming affairs, 249.

SWISSERLAND, sketches of, 3435
SAINT Peter's church, at Rome, Prices of provisions in that coun-
described, 338.

try, 346.
SALT, wonderful mountain of, in Syra, formerly Syros. See Chol-

Spain, 564
Salt-Petre, remarks on the de-

composition of, by means of the TANJORE, particulars relating to

sal gemmæ of Cordova, 555. the late conquest and restora-
SAPHANDRE, a machine to pre-

tion of, 293-300.
vent drowning, 567.

TANNING of leather, new method
SCARLATINA Anginofa described,

225. How treuted, 227. TAYLOR, the water post, his
SCOTLAND, obscurity of its an- quaint account or Nicolas Wood,
cient history, 270.

Dr. Stu- the great eater, 261.
art's researches into commend- THALES, fome account of his
ed, 271. Kings of Scotland philosophy, 122.
not unlimited in their power, THICKNESSE, Mr. letter to from
275. Their great officers of one of the Monks of Montsere
ftate, 278. Courts of justiciary,

rat, 70.

TENERIFFE, pike of, curious ex-
SELF-ATTENDANCE, its import- periment on liquors carried to
ance, particularly in the bufiness

the summit of, 154.
of a farm, 169.

Ticho-BRAHE, his astronomical
SELWYN, John, his extraordinary

discoveries, 529.
strength and agility, 258. TIME-KEEPERS. See Le Roy.
SENECA, essay on the life and wri- Tine, or Tenos, pleasing descrip-
tings of, 313.

tion of the women of that island,
SERVANTS, management of, in 511.

the farming business, 180. Tintern Abbey, some account
SHIRAs, in Perfia, obs. made there

of, 263,
by a modern traveller, 306. TOPAZ. See MARGRAFF:
SOCRATES, brief account of his TOURNAMENTS, &c, curious ac.
philosophy, 122.

count of royal ordinances rela.
SOUCHỢT, Mrs. her remarkable

case of delivery in childbirth, Traité de la sphere, &c. 313.

TRELAWNEY, Rev. Sir Harry, his
Soul, human, philosophical opi- change of religious sentiments,
nions relative to its immortality, 79.

Witticisms on, ibi

Trinity, Mr. Search's explica-
Spain, wonderful mountain of salt tion of, 431. Dr. Scott's nos

tion of, 486.
Strata of the earth, curious ac. Twiss, Mr. how rendered obno.
counts of, 42.

xious to the Irish, 191.
of the Derbyshire mines,


VANDIWASH, battle of, describ-
Stucco. See APPEAL,
SULZER, M. his philosophical me- Venice, eminent artists of that
moir on the immortality of the city, 564

VERBAL criticism vindicated, 375.
SUMATRA, island of, account of, Virtue, poetic encomium on,

tive to, , 257

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there, 554

ed, 47



soul, 520.

it, 409;

VITET's dispensatory of Lyons, WINEPREDE's Well, description 313.

of, 32. Qualities of the wa. VOLTAIRE, M. de, celebrated by

ters, 195 the King of Prussia, 67. His WINKLEHA A K, M. his account of life and conduct generally ami. methods to recover persons apable, 68. Vaft diversity of luis parently drowned, 566. talents, 69, 144. His merit as WHITE, Dr. his experiments on an hiitorian, 269.

air, and the different kinds of W.


upon WALES, antiquities found in, Women, highly reverenced by the 33.

Ancient musical ejia- ancient Germans, 16. blishments in, 35.

- their cruel vafsalage in WALTHERUS, the first astronomer

ancient Greece, 454.

Their who used clocks for the mea. rights of inheritance among the furement of time, 529.

Greeks, Arabs, and Romans, WATCH. See LE ROY.

455. Women of Naxos de WILSON, Mr. his experiments, fcribed, 510. Of Tenos, 511.

&c. on conductors for lightning, Wood, Nicolas, the great eater, 415. His letter to the Royal

261. Academy of Berlin, concerning Worcester, Marquis of, his ex. fome new properties of light, traordinary retirement in Wens, 513

ley Dale, 258.

ERRA TA in this V OLUM E.
P.4, 1. penult, del. generally.

17, 1. 6 from bottom, for raisoneé, r. raisonné.
55, 1, 21, for years, r. reasons.
104, par. 2, 1. 13, for other opportunities are embraced, s. oppor.

tunities are likewise embraced.
148, l. 4, for perfectionement, r. perfectionnement.
Ibid. Art. XI, 1. 1, for Morale, r. Moral.
Ibid, I. penult, for Moise, r. Moise.
149, 1. penult, for Precis, r. Précis.
150, Ari. XVI, l. ult. for Modern times, r. Modern Naturalifts.
153, par. 2, 1. 4, for Phillippiques, r. Philippiques.

3 and


del. the Viaticum. 355, par. 3, 1. 9, for he advances, r, he produces. - 365, par. 2, for practice of statuary, r. practice of the art of






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