Report, Volume 2

Maclean, Roger & Company, 1906
Report accompanied by historical documents, calendars, etc.

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Pagina 28 - Granted them, then any of his Subjects in any part of his Dominions, what use you have made of them, you your Self Best Know. The Part of Duty I am now upon is what thoh Necessary is Very Disagreable to my Natural make
Pagina 28 - Faithful Subjects, a Peasable & happy People. I Must also inform you That it is his Majesty's Pleasure that you remain in Security under the Inspection & Direction of the Troops that I have the Honr. to Command. and then declared them the Kings
Pagina 28 - are Forfitted to the Crown with all other your Effects Saving your Money and Household Goods and you your Selves to be removed from this his Province. This it is Preremtorily his Majesty's orders That the whole French Inhabitants
Pagina 138 - Esq. Capt. General and Governor in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, To the Honourable his Majesty's Council.
Pagina 24 - Deprives Us of the Former, And When the Troops Which are only Hired From New England Occasionally and for a Small time Have Returned Home. As by this Behaviour the Inhabitants Have forfeited all title to their Lands and any further favour from the Government, I called together his
Pagina 16 - Allegiance to His Majesty. The deputies of Annapolis also appeared and Refused the oath. As it had been before determined to send all the french Inhabitants out of the province if they refused to take the Oaths, nothing now remained to be considered
Pagina xxiv - We are now upon a great and noble scheme of sending the neutral French of the " Province, who have always been secret enemies, and have encouraged our savages to " cut our throats. If we can effect their expulsion, it will be one of the greatest things " that ever did the English in America ; for, by all
Pagina xi - this measure as secret as possible, as well to pre"vent their attempting to escape, as to carry off their cattle, etc., etc., and the better to "effect this, you will endeavor to fall upon some stratagem to get the men, both young "and old,
Pagina 356 - aura un banc permanent dans la place la plus honorable qui est la droite en entrant dans l'Eglise, dans la distance de quatre pieds du balustre afin de laisser un passage libre pour les communions. Lequel banc sera de la même largeur que ceux des autres habitants pour ne point
Pagina 55 - and their Indians, and having been either cut off, or taken Prisoners ; and the great Probability there is, That this Misfortune could not have happened to that Body of Troops, without the Assistance, or, at least, the Connivance of the Inhabitants of Nova Scotia

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