Œuvres complètes publiées par la Société hollandaise des sciences: Correspondance

M. Nijhotl̈, 1897

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Pagina 90 - ... Jansz. Blaeu. Le mathématicien Jean Picard est allé le voir en 1671 à Amsterdam pour conférer avec lui sur la mesure de la Terre. L'entretien avait eu un très bon résultat. « Je puis dire, écrit Picard, » que nous eusmes une joye extraordinaire, ce bon vieillard et moy, de voir que nous estions presque d'accord touchant la grandeur du degré d'un grand cercle de la Terre, et que la différence n'alloit pas à cinq perches ou 60 pieds de Rhin.
Pagina 260 - But to examine how colours may be thus explained hypothetically is beside my purpose. I never intended to shew wherein consists the nature and difference of colours, but only to shew that de facto they are original and immutable qualities of the rays, which exhibit them...
Pagina 387 - Je ne saurais m'empêcher de vous dire que je trouve les esprits de ces peuples ici tout autres que l'année passée; ils sont tous au désespoir à cause des taxes insupportables qu'on leur fait tous les jours. Il me semble que le profit qu'on...
Pagina 508 - All I could obtain," he said, "was a Catalogue of Difficulties, first in the doing of it, secondly in the bringing of it into publick use, thirdly, in making advantage of it. Difficulties were proposed from the alteration of Climates, Airs, heats and colds, temperature of Springs, the nature of Vibrations, the wearing of Materials, the motion of the Ship, and divers others.
Pagina 526 - Lampas: or Descriptions of some Mechanical Improvements of Lamps & Waterpoises Together with some other Physical and Mechanical Discoveries Made by Robert Hooke Fellow of the Royal Society, London.
Pagina 319 - twas the hypothesis. Now if this spirit descend from above with uniform velocity, its density, and consequently its force, will be reciprocally proportional to the square of its distance from the centre.
Pagina 122 - TUBA STENTORO-PHONICA, an Instrument of Excellent Use, as well at Sea, as at Land; Invented, and variously Experimented in the Year 1670, and humbly presented to the Kings most Excellent Majesty Charles II. in the Year 1671. Title in red and blacl^. With- curious full-page engravings of the "Loud-Speaking Trumpet.
Pagina 260 - Colors when feparated by any other means; as by their different Reflexibility, a quality not yet difcourfed of.
Pagina 443 - Bourbon, duc du Maine, fils de Louis XIV et de Mme de Montespan, né en 1670, qui fut colonel général des Suisses et gouverneur de Languedoc, en 1689.
Pagina 240 - Dr. Robert Hooke was about seven years older than Newton, and was one of the ninety-eight original or unelected members of the Royal Society. truth and exactness of my own observations, I shall be unwilling to be diverted by any other experiments from having a fair end made of this in the first place.

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