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Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

HAWTHORNE (N.) - True Stories, from History and |
Biography. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 12mo. pp. 340,
cloth, 5s. 6d.
HEYGATE (W. E.)-Pierre Poisson; or, the Thoughts of
Christ's Presence. By W. E. Heygate. 18mo. pp. 90,
cloth, 2s. 6d..

HOLMES (O. W.)- Poems. By Oliver W. Holmes.
New and enlarged edition, fcp. 8vo. (Boston, U.S.) pp.
228, cloth, 7s.

(Vide Adv. 319.)

HOMER'S ODYSSEY. Literally translated, with Notes. By T. A. Buckley. Square, cloth, 5s... [1848 (Bohn's Classical Library.)

(Vide Adv. 274.)

HOOD (E. P.)-Literature of Labour; illustrious Instances of the Education of Poetry in Poverty. By Edwin Paxton Hood. Fcp. Svo. pp. 250, cloth, 1s. 6d. ..........[ [1849 HOOD (T.)-Poems. By Thomas Hood. 12mo. pp. 388, cloth, 9s. [1850


Poems of Wit and Humour. By Thomas Hood. 3d edition, 12mo. pp. 286, cloth, 5s... .............. [1851 IRVING (WASHINGTON) Dolph Heyligen. Illustrated by Ehringen. Oblong 4to. (New York), pp. 32, plates, cloth, 21s. ...... [1852 JACOB (A.)-Operation for the Removal of Cataract, as performed with a fine Sewing Needle through the Cornea. By Arthur Jacob, M.D. 8vo. pp. 36, 1s. 6d. [1853 JOHNSON (G. W.)-Cottage Gardener. Vol. 5, 4to. cloth, ..[1854 KITTO (J.)-Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature for the People. (Abridged from the larger work.) 8vo. (Edinb.), cloth, 10s. 6d. ..[1835 LAYS of the CHURCH, and other Verses: intended chiefly for Young Persons. 18mo. pp. 30, cloth sewed, 1s. [1856 LEBAHN (F.)—First German Reading-book; containing Das Taubchen, or the Dove, a Tale for the Young. By Ch. Schmid. With an Introductory Grammar and Vocabulary. By Falck Lebahn. 12mo. pp. 136, cloth, ..[1857 3s. 6d... LECTURES (Twelve) before the Young Men's Christian Association in Exeter Hall, Dec. 1850 to Feb. 1851. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. .[1858 (Vide Adv. 136.) LEGG (W.)-Historical Memorial of Broad Street Chapel, Reading: being Sketches of its Pastors and Progress. By the Rev. W. Legg, B.A., Pastor. Fcp. 8vo. (Reading), ..[1859 LENT MEDITATIONS, and a Litany for each Day in Lent. 12mo. pp. 50, cloth, 1s. 6d. ..[1860


LETTERS from Three Continents. By M., the Arkansas Correspondent of the Louisville Journal. Post Svo. (New York), pp. 350, cloth, 78..... . [1861 LIBRARY MANUAL (The); containing a Catalogue Raisonné of upwards of Twelve Thousand of the most important Works in every Department of Knowledge, in all Modern Languages. In Two Parts. Part 1, Subjects Alphabetically arranged; Part 2, Biography, Classics, Miscellanies, and Index to Part 1. Compiled by Thos. Delf. 1 vol. 8vo. (New York), pp. 450, cloth, 12s... [1862 (Vide Adv. 319.) LITTLE MARY'S Treasury of Elementary Knowledge. New edit. square, cloth, 5s. ..[1863 LONDON EXHIBITED IN 1851 : elucidating its Natural and Physical Characteristics; its Antiquity and Architecture; its Arts, Manufactures, Trades, and Organization; its Social, Literary, and Scientific Institutions; and its numerous Galleries of Fine Art. With 205 illustrations, executed by Mr. Robert Branston, Mr. O. Jewitt, Mr. J. R. Jobbins, and others; including a newly-constructed Map. Edited by John Weale. 12mo. pp. 910, cloth, 98. .[1864 LONDON JOURNAL. Vol. 12, 4to. cloth, 4s. . [1865 LONDON SIGHTS-Public Buildings and Amusements. 12mo. sewed, 6d.... . [1866 LORD (D. N.)-Lectures on Civilization and Government. Post 8vo. (Buffalo, U.S.), pp. 222, cloth, 7s......... [1867 LORGNETTE (THE); or, Studies of the Town. By an Opera Goer. Vol. 2, 2d edition, set off with Mr. Darley's Designs, post 8vo. (New York), pp. 298, cloth, 8s... [1868 LYTTON (SIR E).-Letters to John Bull, Esq. on Affairs connected with his Landed Property, and the Persons who live thereon. By Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. ..[1869 8vo. pp. 104, sewed, 2s. 6d....... MACKAY (C.)-Voices from the Crowd, and other Poems. By Charles Mackay, LL.D. Fourth and revised edition. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 100, sewed, 1s. ..[1870



MAHEW (I.)-Popular Education; for the Use of Parents and Teachers, and for Young Persons of both Sexes. By Ira Mayhew. Post 8vo. pp. 478, cloth, 7s. 6d. ..[1871 MILVAINE (C. P.)—Evidences of Christianity. 12mo. cloth, 5s. ..[1872

(Christian Family Library, Vol. 50.) (Vide Adv. 277.) MARRIAGES BILL.-The Speeches of the Earl of St. Germans and Viscount Gage, on the Motion for the Second Reading of the Marriages Bill in the House of Lords, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1851. 8vo. swd. 1s....... [1873 MAURICE (F. D.)-The Lord's Prayer: Sermons. By F. Denison Maurice, M.A., Chaplain of Lincoln's Inn. 3d edit. 12mo. pp. 140, cloth, 2s. 6d. ....1874 MAXCY (J.)-Collegiate Addresses: being Counsels to Students on their Literary Pursuits and Future Life. By the Rev. Jonathan Maxcy. With a Biographical Introduction by Romeo Elton, D.D. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 192, cloth, 3s. .[1875 MECHANICS' MAGAZINE. Vol. 53, 8vo. cloth, 7s.[1876 MEDHURST (W. H.)-An Inquiry into the Proper Mode of Translating Ruach and Pneuma in the Chinese Version of the Scriptures. By W. H. Medhurst, Sen. Post 8vo. (Shanghae), pp. 76, sewed, 3s. 6d. ... [1877 MEMORY and Hope (a Collection of Poems). 8vo. (Bos1878 ton, U.S.) pp. 244, 12s. 6d. ... MENDELSSOHN'S Hymn of Praise. Royal 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d.... .[1879 MIDDLE NIGHT. 12mo. pp. 50, cloth, 2s. 6d. ..[1880 MINISTER'S Spring Fashions. On roller, 12s. 6d... [1881 MIRIAM SEDLEY; or, the Tares and the Wheat: a Tale of Real Life. By Lady Bulwer Lytton. 3 vols. post 8vo. . [1882 pp. 984, boards, 31s. 6d. MOIR (D. M.)—Sketches of the Poetical Literature of the past Half-Century. By D. M. Moir [Delta]. 12mo. pp. 342, cl. 5s... .[1883 (Vide Adv. 315.) By the Rev. E. Monro. MONRO (E.)-Parochial Work. . [1884 New edit. 8vo. pp. 336, deth, 10s. 6d..... MORGAN (L. H.)-League of the Ho-Dé-No-Sau-Nee, or [1885 Iroquois. 8vo. (New York), pp. 478, 16s..... MOSELEY (H.)-Register-Book for Elementary Schools, on the plan recommended by the Rev. H. Moseley; ruled for 500 Names, and so arranged as to shew each Pupil's Progress through the School. Oblong folio, 7s. 6d. ... [1886 MY FIRST DAY in a Quiet Street. With numerous Illustrations designed by Watts Phillips. Oblong, 1s. [1887 NEALE (J. M.)-Hymni Ecclesia. By Joannes M. Neale. 18mo. pp. 270, cloth, 5s. ......[1888 NEW MAP of London; also, a full Description and the authorized Arrangements of the Crystal Palace, its Origin, Construction, Dimensions, &c. Plain, Is. ; col'd, 1s. 6d. ... [1889 NEWMAN (F. W.)-Four Lectures on the Contrasts of Ancient and Modern History. 12mo. cloth, 3s. (advanced).. .[1890 NINEVEH.-The Buried City of the East. Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d.... .[1891




(National Illustrated Library, Vol. 2.) (Vide Adv. 252.) ONWHYN (T.)-Mr. and Mrs. John Brown's Visit to London to see the Grand Exposition of All Nations. By T. Onwhyn. Oblong, 1s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. col'd .. [1892 ORIGENIS Philosophumena sive omnium Hæresium Refutatio. E codice Parisino nunc primum edidit Emmanuel Miller. 8vo. pp. 360, cloth, 10s. 6d. ...... [1893 PAPAL QUESTION:

A LETTER to Cardinal Wiseman on the Authority of his late Proceedings. By Attonitus. 8vo. sd. 6d. 1894 PEEL (SIR R.)-Speech on the Papal Aggression, March 15, 1851. 8vo. sewed, 6d. . [1895 VISION (The) of the Pope; or, a Snooze in the Vatican. 12mo. (Weymouth), pp. 16, sewed, 2d. ..[1896 PEARSALL (J. S.)-Apollos; or, the Scholar doing Homage to Divine Revelation. By the Rev. J. Spencer [1897 Pearsall. No. 1, 12mo. sewed, 6d... PEEL (E.)—The Fair Island. A Poem, in Six Cantos. By Edmund Peel. 12mo. pp. 212, cloth, 5s. . [1898 PEPYS (SAMUEL.)-Diary and Correspondence. 5 vols. .....[1899 crown 8vo. mor. 35s. ........ PERKINS (J. H.)-Memoir and Writings of James H. Perkins. Edited by Wm. Henry Channing. 2 vols. post 8vo. (Cincinnati), pp. 1040, portrait, cloth, 16s. [1900


Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

PHARMACOPOEIA (The) of the Royal College of Physi- | TEMPLE (R. E.)-Ella, the Ballet Girl: a Tale. By Rose cians of London, for 1851. Translated by a Physician. Elten Temple. 12mo. pp. 200, cloth, 6s. ........ ...[1925 18mo. pp. 230, cloth, 2s. 6d. TENNYSON (A.)-The Princess: a Medley. By Alfred PRIDE and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. Tennyson. 4th edition, 12mo. pp. 186, cloth, 5s...[1926 Austen. 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d....

(Routledge's Standard Novels, Vol. 2.)

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PRIZE ESSAYS on Infidelity:-Shadow of Death, by C. Smith; and Creed of Despair, by M. Spears. Edited by the Rev. J. Jordan. 12mo. pp. 272, cloth, 3s....... (1903 PUBLIC (The) Right to the Universities. 12mo. pp. 48, sewed, 6d...


[1901 By J. [1902

RANDOLPH (H.)-Five Sermons, for Troublesome Times, preached at Melrose. By Herbert Randolph. 8vo. rp. 56, sewed, 2s..... . [1905 REED (R. T.)-Six Months in a Convent: a Narrative of Facts. By Rebecca Theresa Reed. With an Introductory Chapter by Rev. H. Beamish. 18mo. gilt, 1s. [1905 SCHOOLCRAFT (H. R.) — The History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States : collected and prepared under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, per Act of Congress of March 3, 1847. By Henry R. Schoolcraft, LL.D. Illustrated by S. Eastman, Capt. U.S.A. Published by authority of Congress. Part 1, roy. 4to. (Philadelphia), pp. 586, 76 plates, cloth, 5s. 5s...


(Vide Adv. 319.)

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SCRIPTURE EXPOSITOR (The), or District Visitor's Scripture Assistant. By a Clergyman of the Church of England. Edited by the Rev. C. Holland. Vol. 1, 2d edition, 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 3s. . [1908


EYRE (W. T.)-The Reformed Church of England: preached in the Parish Churches of Padbury_and Hillesden, Bucks. 8vo. sewed, 1s..... ... [1909 LEASK (W.)-The Great Exhibition: Analogies and

Suggestions. Preached in the Congregational Chapel, Esher Street, Kennington, on Sunday evening, 23d of March, 1851. By William Leask. 18mo. pp. 34, swd. 6d. . [1910 SHAKSPEARE. Edited by William Hazlitt. Vol. 1, Part 2, 12mo. boards, 1s.; cloth, 1s. 6d. .[1911 (Popular Library.) SHAKSPERE.-Knight's Cabinet Edition of the Works of William Shakspere. Vol. 3, 18mo. cloth, 1s. Ed... [1912 SILLETTS (J.)-Practical Treatise on Feeding and Fattening Pigs. By John Sillets. 8vo. (Ipswich), sewed, 8d. ... [1913 SLAUGHTER (M.) — Railway Intelligence. No. 4, 4to. sewed, 5s....... 1914 SMEE (A.)-Process of Thought, adapted to Words and Language; together with a Description of the Relational and Differential Machines. By Alfred Smee. 8vo. pp. 72, cloth, 7s.... .......[1915 SMITH (J. D.)-Oliver Cromwell; or, England in the Past viewed in relation to England in the Present. By the Rev. Joseph Denham Smith. 2d edit. fcp. 8vo. pp. 112, cloth, 1s. [1916 SOLDIERS (The) of the Cross; or, Scenes and Events from the Times of the Crusades. 12mo. sewed, 6d.[1917 (New Library of Useful Knowledge.) SOMETHING on Ruskinism: with a "Vestibule" in Rhyme. By an Architect. 8vo. sewed, 2s. . [1918 SOPHOCLES.-The Philoctetes of Sophocles. Greek, with English Notes. By F. W. Schneidewin and Rev. R. B. Paul. Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold. 12mo. pp. 90, cloth, 3s. [1919


(Vide Adv. 313.)

SPENCER (J. S.)-A Pastor's Sketches; or Conversations with Anxious Inquirers respecting the Way of Salvation. By Ichabod S. Spencer, D.D. 5th edit. 12mo. (New York,) pp. 422, cloth, 7s. 6d. ... [1920 STORIES for Summer Days and Winter Nights. 2d series. Vol. 1, 18mo. boards, 1s..... . [1921 TAYLER (J. J.)-Christian Aspects of Faith and Duty: Discourses. By John James Tayler. Post 8vo. pp. 350, cloth, 78. 6d. .[1922

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(Vide Adv. 318.) TAYLER (W. E.)-Popery; its Character and its Crimes. By William Eife Tayler. 2d edition, revised and enlarged, post 8vo. pp. 380, with 14 illustrations, cloth, 7s. [1923 TAYLOR (T. J.)-An Inquiry into the Operation of Running Streams and Tidal Waters, with a view to determine their principles of action, and an application of those principles to the improvement of the River Tyne. By Thomas John Taylor. Royal 8vo. pp. 128, cl. 58... [1924

THEOLOGICAL CRITIC (The): a Quarterly Journal. Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold. No. 1, 4s.......[1927 (Vide Adv. 283.)

THOMPSON (D.)-The Bleeding Heart, or I am Anxious. By the Rev. David Thompson. 32mo. pp. 160,[1928 (Vide Adv. 321.)

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TODD (J.)—Index Rerum; or Index of Subjects, intended as a Manual to aid the general reader, the student, and professioual man. With an Introduction illustrating its Utility and Method of Use. By the Rev. John Todd. New edition, 4to. half-bound, 8s. 6d. ..[1931 TRENCH (R. C.)-St. Augustine's Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount. With an Introductory Essay on the Merits of St. Augustine as an Interpreter of Scripture. By R. C. Trench. 2d edition, 12mo. pp. 352, cloth, 7s. .[1932


The Essay separately, to complete the 1st edition, 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. .[1933 TUPPER (M. F.)-Ballads for the Times; containing Ge raldine, a Modern Pyramid, Hactenus, a Thousand Lines. By Martin F. Tupper. 12mo. pp. 480, cloth, 7s. 6d. ..[1934

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TUPPER (F. B.)-The Chronicles of Castle Cornet, Guern sey with Details of its Nine Years' Siege during the Civd War, and frequent Notices of the Channel Islands. By Ferdinand Brock Tupper. 2d edit. 12mo. (Guernsey), pp. 132, cloth, 48. ....[1935] UPHAM (T. C.)-Treatise on Divine Union, designed to point out some of the intimate Relations between God and Man in the higher forms of Religious Experience. By Thomas C. Upham, D.D. Post 8vo. (Boston, U.S.), pp. 436, cloth, 78. ...[1936 VALA: a Mythological Tale. By Parke Godwin. 4to (New York), with numerous illustrations, cl. 12s. 6d. [1937 WALCOTT (M. E. C.)- Memorials of Westminster. The City, Royal Palaces, Houses of Parliament, &c. &c. By the Rev. Mackenzie E. Walcott. New edition, with Ap pendix and Notes. 8vo. pp. 356, cloth, 10s. 6d..... [1938 (Vide Adv. 310.)

WALKER'S Spring Fashions. On roller, 11s. 6d. ....[1939 WALLBRIDGE (A.)-Miscellanies; consisting of Jest and Earnest.-A Series of Sketches; The World as it Goes; Council of Four, &c. 12mo. pp. 220, boards, 1s.; cloth, 1s. 6d. [1940

(Popular Library.)

WAR (The) between the United States and Mexico illus. trated, embracing Pictorial Drawings of all the Princi pal Conflicts. By Carl Nebel; with a Description of each Battle, by George Wilkins Kendall. Folio (New York), pp. 52, 12 plates, cloth, £8. §§. ............................... . (1941 (Vide Adv. 319.)

WARD (H.)-The Cape and the Kaffirs: a Diary of Five Years' Residence; with a Chapter of Advice to Emi grants. By H. Ward. Post 8vo. pp. 240, with plate and map of the seat of war, 2s... .[1542 (Bohn's Cheap Series.) (Vide Adv. 289.) WARREN (J.)- Psalmody: a Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes. By Joseph Warren. Vol. 2, oblong, cloth, 28. ..[1943 WEBER (G.)-Theory of Musical Composition. Translated by J. F. Warren. Edited by J. Bishop. 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 31s. 6d. ....[1944 WEBSTER'S Royal Red Book. Corrected to April 1851. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. ..[1945 WETHERELL (E.)-The Wide, Wide World: a Novel By Elizabeth Wetherell. 2 vols. post 8vo. (New York), pp. 694, cloth, 146... ..[1946

Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

WHITE (G). The Natural History of Selborne: being
Observations on Various Parts of Nature and the Natu
ralist's Calendar. By the late Rev. Gilbert White. With
Additions and Supplementary Notes, by Sir William
Jardine. Edited, with Illustrations, by Edward Jesse.
Square, pp. 430, coloured plates, cloth, 7s. 6d...... [1947
WHITESIDE (J.)-Italy in the 19th Century. By James
Whiteside. 5th edition, with Additions, 3 vols. post 8vo.
pp. 1020, cloth, 21s.
WILDON (R. C.)-Tong, on a Summer's Day: The For-
bidden Union; and other Poems. By Robert Carrick
Wildon. 8vo. (Leeds), pp. 128, cloth, 5s. [1949
WILLIAMS (W. R.)-Religious Progress: Discourses on
the Development of the Christian Character. By Wil-
liam R. Williams. Post 8vo. (Boston, U.S.), pp. 258.
cloth, 6s. 6d.

WILLIS (R.)-A System of Apparatus for the Use of Lec-
turers and Experimenters in Mechanical Philosophy.
By the Rev. Robert Willis, M.A. 4to. pp. 54, sewed, 5s.
WILMOT (A. P. E.)-A Complete and Universal Dictionary
of Signals for the Boats of Her Majesty's Fleet: well
adapted for Yachts, the Merchant Service, &c. &c. By
Arthur Parry Eardley Wilmot. 2d edition, 18mo. pp.
312, roan, 6s.
WILSON (B.)-Plain Sermons on the Holy Sacraments
and Services of the Church of England. Preached in the
Parish Church of Fordham, Cambridgeshire, in Lent
1549. By the Rev. Benjamin Wilson. 2d edition, 12mo.
pp. 334, cloth, 7s.
WILSON (D.)-The Archæology and Prehistoric Annals of
Scotland. By Daniel Wilson, Honorary Secretary of the
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Part 1, The Prime-
ral or Stone Period. Part 2, The Archaic or Bronze Pe-
riod. Part 3, The Teutonic or Iron Period. Part 4, The
Christian Period. Royal 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 742, with
200 illustrations, including 6 steel engravings, cloth,


WILSON'S (GEO.) Chemistry. New edition, 12mo. cloth, (Chambers' Educational Course.)




WILSON (J.)-Silent Love: a Poem. 6th edition, 18mo. sewed, 1s......... ...[1956 WINE and Milk for Weary Pilgrims; or, Encouragements and Consolations from the Holy Scriptures. Square, pp. 100, cloth, 8d. .[1957 WINKLES' Cathedral Churches of England and Wales. New edition, with the addition of Manchester Cathedral. 3 vols. imp. 8vo. cloth, 48s.... ... [1958 WOOD (SIR C) Speech, in the House of Commons, on Friday, April 4th, on the Budget. 8vo. sewed, Is. [1959 WOOD (S.)-Bible Stories for the Use of Children. Part 2, 18mo. cloth, reduced to 1s. 6d. . ...[1960 WORDS to win Souls: Twelve Sermons preached A.D. 1620-1650, by Eminent Divines of the Church of England. [1950 Revised and abridged from a very scarce Collection, by the Rev. Thos. S. Millington. Post Svo. pp. 320, cloth, 68. [1961


(Vide Adv. 136.)



WORDSWORTH (C.)-The Law of Railway, Canal, Water,
Dock, Gas, and other Companies, requiring express Au
thority of Parliament; together with the Law of Aban-
donment and Winding up, and that of Parliamentary
Costs with Forms, and all the Statutes, including the
Consolidation Acts of 1845-7. By Charles Wordsworth.
6th edition, royal 8vo. pp. 1184, cloth, 31s. 6d. ....[1962
WORKING MAN'S FRIEND and Family Instructor.
Vol. 5, 12mo. pp. 364, cloth, 1s. 6d.............
WYLD'S Road Director through England and Wales.
12mo. cloth case, 1s. 6d.....
WYNNE (DR. J.)-Lives of Eminent Literary and Scien-
tific Men of America. By Dr. James Wynne. Post 8vo.
(New York), pp. 356, cloth, 78......

Law Reports.

[1954 QUEEN'S BENCH (Adolphus and Ellis). Vol. 12, Part 5,
QUEEN'S PRACTICE COURT (Lowndes, Maxwell, and
Pollock). Vol. 2, Part 1, 11s. 6d....

Foreign Literature.



Hepaticarum. Fasc. 8-11: Jungermannic, Trichomanoidea, Lepidozia. 4to. (Bonn.), 22 coloured plates, 26s. LIST'S (F.) gesammelte Schriften hrsg. v. L Häusser. Vol. 3, Svo. (Stuttgart)..

ATTOMYR (J.)-Primordien einer Naturgeschichte der | LINDENBERG (J. B. G.) et GOTTSCHE (C. M.)—Species Krankheiten. Vol. 1-Gehirn- u. Rückenmark. (Wien) BENECKE'S (W.) System des See-Assekuranz- u. Bodmerei-Wesens, v. V. Nolte. 2 vols. 8vo. (Hamburg), 408. BRONN'S (H. G.) Lethæa geognostica od. Abbildung u. Beschreibung der f. die Gebirgs-Formationen bezeich nendsten Versteinerungen. 3d Edition, bearb. v. H. G. Bronn u. F. Roemer. Part 1, Svo. (Stuttg.)..........5s. EBRARD (J. H. A.)-Christliche Dogmatik. Vol. 1, 8vo. (Königsb.)..


.... 8s.




EDDA. die, die ältere u. die jüngere, nebst den mythischen
Erzählungen der Skalda übers. u. m. Erläuterungen be-
gleitet v. K. Simrock. 8vo. (Stuttg.).
FECERBACH'S (L.) sämmtliche Werke. Vol. 8-Vor-
lesungen über das Wesen der Religion. 8vo. (Leip-
9s. Ed.
FREDERIC-LE-GRAND. Œuvres. Tome 16-Corre-
spondance de Frédéric II. roi de Prusse, Tome 1. 8vo.
FUERST (J.)-Bibliotheca judaica. Bibliographisches
Handbuch der gesammten jüdischen Literatur m. Ein-
schluss der Schriften üb. Juden u. Judenthum u. e. Ge-
schichte der jüdischen Bibliographie. Vol. 2 (I-M), 8vo.
GESCHICHTE der europäischen Staaten. Herausg. v.
A. H. L. Heeren u. F. A. Ukert. 25. Lfg. 2. Abth. 8vo.
55. 61.
Geschichte d. preuss. Staats v. G. A. H. Stenzel.
Part 4, von 1739-1756. Separate....
..... 7s. 6d.
HEMPEL (C. F.)-De Monstris acephalis disquisitio ana-
tomira, quam pro gradu doctoris medicina scripsit et
publico examini submittit. Adjunctæ sunt tab. pictæ 6.
Bro. (Hafniæ)..
HOMERI Iliadis rhapsodia 1. Recensuit et critica anno-
tatione auctam ed. J. M. van Gent. 8vo. (Leida), 2s. 6d.
KOHL (J. G.)—Der Rhein. 2 vols. 12mo. (Leipz.) 17s. 6d.
LEWALD (F.) Dünen-u. Berggeschichten. Erzählungen.
2 vols. 8vo. (Brnschwg.)

...4s. 6d.

10s. 6d.

.8s. LOBECK (J. F.)- Quæstionum Ionicarum liber. Quo novam Hippocratis editionem indicit auctor. Fasc. 1, Svo. (Regimontii)... 2s. 6d. OERSTED (H. C.)-Der Geist in der Natur. Vol. 2-Naturwissenschaft u. Geistesbildung. 8vo. (München) ....58. RUPRECHT (F. J.)—Algæ Ochotenses. Die ersten sicheren Nachrichten üb. die Tange d. Ochotskischen Meeres. 10 plates, 4to. (St. Petersburg) ..18s. SAALSCHUETZ (J. L.)-Forschungen auf dem Gebiete der Hebräisch-Egyptischen Archäologie. 2 u. 3--Zur Kritik Manetho's, nebst e. Beilage: Hermapionз Obelisken-Inschrift, u. die Manethonischen Hyksos. 8vo. (Königsberg)


über die Hieroglyphen-Entzifferung. Eine Habilitations-Vorlesung zu Königsberg gehalten. 8vo. (Ebd.), 1s. SPIEGEL (F.)-Grammatik der Pârsisprache nebst Sprachproben. 8vo. (Leipzig)........ ...... 88. 6d. TISCHENDORF (C.)-Synopsis evangelica. Ex quatuor evangeliis ordine chronologico concinnavit prætexto brevi commentario illustravit ad antiquos testes apposito apparatu critico recensuit. 8vo. (Lipsia) 6s. USSING(J.L.) De Parthenone ejusque partibus disputatio. 4to. (Havniæ) 18. 6d. VERHANDLUNGEN der Gesellschaft f. Geburtshülfe in Berlin. 4. Jahrg. 8vo. (Berlin), 2 plates........ 6s. 6d. WOLF (F.)-Ueber eine Sammlung spanischer Romanzen in fliegenden Blättern auf der Universitäts-Bibliothek zu Prag. Nebst e. Anh. üb. die beiden f. die ältesten geltenden Ausg. des Cancionero de romances. 4to. (Wien) ZAHN (W.) Die schönsten Ornamente u. merkwürdigsten Gemälde aus Pompeji, Herculanum u Stabiæ. 3. Folge. Part 3, folio (Berlin), 10 plates (fine paper, 40s.)....





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MANUAL of ROMANISM, Ancient and Modern, in England, Poland, &c. By the Rev. ABNER W. BROWN, M.A. Being the Report of a


Speech at the Meeting of the Clergy, held at Nor- THE


thampton, 19th Nov. 1850. With an Appendix of
extensive and varied information, Documents, and
References; arranged under Fifty Sections.
(pp. 182), 3s. 6d. cloth.
London: Longmans; and Wertheim and Macintosh.
Northampton: Wetton; and Walesby. (306)

Cambridge: John Deighton. Sold in London by Longman and Co.; F. and J. Rivington; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin and Co.; John W. Parker; and George Bell. Liverpool: Deighton and Laughton. (308)

1. England as it is.

2. Salmon Fisheries.


HARDWICK'S HISTORY OF THE articles. HISTORY of the ARTICLES of RELIGION to which is added a Series of Documents, from A.D. 1536 to A.D. 1615; together with Illustrations from Contemporary Sources. CHARLES HARDWICK, M.A., Fellow of St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge, and Whitehall Preacher. 8vo. 10s. 6d.



Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard, and Waterloo
Place; and Deighton, Cambridge.


3. Southey's Life and Correspondence.
4. Lamanism in Tartary and Thibet.
5. Victor Cousin.

6. Spain and Spanish Politics.
7. Shall we Retain our Colonies.
8. The Defeat of Italy.

9. Ultramontane Doubts.


No. 108, for

April 1851.

1. Modern Ballad Writers.
2. Recent Campaigns in India.

3. English Mathematical Literature, and the late
Professor Davies.

4. Man's Nature and Development-Martineau and

5. Revolution and Counter-Revolution.
6. Debates on the Marriage Question.

7. Diplomatic Reform.

8. The Ministerial Crisis.


London: Longman and Co.
Edinburgh: A. and C. Black.

9. Foreign Literature:

Tagebuch aus Italien (a Journal from Italy), 1849,
by von Hoffstetter.-Ideen zu einem Versuch
die Grenzen der Wirksamkeit des Staats zu
bestimmen (Ideas towards an attempt to de-
termine the functions of the State), by Wilhelm
von Humboldt.-Della Vita e della Opere di
Etudes Re-
Ugo Foscolo, by Carlo Gemelli.
volutionnaires. Camille Desmoulins par Ed.
Fleury. The Prem Ságar, or the Ocean of
Love, being a History of Krishna.
Miscellaneous and Critical Notices.
Groombridge and Sons, 5, Paternoster Row.

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In 12mo. price 3s. THE PHILOCTETES of SOPHOCLES, with English Notes. Translated from the German of F. W. SCHNEIDEWIN, by the Rev. R. B. PAUL, M.A., and edited by the Rev. T. K. ARNOLD, M.A., Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard, and Waterloo Place.

Of whom may be had, uniformly printed and edited, 1. THE AJAX of SOPHOCLES, with (313) English Notes. 3s.

Advertisements of New Books-continued.




EXPENSE: a Correspondence with the Right Hon. THE INDIAN TRIBES of NORTH

Lord John Russell, M.P. &c. 8vo. 2d. stitched. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans; and John Murray, Albemarle Street. (314)



Six Lectures, delivered at the Edinburgh Philosophical
Institution. By D. M. MOIR [DELTA]. Fcp. 8vo.
pp. 330, 5s.
London and Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons.



EPISTLE to the ROMANS. By ARTHUR PRIDHAM. Demy 12mo. 6s. cloth.


AMERICA; their History, Condition, and Prospects. Collected and prepared under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, per Act of March 3, 1847. By HY. S. SCHOOLCRAFT, LL.D.; the Illustrations by Captain S. EASTMAN, U.S.A. 1 vol. 4to. with Plates, £5. 5s.


THE ANNUAL of SCIENTIFIC DISCO. VERY; or, Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art: exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities; together with a List of recent Scientific Publications, a Classified List of Patents, Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men, an Index of Important Papers in Scientific Journals, Reports, &c. Edited by DAVID A. WELLS, A.M., of the Lawrence Scientific School, Cambridge, and GEORGE BLISS, Jun., 12mo. cloth, 8s. 6d. Also,


NOMY, especially in the United States. By ELIAS LOOMIS. 1 vol. post 8vo. 7s. cloth.

Bath: Binns and Goodwin. London: Whittaker THE SCIENTIFIC ANNUAL, and Year

and Co. Dublin: Robertson. Edinburgh: Oliver
and Boyd.

book of Discoveries and Improvements in Science and Art, for 1851. Second Year. Edited by D. A. WELLS and G. BLISS, Jun. 1 vol. 12mo. 8s. 6d. cl.


CAL PHILOSOPHY; being a Research into the Laws of Force. By SAMUEL ELLIOTT COUES. 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d.

John Chapman, 142, Strand.


*This volume contains the History of American Observatories, the Determination of Longitude by Electric Telegraph, Astronomical Expedition to Chili, &c. &c.


NORTH AgriculTal, Economical, and Social. By JAMES F.


"Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry and Geology."
&c. 2 vols. post 8vo. with a Map and other illus.
trations, 21s.
London and Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons.

and ASSAYING: Instructions for Assaying and Mining, Description of Useful Minerals, &c. By F. OVERMAN, Author of "The Manufacture of Iron," &c. 1 vol. 12mo. 6s. 6d. cloth.


B.A. Post 8vo. cloth price 7s. 6d.


"The Soul,"
"Phases of Faith," &c. Post 8vo.
[In the press.

LIBRARY MANUAL; containing a
Catalogue Raisonné of upwards of Twelve
Thousand of the most important Works in every
Department of Knowledge, in all Modern Languages.
In Two Parts. Part I. Subjects alphabetically


NORICA; or, the Tales of Nürnberg in the arranged; Part II. Biography, Classics, Miscellanies,

Olden Time. After a Manuscript of the 16th and Index to Part vol. 12s.
Century. Translated from the German of AUGUST
HAGEN. Fcp. 8vo.


OCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT and CEN. TRALIZATION; the Characteristics of each, and its Practical Tendencies as affecting Social, Moral, and Political Welfare and Progress, including comprehensive Outlines of the British Constitution. By J. TOULMIN SMITH. Post 8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d. THE THE CREED of CHRISTENDOM; its FOUNDATIONS and SUPERSTRUCTURE.

By William Rathbone GREG. 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. ORATIONS and SPEECHES. BY CHARLES

SUMNER, Author of "The True Grandeur of Nations," &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. cloth.



HARACTERISTICS of LITERATURE, illustrated by the Genius of Distinguished Men. By H. T. TUCKERMAN. 2d Series, 1 vol. 12mo. 5s.

HISTORICAL STUD, late United States



Consul at Rome. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

CONTENTS: Petrarch-Machiavelli-Reformation in Italy-Modern Italian Literature - ManzoniThe Hopes of Italy-Historical Romance in ItalyLibraries-Verrazzano Contributions for the Pope, &c.

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