Soil Spectral Inference with R: Analysing Digital Soil Spectra using the R Programming Environment

This book provides a didactic overview of techniques for inferring information from soil spectroscopic data, and the codes in the R programming language for performing such analyses. It is intended for students, researchers and practitioners looking to infer soil information from spectroscopic data, focusing mainly on, but not restricted to, the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Little prior knowledge of the R programming language or digital soil spectra is required. We work through the steps to process spectroscopic data systematically.

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1 Introduction
2 Getting Started with R
3 Materials
4 Data Handling of Spectra
5 Preprocessing of Spectra
6 Exploratory Soil Spectral Analysis
7 Similarity Between Spectra and the Detection of Outliers
8 Selection of the Samples for Laboratory Analysis
9 Estimating Soil Properties and Classes from Spectra
10 Spectral Transfer and Transformation

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Over de auteur (2021)

Alexandre Wadoux is Research Associate in soil science at the University of Sydney and member of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Australia. Brendan Malone is Senior Research Scientist in soil science at CSIRO Canberra, Australia. Budiman Minasny is Professor in soil-landscape modelling at the University of Sydney, Australia. Mario Fajardo is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Precision Agriculture Laboratory of the University of Sydney, Australia. Alex McBratney is Professor of Digital Agriculture & Soil Science at the University of Sydney and Director of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Australia.

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