ander Calebanach, alias Dow, tenant there,

APPOINTMENTS. being employed in drying grain on a kiln,

(From the London Gazette.] went about midnight, accompanied by his daughter, a young girl, to lift off the grain, appointed the Hon. and Rev. Henry Ryder

Whitehall, Dec. 12.- The Prince Regent when most unfortunately the rafters, which, it appears, wero rotten, gave way, and he

to be Dean of Wells, in room of the late Dr was precipitated to the bottom of the kiln,

William Lukin. when it immediately took fire, and before

Carleton House, Dec. 14.-The Prince any assistance could be rendered to him, Regent conferred the honour of knighthood he was burnt to death. Owing to the scar

on Samuel Whitcombe and Christopher

Sweedland, Esquires. city of water, the darkness of the night, and the late hour at which the accident

Whitehall, Dec. 15.--The Prince Regent happened, the fire was not got under till granted permission to John Malcolm, Esq, noon next day, when the body, which was

Lieut.-Col. in the East India Company, and almost consumed to atoms, was with much

late envoy to the King of Persia, to accept difficulty extricated from the rubbish. He

and wear the insignia of the Royal Persian

order of the Lion and Sun. And also conhas left a widow and three children.

On the 15th of December, at the mill offerred on him the honour of knighthood. Élrick, the miller, of the name of Walker, his wife, and a child, were all found dead

The Prince Regent has been graciously in their sleeping apartment

. The preced- pleased to grant the dignity of Baron, to ing evening, in a small bed-room in which

the Right Hon. William Handock, of Maythey slept, a quantity of wet shellings of

drum Castle, county of Westmeath, by the had been put on the fire, for the pur

name, style, and title, of Baron Castlecorn,

maine, of Maydrum, in said county, and pose of preserving it during the night; and the fire being opened partly, the smoke

to the heirs male of his body; and in de.

fault of such issue, to Richard Handock, thereby occasioned spreading through the room, proved fatal to this unfortunate part Esq. brother of said William Handock, and

to the heirs male of his body. And to the of the family. The woman was dead in

Most Rev. Father in God, William Beresin her bed, with her child on her arm ; but

ford, Doctor in Divinity, Archbishop of the man was found sitting on a chair near

Tuam, and Bishop of Ardagh, by the name, the bed, and leaning forward, having vomitted a little ; but neither from this, nor

style, and title, of Baron Decies, of the Baany exertion he had been able to make,

rony of Decies, in the county of Waterford,

and to the heirs male of his body. could he, as it appears, gain the door, in his then weak, and probably in part, insen

Norman Lockhart, Esq. writer to the sigsible state, so as to escape the deleterious effects of the vitiated air, in which these un

net, is appointed keeper of the particular

Register of Sasines for the county of Lawary sufferers had been involved, and to which they fell victims. We understand,

nark, in room of John Boyes, Esq. deceased.

Mr David Turnbull has been elected by there are four children and an aged grand

the Town Council of Edinburgh, Clerk of mother left to deplore their melancholy fate.

the Dean of Guild Court, in room of Mr On the 26th of December, a distressing accident occurred at Gorleston :--As nine

H. Bairnsfather, deceased.

On the 14th of January, the Rev. Dr pilots, who had been out at a vessel in the

Andrew Grant, was admitted one of the roads, were on their return, the aft part of

ministers of St Andrew's Church, Edin. the boat struck upon the bar, when the

burgh, in room of Dr Willian Moodie, desucceeding wave filled and sunk her ; one

ceased. only was saved.

Another pilot, who perceived the accident, got into a boat to go to their assistance, but finding he could not

BIRTHS. proceed fast enough, he ran up the steps, crossed the pier, and went into the lower Dec. I. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Maworks, when, upon catching the hand of jor-General the Honourable Alexander Duft, one of the unfortunate men, a wave took him off, and he was lost.

12. At Belleville, Mrs Colonel Colquhoun, On the 13th of January, Joseph Gibson, a daughter. who was condemned to be hanged by the 13. At Williamfield, Leith, the Lady of High Court of Justiciary for two highway Captain Donald Campell, Royal Navy, a robberies, suffered the sentence of the law at the west end of the Tolbooth, Edinburgh. 15. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir Wil. His behaviour was penitent and suitable to liam Purves Hume Campbell, Bart, a son dis melancholy situation.

and het.

a son




Dec. 17. At Thurso, Mrs Lieutenant Gunn, of Malta, to Dorothea, eldest daughter of 720 regiment, a son.

William Stewart, Esq. of Shambelly. - At Edinburgh, the Lady of George 22. At Barr, David Ewen, Exq. ComptrolHarley Drummond, Esq. M. P. a son. ler of the Customs, Ayr, to Jane, youngest

18. At Montrose, Mrs Captain Thomson, daughter of the Rev. Stephen Young, miniof the 46th regiment, a daughter.

ster of Barr. 19. At Ayr, Mrs Captain Clark, a daugh 23. At Lochwinnosh, James Crawford.

Ksq. of Laudstone, to Miss Mary, only 21. Mrs Cathcart, Gayfield Square, a daughter and heiress of the late Jas. Campdaughter.

bell, Esq. of Middletone. The bride has a 22. Mrs Ford, of Finhaven, a daughter. fortune of £.8000.

- At Greenock, Mrr Charles Campbell, 24. At Edinburgh, Archibald Napier, & son.

Esq. of the island of Tobago, to Ann, daugh23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Makgill, of Kem ter of Sir John Stirling, Bart. of Glorat. back, a son.

At Edinburgh, the Reverend Samuel 25. Mrs Wolfe Murray, a daughter. M.Knight, of Dumfries, to Miss E. Hen- At Musselburgh, Mrs Kilgour, of Burn derson, youngest daughter of the late Mr rig, a son.

Wm llenderson, manufacturer, Edinburgh. 27. At Forres, the Lady of Alex. Tulloh, At Thurston, Dugald Campbell, Esq. Esq. Earnhill, a son.

of Ballinaby, to Isabella, daughter of the Jirs Balfour, younger of Pilrig, a late Robert Hunter, of Thurston, Esq. daughter.

John D. M'Connell, of Belfast, to Eu30. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Dr Jolin phemia, daughter of the late William HanRogerson, jun. a daughter.

nay, Esq. of Portpatrick. Jan. 1. 1813. Four children, belonging to 28. At Edinburgh, Dr William Meikle. Mr Berry, of Brampton, were christened at ham, Professor of Natural Philosophy in that place; who, with the mother, are likely the College and University of Glasgow, to to do well.

Miss Agnes Cunninghame, second daughter 3. At Louisville, Mrs Gregg, a daughter. of George Cunninghamc, Esq. Surveyor-Ge. Mrs William Fraser Tytler, a daugh neral of the Customs for Scotland.

At Golf-hill, Mr Walter Wood, mer. 4. In the island of Islay, Mrs Francis chant in Glasgow, to Mary, daughter of Souter, a son.

James Dennistoun, Esq. of Golf-hill. 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cathcart of Drum, 31. At Crawhill, Rev. Robert Moore, mia daughter.

nister of Oldhamstock, to Mrs Miller, of 10. At Mew Saughton, Mrs Watson, of Thorntonloch. Saughton, a son.

Jan. 1. 1813. At Kilbirnie, John Speir, a Lately, at Edinburgh, the Lady of Capt. labourer, at Hole, to a young woman namJuckle, Royal Navy, a daughter.

ed Mary Campbell, the daughter of a poor man of the neighbourhood. What is remark.

able concerning this marriage is, that, on MARRIAGES.

the very day of the marriage, the bride reDec. 14. At West Kilbride, John New. ceived information of the death of a very bigging, Esq. Kilmarnock, to Eglinton distant relation, who had altogether unex. Oughterson Hendrie, daughter of the Rev. pectedly left her a legacy of £.5000. This Arthur Oughterson, West Kilbride.' gave great satisfaction to the neighbours,

At Hounam, Mr Richard Hewat, te for the young couple are both very honest tant in Bassendean, to Miss H. Rutherford, and industrious people, and universally esdaughter of the Rev. James Rutherford. teemed.

15. At Glasgow, Archibald Hamilton, 4. At Drynie, Ross-shire, Janes Mac. Esq. to Miss Margaret Bogle, daughter of donnell, Esq. writer to the signct, to Mary the late William Bogle, Esq.

Proby, second daughter of the late George 16. At Edinburgh, James Gooden, Esq. Mackenzie, Esg. of Pitlandic. merchant, London, to Miss Chisholm, daugh 5. At Perth, the Rev. John Macgachen, ter of the late Alexander Chisholm, of Chix Aith, to Jane, daughter of John Ross, Esq. holm, Esq.

of Balgersho. 17. At Newton, Mr James Trotter, Ker. Lately, at Leith, William Grinly, broker, chesters, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Mr to Susanna, youngest daughter of the late. Trotter, Newton.

John Scott, Esq. of Malleny. 18. At Thurso, Morison Snody, Esq. wri. At Hermitage Place, Leith Links, ter, to Ann, daughter of the late John Man John Westgarth, Esq. Surveyor-General of sot, Esq. of Pennyland.

the Custoins, to Christian, eldest daughter 29. At Newabbey, G. A. Nicholson, Esq. of the late Mr John, Thomson, Leith.



Johnston, in the 54th year of his age, and Sept. 3. Charles M.Larty, M. D. of Kings 32d of his ministry. ston, Jamaica.

His pre-eminent profes 6. At London, Lieutenant-General Richsional acquirements had established him in ard England, Lieutenant-Governor of Plyan extensive practice as a physician. His mouth, and Colonel of the 5th regiment of amiable dispositions and engaging manners infantry. had endeared hiin to all who enjoyed his At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Brown, acquaintance.

writer to the signet. Oct. 12. At Montego bay, Jamaica, Dr At Kailzie, Mrs Rachel Smith, DubWilliam Boyd, (a native of Port-Glasgow) lin Street. in the 56th year of his age. He practised 8. At Montrose, John Thomson, Esq. there 31 years.

late of Jamaica, aged 74. - 16. At Port Royal, Jamaica, Lieut. At Logie, in the 69th year of his age, George Home, Royal Navy, younger son of Robert Cumming, Esq. of Logie. the late Vice-Admiral Sir George Home, 9. At the Manse of Bracadale, in Sky, Bart.

the Reverend Roderick Macleod, minister - 18. Of his wounds on board the Fro of that parish. lic sloop of war, on the American station, 10. At Twynholm Manse, Mr James Charles Ross Mackay, Esq. first Lieutenant M.Millan. of that ship, and sixth son of the late Col. At Lochmalony, Mrs Scott, widow of George Mackay of Bighouse.

Major Thomas Scott of Lochmalony. 20. At Salamanca, of fatigue, Capt. 11. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary MackenWingate, of the 74th regiment, in the 22d 'zie, youngest daughter of the Reverend Mr year of his age.

D. Mackenzie, minister of Fodderty. 31. Andrew Todd, Esq. Captain in the At Milnathort, the Reverend Mr 38th regiment. Captain Todd was in Thomas Porteous, ininister of the Associate the allied army. When withdrawing from Congregation there, in the 69th year of his the siege of Burgos, he was shot through age, and 41st of his ministry. the heart when nobly leading his inen to 12. At Jedburgh, Capt. William Ormischarge the enemy's artillery.

ton, late of the Hon. East India CompaAt Mustique, in the 82d year of his ny's service. age, William Walker, Esq. late Commissary At Leith, Mrs Jean Merrilees, widow General of St Vincents.

of the late William Robertson, Esq. of CaNov, 1. At Lerwick, in Zetland, Captain nada, and mother to John Ogilvic, Esq. of George Ross, of the Royal Navy. During Montreal. a period of upwards of 30 years, spent in At London, Capt. Donald Denoon, in the service of his country, he displayed those qualities which gained him the appro 13. John Boyes, Esq. of Walhall. bation of his superiors, and the respect of Sir Alex. Purves of Purves, aged 74. his brother officers; esteemed and beloved At James's Square, Mrs Jean Auchin private lite, his death is lamented by his enleck, daughter of the late James Auchenfriends, and sincerely regretted by all who leck, Esq. of Woodcockdale, much and justknew him.

ly regretted. 2. At Scotlandwells, Portmoak, Fifeshire, 15. At Stirling, Michael Connal, Esq. Marion Moray, aged 102 years, 6 months, present provost of that burgh. He was and 17 days. She was in the entire posses humble as a Christian, consistent as a mas sion of all her faculties. After her 50th gistrate, and independent as a man. year she was delivered of three children, 16. At Nicholson's Street, Mrs Robina two of whom are alive.

Lang, widow of the late Thomas Robertson, 4. At Bught, Duncan Grant of Bught, minister of Selkirk. in the 820 year of his age.

At the manse of Glencross, Mrs Mars 5. At Bonnington, Miss Ann Stewart, garet Torrence, universally regretted. daughter of the late Mr James Stewart, of 17. At Udny, in the 66th year of his Stewartfield.

age, the Rev. John Rose, 45 years minister Ai Drayton Lodge, near Market Dray- of that parish. ton, Major-General Broadhurst, near forty At Saughton, Mrs Swinton of Swin, years in the service of the Honourable East ton, relict of John Swinton of Swinton, one Lidia Company.

of the Lords of Session. 6. At Dundee, Mr Alexander Webster, 18. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Fleming,

II was suddenly seized with a vife William Drysdale, Esq. writer to con pint which terminated his life in less the signet, aged 22, leaving a son and inthan an iour.

fant daughter. At Rathlet, the Reverend James pe Al York Place, deeply lamented, in


his 69th year.


the 28th year of her agc, Mrs F. R. Wilson, 24. At Mountainhall, Mrs Maria Smith, wife of: William Rae Wilson, Esq. of Kels wife of William Brand, Esq. of Mountainvinbank, eminently distinguished for every

hall. Christian virtue.

25. At Paradykes, Mr Hugh Bairns19. At Aberdeen, Mrs Chivas, of the father, writer to the signet. Commercial Bank.

26. At Edinburgh, Charles Mackintosh, - At Glasgow, Mrs Esther Crawford, Esq. writer to the signet. relict of Henry Ritchie, Esq. merchant 27. At St Andrew's Square, the Lady of there.

Samuel Laing, Esq. Miss Mercer, daughter of the late At Garloff, John Wightman, Esq. of. Mr Mercer, teacher of mathematics in Dum Garloff. fries. She having dressed for church, was At Kilconquhar Manse, the Reverend ehearfully conversing with a friend who Dr Small, in the 80th year of his age, and called on her before the afternoon service, 46th of his ministry. and was congratulating her on her high 28. At Dundee, Sir Alexander Douglas, health and spirits, when she suddenly drop of Glenbervie, Bart.. ped down dead upon the hearth, without At Dundas Street, Mr Bresbane, of uttering a groan.

A vein was immediately Bresbane. opened, and the most proper measures Nov. 29. At Pinlaws, Fifeshire, the Rev. that medical skill could suggest for restoring James Sinclair, minister of Stronsay. suspended animation were resorted to ; but At Port Glasgow, Mr Francis Hay, all in vain. The heart had totally ceased Shipmaster. its action, and not a fibre was observed to 30. At Shawfield Park, Mrs Elizabeth quiver.

Campbell, wife of Mr Andrew Campbell. - Mr William Bell, preacher of the gos At the manse of Cults in Fife, the pel, son of Mr David Bell, of Newhall, on Rev. David Wilkie, minister of that parish, the Water of Milk. He was at Loekerby in the 74th year of his age, and 37th of his Market on Thursday the 19th November, ministry. He was universally esteemed for and went for home that evening ; but, me his sincere piety, and rectitude of conduct. lancholy to relate, was found dead next This reverend gentleman was father to Da. morning within a quarter of a mile of his vid Wilkie, Esq. the celebrated painter in father's house.

London. At Edinburgh, Miss Charles Oliphant, · At Glasgow, Mrs Marion Campbell, daughter of the late James Oliphant, Esq. relict of John Campbell, son. Esq. vine merchant.

At Glasgow, Mr John Paul, late one - At Edinburgh, aged 58, Mrs Ann of the magistrates of that city. Craig, relict of the late Mr James M.Nair. -At Barton Court, in the county of Berk

- At Edinburgh, in her house Queen shire, the Lady of Charles Dundas, Esq. M.P. Street, Miss Agnes Hunter, daughter of the At Queen Street, Miss Martha decensed Andrew Hunter, Esq. of Park. Graham, fourth daughter of the late Jelin

20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Magdalane Wal Graham, Esq. of Dugaldson. ket, wife of William Walker, Esq. of Daft. At Newington, in the 52d year of her mihi, writer to the signet.

age, Miss William Craufurd, fourth daugh- At Perth, Augusta Anne Wilson, wife ter of the late John Crawfurd, Esq. surgeon of Mr Hamilton, paymaster Renfrew mi in Glasgow.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Rice, Sir Cuthbert Shafto, of Bavington, daughter of the deceased David Grame, Esq. Knight, aged, 76.

advocate. 21. At Leith, Dr Stewart Henderson, - At St John Hill's, deeply lamented, in late surgeon to his Majesty's forces. the 28th year of his age, after a lingering

At Broughton, Mrs Isabella Wau- illness, which he bore with most distinguishchope, spouse of Mr Thomas Sommers, late ed Christian patience and resignation, Mr Vintner in Edinburgh.

William Bruce, eldest son of William Bruce, - At Leeds, Mrs Maria Grant, widow banker, Edinburgh. of Doctor Gregory Grant, physician in Edin. Lately at Messina in Sicily, Capt. Charles burgh.

Duddlingston, of the 10th regiment of foot. 23. At Edinburgh, Mr David Skae, mer At Edgeware, aged 86, Francis Aita chant, deeply regretted.

ken, Esq. many years manager of the Li24. Henry Torrance, Esq. late of Kirk verpool and Edinburgh theatres, and fortownhill.

merly one of the principal performers at - At Park Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Covent Garden, where he was commonly Aberdein, spouse of Mr George Cowic, and called Gentleman Aitken. mame day their infaat daughter,


Dec. 3. At Glasgow, Mrs Petley, wife of 12. At Limerick, a few hours after his Charles Carter Petley, Esq. of Riverhead, wife was delivered of her ninth child, Capta Kent; and daughter of Donald M.Leod, James Campbell, younger of Craignisi, payEsq. of Geanies, Sheriff-Depute and Vice- master of the 72d regiment. Lieutenant of Ross-shire.

At Airdrie, the Hon. Lady Grant, 6. At Coldingham Hill, in the 69th year much regretted. of her age, Mrs Cecil Rule, widow of Cap- 13. At Stirling, Margaret Campbell, youngtain Alexander Campbell, late of the 88th eșt daughter of Mr Macmillan, agent for the regiment, and daughter of the late John Bank of Scotland there. Rule, Esq. of Nunlands.

In the Castle of Edinburgh, Captain 6. Of chicken pox, Christian Allan, aged John Beavan of the 27th (or Inniskillen) intwo years, daughter of Thomas Allan, Char- fantry. This gallant officer served in all lotte Square.

the actions with that distinguished regiment, At Edinburgh, Mr Daniel Lizars. in the West Indies, Holland, Egypt, Mai7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Thomson, wife da, &c. and has died sincerely regretted by of Mr David Thomson, writer to the sig- his brother officers. He was buried with all net.

military honours. At Paxton House, at an advanced age, 14. At Prestonfield, Sir John Dick, Bart. Mrs Home of Wedderburn.

of Preston field. 8. At Edinburgh, Mr James Pirie.He At New Lanark, Mr William Inner. was 25 years clerk in the Register, and held At Ham Common, aged 72, Lord the office of depute-clerk to the High Court Viscount Torrington, He is succeeded in of Admiralty, under Judges Philp and Cock- his title and estate by his only brother the burn, for 20 years,

Hon. John Byng, now Lord Viscount Tor11. At Largs, Major Daniel M‘Lean of rington. the Hon. East India Company's service, late 15. At the repository, Queen Street, EdinCommandant at Bencoolen.

burgh, Mrs Gregory. - At Glasgow, Mr William Hutcheson, 16. In his 80th year, his Excellency Batide-surveyor, Port Glasgow.

ron Gustavus Adam Nolken. This noblez - At Laurencekirk, Mrs Watson, mo. man served his King and country upwards ther of the late worthy titular Bishop of of thirty years, as ambassador from the King Dunkeld.

of Sweden, at this Court.

[blocks in formation]

Wheat. Barley.


Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal.
Bolls. | Price. ( Bolls



| Price. Dec. 29. 380 28 00 62 22 00 Jan. 5. 313 28 00 50 22 00

12. 400 29 00 58 22 00

376 29 00 60 22 00
26. 360 29 00 48 22 00

Dec. 25. 62 65 3243 28 40 30 42
Jan. 1.50 64 32 44 | 28 41 | 30 39

8. 55 65 33 45 29 42 30 39 15. 56 66 33 46 | 25 40 30 40 22. | 58 69 | 33 47 30 43 30 40

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