The History of Pittsburgh: With a Brief Notice of Its Facilities of Communication and Other Advantages for Commercial and Manufacturing Purposes, with Three Maps

J.R. Weldin Company, 1917 - 310 pagina's

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Pagina 7 - I spent some time in viewing the rivers, and the land in the Fork, which I think extremely well situated for a fort, as it has the absolute command of both rivers.
Pagina 99 - ... to be determined by a meridian line, to be drawn from the head of the said river, unto the said forty-third degree. The said land to extend westward five degrees in longitude, to be computed from the said eastern bounds...
Pagina 57 - I am sure we are undone both at home and abroad: at home by our increasing debt and expenses ; abroad by our illluck and incapacity. We are no longer a nation.
Pagina 120 - Bay to be in rebellion, and the ministry, by endeavoring to enforce those acts, have attempted to reduce the said inhabitants to a more wretched state of slavery than ever before existed in any state or country. Not content with violating their constitutional and chartered privileges...
Pagina 246 - ... to call forth the resources of the Western country to repel any hostile attempts that may be made against the rights of the citizen or of the body of the people.
Pagina 173 - Pittsburgh is inhabited almost entirely by Scots and Irish, who live in paltry log houses, and are as dirty as if in the north of Ireland or even Scotland.
Pagina 94 - The houses, which are built of logs and ranged in streets, are on the Monongahela, and I suppose may be about twenty in number, and inhabited by Indian traders. The fort is built on the point between the rivers Allegheny and Monongahela, but not so near the pitch of it as Fort Duquesne stood. It is five-sided and regular, two of which, near the land, are of brick; the others stockade. A moat encompasses it.
Pagina 95 - To this I answered, after thanking them for their friendly welcome, " that all the injuries and affronts, that had passed on either side, were now totally forgotten, and that I was sure nothing was more wished and desired by the people of Virginia, than to live in the strictest friendship with them ; that the Virginians were a people not so much engaged in trade as the Pennsylvanians...
Pagina 16 - On the 3d of July early in the morning an alarm was received from a sentinel, who had been wounded by the enemy ; and at nine o'clock intelligence came, that the whole body of the enemy, amounting, as was reported, to nine hundred men, was only four miles off. At eleven o'clock they approached the fort, and began to fire, at the distance of six hundred yards, but without effect. Colonel Washington had drawn up his men on the open and level ground outside of the trenches, waiting for the attack, which...
Pagina xxiv - No place in the United States presents such a series of events, interesting in themselves, and permanently affecting, as they occurred, its progress and prosperity. Five times its flag has changed, three different sovereignties have claimed its allegiance, and since it has been held by the United States, its government has been thrice transferred; twice it has been besieged by the Indians, once captured in war, and once burned to the ground."* On the 13th of September, 1759, a battle occurred between...

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