St. Louis Courier of Medicine, Volume 7

Medical Journal and Library Association of the Mississippi Valley, 1882

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Pagina 96 - is already certain; and the agricultural public now know that an infallible preventive exists against the charbon-poison, which is neither costly nor difficult, as a single man can inoculate a thousand sheep in a day.' — I have since learned that this protection is being eagerly sought by the French owners of flocks and herds ; and if any severe epidemic of the same kind were to break out in this country, our own agriculturists would probably show themselves quite ready to avail themselves of it.
Pagina 541 - ... varied in size from that of a hen's egg to that of a duck's egg or a little larger.
Pagina 251 - A Treatise on Human Physiology : designed for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By JOHN C. DALTON, MD, Professor of Physiology and Hygiene in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.
Pagina 252 - SURGERY (THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF). A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery by Authors of various Nations.
Pagina 245 - Phimosis and the consequent balanitis lead to cancer of the penis ; the sootwart becomes cancer of the scrotum ; the pipe-sore passes into cancer of the lip ; and the syphilitic leucoma of the tongue, which has existed in a quiet state for years, at length, in more advanced life, takes on cancerous growth. The frequency with which old syphilitic sores become cancerous is very remarkable ; on the tongue, in particular, cancer is almost always preceded by syphilis, and hence one of the commonest causes...
Pagina 566 - Rolls toward it near and nearer. It must pass That dismal barrier. What is there beyond ? Hear what the wise and good have said. Beyond That belt of darkness, still the years roll on More gently, but with not less mighty sweep. They gather up again...
Pagina 565 - Clerk be instructed to send a copy of the same to the family of the deceased, and that as a further mark of respect to his memory we do now adjourn.
Pagina 375 - It .cannot be rejected; but the corpus delicti aliunde rule should be insisted on. Dentists or surgeons who do not protect themselves by having a third person present do not merit much sympathy.
Pagina 47 - THE NURSE AND MOTHER : a Manual for the Guidance of Monthly Nurses and Mothers ; comprising Instructions in regard to Pregnancy and Preparation for Childbirth, with Minute Directions as to Care during Confinement, and for the Management and Feeding of Infants.
Pagina 79 - ... the healthy portions of the lung from the decomposed contents of the cavity has commenced, or is evidently about to take place ; the breath and expectoration continue fetid ; absence of appetite : increasing weakness, with or even without fever, etc. These indications will enable any medical man of some clinical experience to determine, in the majority of such cases, when the disease has reached a point from which spontaneous recovery is impossible.

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