JOURNAL of the Franklin Institute of the state of Pennsylvania, edited by T. P. Jones; new series; vols. III-x, Jan. 1829-Nov. 1832, and vols. XV-XIX, Jan. 1835-June 1837. 8° Philadelphia, 1829– 1837.

JOURNAL polytechnique; germinal an 3 [1796]-Sept. 1832; 23 pts. in 15 vols. 4° Paris.

Wants the ninth cahier.

JOURNAL universel et hebdomadaire de médecine, &c. See Journals, &c. Journal, &c. 8° 1830, &c. (Anatomy.)

LIBRARY of the fine arts, Feb.-May 1831; 4 Nos. 8° London. LITERARY (the) gazette and journal of belles-lettres, &c. for 1829-1837. London, 1829-1837.

LITERARY (the) journal; a review of domestic and foreign literature; new series; 2 vols. 8° London, 1806.

LONDON (the) and Edinburgh philosophical magazine and journal of science; by Sir D. Brewster, R. Taylor and R. Phillips; July 1832– June 1836; vols. I-XI. 8° London.

LONDON (the) magazine [from January 1820 to June 1821]; 3 vols. 8° London, 1820 & 1821.

LONDON (the) medical journal. See Journals, &c. London, &c. 8° 1781, &c. (Anatomy.)

LONDON medical journal. See Collections, &c. Medical facts, &c. 8° 1791. (Anatomy.)

MADRAS journal of literature and science; published under the auspices of the Madras Literary Society and Auxiliary Royal Asiatic Society; Nos 12, 13, & 14. 8° Madras, 1836 & 1837.

MAGASIN encyclopédique, ou journal des sciences, des lettres et des arts; 123 vols. 8° Paris, an 3, (1795)-1816.

See Sajou (J. B.). Table générale des matières, &c. 8° 1819. MAGAZINE (the) of natural history and journal of zoology, botany, mineralogy, geology and meteorology, conducted by J. C. Loudon; Nos VI-x; March-Nov. 1829. 8° London, 1829.

MAGAZINE (the) of the fine arts; N° 1. 8° London, 1821.
MAGAZINE of popular science; vol. I-IV. 8° London, 1836 & 1837.
MALACOLOGICAL and conchological magazine, conducted by G. B.
Sowerby, F.L.S.; pt. 1. 8° London, 1838.

MÉMORIAL topographique et militaire; 111 trim. de l'an x-IV trim. de l'an x1; 6 vols. Paris, an XI-XIII (1802–1804).

MERCURIO (il) Italico ossia raggualio intorno alla letteratura, belle arti, utili scoperte, &c.; di tutta l'Italia; Ital. & Eng.; vols. 1 & 11, & pt. III of vol. III. 8° Londra, 1789.

MINING review, and journal of geology, mineralogy, and metallurgy, conducted by Henry English; Nos 8, 9, & 10; new series. 8° London, 1837.

MONETHLY (the) account; June. 4° London, 1688.

MONTHLY (the) magazine, and (or) British register for 1796-Jan. 1826; [the 2nd part of 1824 incomplete, and the 1st part of 1825 wanting;] vols. I-LVIII and LX. 80 London.

MONTHLY (the) review, a periodical work; [or, as it was afterwards called,] The monthly review, or literary journal; 81 vols. 8° London, 1749: [new edit. of 1809]-1789.

-; enlarged from Jan. 1790-May 1825; 106 vols. 8° London, 1790

JOURNALS, &c. MONTHLY (the) review, a periodical work; new and improved series, from Jan. 1826-August 1828; vols. I-VIII. 8° London, 1826-1828. See Ayscough (S.). A general index to the monthly review, &c. 8° 1786.

A continuation, &c. 8° 1796.

MUSEUM D'HISTOIRE NATURELLE. Annales du Muséum d'histoire naturelle, par les professeurs de cet établissement; 20 vols. 4° Paris, 1802-1813.

Mémoires; 20 vols. 4o Paris, 1815-1832.

NATUUR en Scheikundig archief uitgegeven door G. J. Mulder en W. Wenckebach Jahrgang 1836; Stuk 1, 3, & 4; 1837, 1 & 2. 8° Leyden, 1836 & 1837.

NAUTICAL (the) magazine, or journal of maritime discovery, voyages and papers; works on nautical and geographical science and art, March 1832-December 1836; vol. I-v. 8° London.

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Enlarged series; vol. 1. Jan.-Dec. 1837. 8° London. NEUES Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie und Petrefactenkunde herausgegeben von K. C. von Leonhard und H. G. Bronn, Jahrgang, 1833; 6 Nos. 8° Stuttgart, 1833.

NEUESTES Chemisches Archiv. See Journals, &c. Neuestes, &c. 8° 1798. (Chemistry.)

NEW (the) monthly magazine and universal register, from Jan. 1814Dec. 1820; 14 vols. 8° London.

NEW (the) monthly magazine and literary journal; 22 vols. 8° London, 1821-1828.

NOUVEAU journal Asiatique, &c., Nos 49–58 & 60–65. 67-81. 85-89. 8° Paris, 1832 & 1835.

NOUVEAU journal de médecine. See Journals, &c. Journal de médecine, &c. 12o an Ix, &c. (Anatomy.)

See Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine, &c. 8° 1818, &c. (Anatomy.)

NOUVELLE bibliothèque choisie [by Barat]; 2 vols. 12° Amsterdam, 1714.

NOUVELLES annales des voyages, &c. See Journals, &c. Nouvelles annales, &c. 8° 1831. (Voyages.)

NOUVELLES de la république des lettres, Mars 1684-Décem. 1687 [by P. Bayle]; 8 vols. 12° Amsterdam, 1684-1687.

NOVA literaria maris Balthici et Septentrionis. 4° Lubecæ, 1701.

ORIENTAL repertory; by A. Dalrymple; vol. 1. 4° London, 1793. PANORAMIC (the) miscellany, or monthly magazine and review, edited by J. Thelwall; No. 1 & II. London, 1826.

PHILADELPHIA (the) medical and physical journal; collected and arranged by B. S. Barton, vols. 1 and pt. 1 of vol. 11; 8° Philadelphia, 1805.

PHILOSOPHICAL (the) magazine, comprehending the various branches of science, the liberal and the fine arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce; [vol. 1-59, by A. Tilloch alone; 60-65 by Tilloch and R. Taylor; vols. 66 and 68 by R. Taylor only]; 68 vols. 8° London, 1801-1826. PHILOSOPHICAL (the) magazine or annals of chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, natural history, and general science; by R. Taylor and R. Phillips; new and united series of the Philosophical magazine and Annals of philosophy; Jan. 1827-December 1837. 8° London.


PRACTICAL (the) husbandman. See Journals, &c. Practical (the) husbandman, &c. 8° [1731?] (Botany.)

QUARTERLY (the) review [from Feb. 1809 to March 1828, but wanting the 30th vol., for the second half-year of 1823]; 36 vols. 8° London, 1810-1828.

REPERTORY (the) of arts and manufactures, consisting of original communications, specifications of patent inventions, and selections of useful practical papers from the transactions of the philosophical societies of all nations; 16 vols. 8° London, 1794-1802.


[vols. 1-XXXV. of the 2nd series, with a vol. of index to the 1st series and to the first eight vols. of the 2nd series]; 36 vols. 8° London, 1802– REPERTORY (the) of patent inventions and other discoveries and improvements in arts, manufactures, and agriculture, being a continuation of the repertory of arts and manufactures; vols. I-VI. 8° London, 1825-1828.

New series; Nos 1-48, Jan. 1834-December 1837. 8° London. REVUE encyclopédique; [edited by M. A. Jullien from 1819 to March 1831; from April to August 1831 by Jullien and A. Petetin; from Sept. to Dec. 1831 by H. Carnot; from Jan. 1832 to March 1833 by H. Carnot and P. Léroux]; 57 vols. 8° Paris, 1819–1833. SCIENTIFIC memoirs, selected from the transactions of foreign academies of science and learned societies and from foreign journals, edited by Richard Taylor; vol. I.; pt. 1. 8° London, 1836.

TASCHENBUCH für die gesammte Mineralogie, &c. See Journals, &c. Taschenbuch, &c. 12° 1807, &c. (Geology)

TECHNICAL (the) repository, containing practical information on subjects connected with discoveries and improvements in the useful arts, by T. Gill; 11 vols. 8° London, 1822-1827.

Continued under the name of Gill's technological.... repository.

TIJDSCHRIFT Voor natuurlijke geschiedenis en physiologie uitgegeven door I. van der Hoeven en W. H. de Vriese; vol. 1-IV. 8° Amsterdam, 1834-1836.

UNITED (the) service journal, and naval and military magazine; 18291837; Nos 1-109. 8° London.

WEEKLY memorials for the ingenious; or an account of books lately set forth in several languages, with other accounts relating to arts and sciences; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° London, 1683.

WESTMINSTER (the) review, [from Jan. 1824 to Jan. 1828] vol. 1–1x. 8° London, 1824-1828.

ZEITSCHRIFT für Mineralogie. See Journals, &c. Zeitschrift, &c. 12° 1827. (Geology)

ZEITSCHRIFT für Physik und Mathematik; Herausgeber A. Baumgartner und A. v. Ettingshausen; 10 vols. 8° Wien, 1826–1831. ZEITSCHRIFT für Physik und verwandte Wissenschaften; Herausgeber A. Baumgärtner; vols. 1. & II. 8° Wien, 1832 & 1833. ZEITSCHRIFT für Physiologie. See Journals, &c. Zeitschrift, &c. 4o 1824. (Anatomy.)

ZEITSCHRIFT für Physik und verwandte Wissenschaften; Herausgeber A. Baumgärtner; vol. I, pts. 1 and 2 of vol. II. 80 Wien, 1832 & 1833.

ZOOLOGICAL (the) journal. See Journals, &c. Zoological, &c. 8° 1824, &c. (Zoology.)

JULLIEN (M. AUGUSTE). Revue encyclopédique. See Journals, &c. Revue encyclopédique; 1819-Aug. 1831. 8°


KASTNER (K. W. C.). Archiv für Chemie, &c. See Journals, &c. &c. 8° 1830, &c. (Chemistry.)

KERALIO (LOUIS-FÉLIX GUINEMENT). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1785-1792. 4°

KLÁPROTH (HENRI-JULES). See Journals, &c. Nouvelles annales des voyages, &c. 1831. (Voyages.)


LACROSE (CORNAND de). See Croze (C. de la).

LALANDE (Jos. JERÔME le FRANÇOIS de). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans, 1765-1792. 4o


LAMÉTHERIE (JEAN CLAUDE de). Observations sur la physique, &c. Journal de physique. See Rozier (J.). Tableau du travail annuel de toutes les académies, &c.; vols. XXVII-LXXXV. LARENAUDIÈRE (PH. de). See Journals, &c. voyages, &c. 8° 1831. (Voyages.) LAVIROTTE (LOUIS-ANNE). See Journals, &c. 1750-1759. 4o

LECLERC (JEAN). See Clerc (J. Le).

Nouvelles annales des

Journal des Sçavans,

LE NORMAND (L. S.). See Journals, &c. Annales de l'industrie, &c. 8° 1820, &c.

LEONHARD (KARL CÄSAR). See Journals, &c. Taschenbuch für die gesammte Mineralogie. 12° 1807, &c. (Geology.)

Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, &c. 8° 1830, &c. (Geology)

Zeitschrift für Mineralogie. See Journals. Zeitschrift, &c. 12o 1827, &c. (Geology)

See Journals. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, &c.

LÉROUX (P.). See Journals, &c. Revue encyclopédique, &c; Jan. 1832-March 1833. 8°

LEROUX (LAURENT-CHARLES-PIERRE). See Journals, &c. Journal de médecine, &c. 12o an Ix. (Anatomy.)

LESCHEVIN (P. X.). Table analytique des matières contenues dans les 28 prém. vol. du Journal des mines. See Leschevin (P. X.). Table, &c. 8° 1813. (Geology)

Journal hebdomadaire de médecine,

LINDENAU (B. von) und BOHNENBERGER (J. G. F.). Zeitschrift für Astronomie. See Lindenau (B. von) und Bohnenberger (J. G. F.). Zeitschrift, &c. 8° 1816, &c. (Astronomy.) LITTRÉ (-). See Journals, &c. &c. 8° 1828. (Anatomy.) LOUDON (J. C.). See Journals, &c. &c. 8° 1829.



Sçavans, &c. 1760-1768. 4°

Magazine (the) of natural history,

See Journals, &c. Journal des

MACQUER (PIERRE JOSEPH). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1768-1784. 4°

MAGAZINES. See Journals, &c.

MAGENDIE (F.). See Journals, &c. Journal de physiologie, &c. 1821, &c. (Anatomy.)

MAIGNAN de SAVIGNY (—). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1752 & 1753.


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Nouveau journal de médecine, &c. 8° 1818, &c. (Ana

MANGENOT (LOUIS). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1727–

1731. 4°

MARJOLIN (J. N.). Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine, &c8o 1818, &c. (Anatomy.)

MATY (MATTHIEU). Journal Britannique; Jan. 1750-Juin 1752; 8 vols. 12° La Haye, 1750-1752.

MAURICE (FRÉDÉRIC-GUILLAUME). See Journals, &c. Bibliothèque
Britannique, &c. 8° 1796, &c.

Archiv für Anatomie, &c.



See Journals, &c. Journal

Journals, &c. Archiv, &c. 8° 1826, &c. MÉHÉGAN (GUILLAUME ALEXANDRE de). encyclopédique, &c. 12° 1756, &c. MÉTHERIE (JEAN CLAUDE de la). See Lamétherie (J. C. de.). MILLIN (A. L.). See Journals, &c. Annales encyclopédiques, &c. 8° See Journals, &c. Magazin encyclopédique, &c. 8° 1795, &c. MIRON (-). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1707 & 1708. 4a MOLÉON (J. G. V.). See Journals, &c. Annales de l'industrie, &c.

8° 1820, &c.

See Journals, &c. Annales de l'industrie manufacturière, &c. 8° 1827, &c. MONDYON (-). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1744 & 1745. 4°

MONGEZ (JEAN-ANDRÉ). Observations sur la physique, &c. See Rozier (J.). Tableau du travail annuel de toutes les académies de l'Europe, &c.

Journal des Sçavans; 1739-1743. 4°

MONTHLY MAGAZINE. See Journals, &c.
MONTHLY REVIEW. See Journals, &c.

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MORAND (PIERRE de). See Journals, &c. Journal encyclopédique, &c. 12° 1756, &c.

MOREAU (CÉSAR). Journal des travaux de la société de statistique, &c. See Journals, &c. Journal des travaux, &c. 4° 1831, &c.

MULDER (G. J.). See Journals. Natuur en Scheikundig Archief, &c. 8° Leyden, 1836 & 1837.

See Hall (H. C. von), VROLIK (W.), en MULDER (G. J.). Bijdragen, &c. 8° 1826, &c.



NICHOLSON (WILLIAM). See Journals, &c. Journal (a) of natural philosophy, &c. 4o 1797, &c.

Journal (a) of natural philosophy, &c. 8° 1802, &c. NOEL (-). See Journals, &c. Magazin encyclopédique; vols. I-VI. 8° (1795), &c.

NORMAND (L. S. le). See Journals, &c. Annales de l'industrie. 8o 1820, &c.

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