Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, On Patterns and Pattern Languages

Wiley, 30 apr. 2007 - 490 pagina's
  • Software patterns have revolutionized the way developers think about how software is designed, built, and documented, and this unique book offers an in-depth look of what patterns are, what they are not, and how to use them successfully
  • The only book to attempt to develop a comprehensive language that integrates patterns from key literature, it also serves as a reference manual for all pattern-oriented software architecture (POSA) patterns
  • Addresses the question of what a pattern language is and compares various pattern paradigms
  • Developers and programmers operating in an object-oriented environment will find this book to be an invaluable resource

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Gebruikersrecensie  - tomhudson - LibraryThing

The case study on the design of a multithreaded web server is really nice to give to advanced undergrdauates who are interested in high-performance web apps. Most of the book is a pattern catalog that hasn't found much application in my distributed projects so far. Volledige review lezen

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Frank Buschmann, Siemens AG, Germany

Kevlin Henney, Curbralan, Bristol, UK

Douglas C. Schmidt, Vanderbilt University

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