Summary: The Grand Master could not but feel pity for Rebecca; but this very feeling he set down to her practice of evil arts, and called upon her to repent and turn from the Jewish faith. "I am a maiden," said Rebecca meekly, 66 unskilled to dispute for my religion; but I can die for it, if it be God's will." Her claim for trial by combat was then allowed, and the gage of battle was delivered to Bois-Guilbert. Rebecca was allowed to write a message to her father, which was delivered to a cripple, who met her father before he had gone more than a quarter of a mile.

Exercises :-1. In writing a letter how must it be arranged? Give examples of the beginning and the end, and the address on the envelope.

2. Explain "Turn thee from thine evil faith;' That is but a brief space;' "Life and death are in thy haste."

3. Affixes denoting the agent, or the doer of a thing-an, librarian; ant, descendant; ar, beggar; ard, sluggard; ary, lapidary; eer, auctioneer; ent, agent; er, reader; ist, botanist; or, inspector; ster, spinster. Make sentences containing these words.


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1. "Child of my sorrow," cried Isaac, well shouldst thou be called Benoni, instead of Rebecca! Why should thy death bring down my gray hairs to the grave?"

"Brother," said the rabbi in great surprise, "I trust that the child of thy house yet liveth?"

2. "She liveth," answered Isaac; "but it is as Daniel, who was called Belteshazzar, even when Iwithin the den of the lions. She is captive unto those men of Belial; and they will wreak their cruelty upon her, sparing neither for her youth nor her comely favour. Oh! she was as a crown of green palms to my gray locks; and she must wither in a night, like the gourd of Jonah !-Child of my lovechild of my old age!-oh, Rebecca, daughter of Rachel the darkness of the shadow of death hath encompassed thee."

"Yet read the scroll," said the rabbi; "perad

venture it may be that we may yet find out a way of deliverance."

3. The scroll told her father of her fate, and urged him at once to seek for some one to defend her and be her champion. "Look, my father," were her words, "and see whether there be any rescue. One Nazarene warrior might indeed bear arms in my behalf, even Wilfred, son of Cedric, whom the Gentiles call Ivanhoe. But he may not yet endure the weight of his armour. Nevertheless, send the tidings unto him, my father; for he hath favour among the strong men of his people, and as he was our companion in the house of bondage, he may find some one to do battle for my sake. And say unto him, even unto him, even unto Wilfred, the son of Cedric, that if Rebecca live, or if Rebecca die, she liveth or dieth wholly free of the guilt she is charged withal.”


4. "My daughter, my daughter," cried her father, "flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone! Yet I will seek out this Wilfred, the son of Cedric. is a good youth, and hath compassion on the exile. of Jacob. But he cannot yet bear the weight of his armour, and what other Christian shall do battle. for the oppressed of Zion? Nevertheless, I shall go

and seek him out."

"Farewell, then," said his friend Rabbi Ben Samuel; "and may it be to thee as thy heart desireth."”

5. While her sorrowing father went in search of Ivanhoe, Rebecca, in the twilight of the day of her trial, was quietly seated in her prison-chamber at her devotions.

She engaged in the evening prayer

recommended by her religion. It concluded with a hymn which is here given, translated into English.

6. "When Israel, of the Lord beloved,

Out of the land of bondage came,
Her fathers' God before her moved,
An awful guide, in smoke and flame.
By day, along the astonished lands
The cloudy pillar glided slow;
By night, Arabia's crimsoned sands
Returned the fiery column's glow.

7. "There rose the choral hymn of praise,
And trump and timbrel answered keen;
And Zion's daughters poured their lays,
With priest's and warrior's voice between.
No portents now our foes amaze,

Forsaken Israel wanders lone ;-
Our fathers would not know THY ways,
And THOU hast left them to their own.

8. "But present still, though now unseen,
When brightly shines the prosperous day,
Be thoughts of THEE a cloudy screen
To temper the deceitful ray.

And oh! when stoops on Judah's path
In shade and storm the frequent night,
Be THOU, long-suffering, slow to wrath,
A burning and a shining light!

9. "Our harps we left by Babel's streams,
The tyrant's jest, the Gentile's scorn;
No censer round our altar beams,

And mute our timbrel, trump, and horn:

But THOU hast said, the blood of goat,
The flesh of rams, I will not prize;
A contrite heart, an humble thought,
Are mine accepted sacrifice."

In such exercises did the unhappy Jewess try to lift her thoughts away from her impending fate.

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1 Be-no-ni, "the son of my sorrow."

The name Rachel the wife of Jacob gave to Benjamin, her younger child, shortly after whose birth she died. (Gen. xxxv. 18.)

2 Bel-te-shaz-zar, Daniel. (Dan. i. 7.) Den of the lions. Daniel was cast into a den of lions for praying to God. (Dan. vi.)

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6 Land of bondage, Egypt, in which the Israelites suffered bondage for four hundred years.

Cloudy pillar. Ex. xiii. 21.

Be-li-al, a Hebrew word meaning 7 Choral hymn, song of victory sung


Wreak, execute; work.

Comely favour, beauty.

Crown of green palms, youthful life

and vigour.

Gourd, of Jonah. (Jonah iv 6.)
En-com-passed, surrounded.
Per-ad-ven-ture, perhaps.

3 Naz-a-rene', follower of Jesus of

by the children of Israel after they had crossed the Red Sea. (Ex. xv.) Trump, trumpet.

Timbrel, a kind of drum.

Portents, signs of coming evil.

9 Our harps, etc. Ps. cxxxvii.
Censer, vase or vessel in which incense
Mute, silent.
[is burned.
Contrite, grieved for sin; humble.
Impending, threatening; near.

Summary: The Jew, Isaac of York, Rebecca's father, was in great sorrow when he heard of the sad position in which his daughter was placed. In accordance with her wish he at once set out to seek Ivanhoe and ask his assistance in finding a champion. While her father went in search of Wilfred, Rebecca spent her time in devotional exercises-in prayer and praise to the God of her fathers. Exercises: 1. Write all you know about the Israelites.

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2. Explain-" He hath favour among the strong men of his people;" There rose the choral hymn of praise ;' Mute our timbrel, trump, and horn."

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3. Affixes denoting state of being, or quality-acy, accuracy; ance, fragrance, ence, excellence; hood, manhood; ism, heroism; ment, engagement; ness, darkness; ry, slavery; ship, partnership; t, weight; tb, warmth; ty, royalty; ure, pleasure; y, victory. Make sentences containing these words.


1. Our next scene is the exterior of the Castle or Preceptory of Templestowe, on the day when the bloody die was to be cast for the life or death of Rebecca. A throne was erected for the Grand Master at the east end of the tilt-yard, and surrounded with seats of distinction for the Knights of the Order.

2. The unfortunate Rebecca was conducted to a black chair placed near a huge pile of fagots, within the fatal circle, where a stake stood, hung with chains.

It was the general belief that no one could or would appear for a Jewess accused of sorcery; and as the day passed slowly on, the knights began tọ whisper to one another that it was time to declare the pledge of Rebecca forfeited.

3. At that instant a knight, urging his horse to full speed, appeared on the plain advancing towards the lists. A hundred voices exclaimed, "A champion! a champion!" And despite the prejudices of the multitude against one who had been condemned as a sorceress, they shouted unanimously as the knight rode into the tilt-yard.

The second glance, however, served to destroy the hope that his timely arrival had excited. His horse, urged for many miles to its utmost speed, appeared to reel from fatigue; and the rider, however undauntedly he presented himself in the lists, either from weakness, from weariness, or from both combined, seemed scarce able to support himself in the saddle.

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