Mixed Method Design: Principles and Procedures

Routledge, 8 jul. 2016 - 194 pagina's
The use of mixed methods designs for conducting research has become a major trend in social science research. Renowned methodological experts Janice Morse and Linda Niehaus present a guide to intermediate and experienced researchers on the possibilities inherent in mixed method research. They offer the basic principles of conducting this kind of study, then examine a wide variety of design options available to the researcher, including their strengths and weaknesses and when to use them. Providing examples from a variety of disciplines, examining potential threats to validity, and showing the relationship between method and theory, the book will be a valuable addition to the methodologist’s library and a useful text in courses in research design.

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Contents List of Illustrations
Roadmap Before You Read This Book
Mixed Method Design Who Needs
The Nuts and Bolts of Mixed Method Design
Theoretical Drive
Pacing the Components
The Point of Interface Chapter 6 Sampling for Mixed Method Designs
Planning a Mixed Method Project
QualitativelyDriven Mixed Method Designs
QuantitativelyDriven Mixed Method Designs
Complex Mixed and Multiple Method Designs
Glossary for Mixed Method Designs
Dissecting Mixed Method Publications
Search Filters for Retrieving Mixed Method Studies from

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