Maclean, Roger & Company, 1905
Report accompanied by historical documents, calendars, etc.

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Pagina 201 - An Act for the further security of His Majesty's person and Government, and the succession of the Crown in the Heirs of the late Princess Sophia, being Protestants, and for extinguishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and his open and secret abettors...
Pagina 231 - An Act for altering the oath of abjuration and the assurance and for amending so much of an Act of the seventh year of her late Majesty Queen Anne intituled " An Act for the improvement of the Union of the two Kingdoms...
Pagina 213 - Osborn full power and authority to chuse as many persons out of the principal freeholders inhabitants thereof as will make up the full number of our said council to be seven and no more, which persons so chosen and appointed by you shall be to all intents and purposes councillors in our said province...
Pagina 219 - further Security of His Majesty's Person and Govern"ment and the Succession of the Crown in the Heirs of "the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for ex"tinguishing the Hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales "and his open and secret Abettors...
Pagina 276 - Government, as far as conveniently may be, We do think fit, that You give all Countenance and Encouragement to the Exercise of the same excepting only the collating to Benefices, granting Licences for Marriage, and Probates of Wills, which We have reserved to You, Our Governor, and to the Commander in Chief of Our said Province for the Time being.
Pagina 242 - Patent and of such Commission as may be issued to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, and according to such Instructions as may from time to time be given to him under Our Sign Manual and Signet, or by Our Order in Our Privy Council, or by Us, through one of Our Principal Secretaries of State, and to such Laws as are now or shall hereafter be in force in the State.
Pagina 194 - First, the Government of Quebec, bounded on the Labrador coast by the river St. John, and from thence by a line drawn from the head of that river, through the lake St.
Pagina 204 - That one hundred Acres of Land be granted to every Person being Master or Mistress of a Family, for himself or herself, and fifty Acres for every white or black Man, Woman or Child, of which such Person's Family shall consist, at the actual Time of making the Grant...
Pagina 283 - Governor or Commander in Chief of the said Province, Our Will and Pleasure is that the Eldest Councillor whose name is first placed in Our said Instructions to you, and who shall be at the time of Your Death or Absence residing within our said Province of New York, shall take upon him the...
Pagina 273 - Appeals, unless good and sufficient Security be given by the Appellee to make ample restitution of all that the Appellant shall have lost by means of such Judgment or Decree, in case, upon the Determination of such Appeal, such Decree or Judgment should be reversed, and Restitution awarded to the Appellant.

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