Just published,


A BOOKS gratis. - Encyclopædia Britannica,

7th edition, by Napier, 21 vols. 4to. half-calf, plates, £21.-Huntington's (Wm.) Works, 20 vols. and 5 vols. of Supp., in all 25 vols. 8vo. russia elegant, 10 guineas.-Mant and D'Oyly's Bible, 4 vols. 4to. calf extra, 4 gns.-Knight's Family Atlas, half-russia, 5 gns.-Priestley's Works, 25 vols. 8vo. 5 gns.Hope's Essay on Man, 3 vols. 8vo. &c. &c.-Apply to Thomas Millard, 70, Newgate Street, City.

[blocks in formation]


Nold-established COUNTRY BUSINESS of a Bookseller, Printer, and Stationer, having a first-rate Church connexion, and doing an excellent Printing Trade, yielding good profits, is for

Disposal, on account of the present Proprietor

wishing to retire. The Stock is select, the returns good, and the premises ample for carrying on the business. As the Concern is a genuine one, applica tions from principals only will be attended to. Apply, personally, to Mr. D. Nutt, 270, Strand, London.

-To be disposed of immediately, an increasing

BUSINESS in the above branches, situate in a large and important Commercial Town. The value of the Stock is about £800; but this might, if required, be reduced to £500, the purchaser having the liberty of selecting to that amount from the present Stock, including the Fixtures.--Address J. T., 3, Bury New Road, Manchester.


CHEAP BOOKS.-Just published, a General CATALOGUE of BOOKS, in all branches of Literature, by John Farren, 5, Mosley Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne.-N.B. May be had gratis on receipt of six Postage Stamps.


TO PRINTERS. In a thriving Neighbour

hood, of large traffic, four miles from the City. -PARTNERSHIP or otherwise. Mr. Page is instructed by the Proprietor to Dispose of a profitable Job Printing Business. The office is furnished with a great variety of type, iron presses, &c. connection is excellent. Or the advertiser would be willing to admit a practical man, with a small capital, as Partner. Apply to Mr. Page, 28, Moorgate Street.



MR. GEORGE MEASOM, DESIGNER AND ENGRAVER ON WOOD, Continues to execute all orders

entrusted to his care in the first style of the Art, at exceedingly moderate charges. An In-door Pupil required. Premium, 150 Guineas, two-thirds of which can remain unpaid for twelve months.

74, Charrington Street, Oakley Square, London.

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TO BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS. -To be Disposed of, a small but convenient SHOP and BUSINESS, with an entirely New Stock, together with a Circulating Library. The Shop is well situated for business, and the rent moderate.

Apply, post-paid, to Mr. Watson, Brewer, Derby.


I -For Sale, by Private Contract, an excellent
BUSINESS, in one of the largest Sea Ports in
England. The Shop is in the principal thorough-
fare, and the connection of first-rate character.
Apply to Mr. Houlston, at Holston and Stoneman's,
65, Paternoster Row; Clayton and Sons, News
Agents, Strand, London; or Mr. J. E. Elsworthy,
Solicitor, Plymouth.

&c.-Wanted to

Tur in an established BUSINESS, making

good returns. Stock and Fixtures not to exceed £500; or a Printing Business alone would not be objected to.-Apply, by letter, to S., care of Mr. W. Whitby, Chequers' Yard, Dowgate Hill, London.

WANTED, a PARTNER (in place of one

retiring), to take the Half Share of a first-rate Old-established Business of Bookseller, Stationer, Printer, and Binder, situate in a large commercial and fashionable town. Any one with capital wishing to enter into a lucrative and highly respectable business, will find this a very favourable opportunity.Address A. B. care of Messrs. Hunt, Fourdrinier,

and Co. Sherborne Lane. London.

TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and Others.-West of Temple Bar.-Mr. Page is directed to SELL a first-class Bookselling and Stationery Business, established for several years, and now in respectable trade. The concern presents unusual opportunities for increase. About £900 required, and liberal accommodation will be given for half the amount.-Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer

and Valuer, 23, Moorgate Street.

o STATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, and Others. In a first-class Neighbourhood.-Mr. Page is instructed by the proprietor to SELL a highly respectable Bookselling and Stationery Busi ness, established for several years, and now rapidly increasing. There are local circumstances which render this trade most eligible to persons with £800. -Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street.

TO BOOKBINDERS-To be disposed of,

by Private Contract, with possession at Mid-TO FANCY

summer next, the STOCK,
&c. a Book-
binder, situated in the borough of Devonport. The
above business has been carried on for upwards of
twenty years, and by the present proprietor for the
last seven years, and is the only Bookbinding esta-
blishment in the borough.-For further particulars
apply to G. Lamper, Bookbinder, Tavistock Street,


SELLERS, and Others.-In a beautiful district, in Kent.-Mr. Page is instructed to SELL a lucrative Fancy Stationery and Bookselling Business, and Dealer in Berlin Wool, eligibly situate, in the midst of the seats of the nobility and gentry. The returns are good, and can be extended. About £600 required.-Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street.

ATERNOSTER ROW.-To be LET, TO_To be disposed of, the BUSINESS of a Book-




TWO ROOMS on the First Floor, fitted up with shelving and gas, suitable for a Bookseller or seller and Stationer, eligibly situated in one of the Stationer. Rent moderate.-Apply to Mr. Black-leading streets of a large manufacturing town in wood, 44, Paternoster Row. Early application is Lancashire. About £500 required.—Address X. Z. requested. care of Mr. Sampson Low, 169, Fleet Street, London. 10 BOOKSELLERS' ASSISTANTS.Wanted immediately, in the Country, a YOUNG MAN of active, persevering habits, to take the management of a Circulating Library, and to make himself generally useful. The salary will commence at the rate of £60 per annum, to be increased according to merits. None need apply but a person who has been through the general routine of the businesss, and who can be well recommended.-Letters, with references, to be addressed to Y. Z., Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Stationers' Hall Court, London.

BOOKSELLING, and MUSIC TRADE, well situated in a large and important market town, may now be treated for, either with or without the Book and Music Department. About £700 would be the lowest sum required to purchase the former, and from £900 to £1,000 the entire business. None need apply who cannot command at least £700, as the business is a bond-fide concern, and will bear every investigation. For particulars, address "Seneca," at Messrs. W. Tegg and Co. Queen Street, Cheapside, London.-No Agent need apply.


NEWS seven years, and pleasantly situated in a highly respectable and improving neighbourhood. Lease, Goodwill, Stock, and Fixtures, about £450. Present owner leaving England. The business increasing and capable of great extension. Every satisfaction regarding the returns. Apply to Mr. Page, 28, Moorgate Street.

ble Watering Place in the West of England, a YOUNG MAN. with good address and a thorough knowledge of Bookselling and Stationery, as Assistant at the Counter. -Apply, with references and salary required, to F. O., Messrs. Hamilton and Adams, 33, Paternoster Row, London.


Others. Within three miles of the City, in Surrey. Mr. Page is required to DISPOSE OF a well-established Bookselling and Stationery Business, together with a first-class Public Library. The concern is eligibly situate, and presents a favourable investment to parties with £400.-Apply to Mr. Page, 28, Moorgate Street.


To be disposed of, in consequence of ill health. an old-established BUSINESS in a Seaport Town. The situation is commanding, Rent and Taxes very moderate, House very commodious, with ample room for Printing Offices and Bookbinding. Returns upwards of £1,000 per annum. No Goodwill required. -Apply for further particulars to A. B., care of Messrs. Hamilton, Adams, and Co., Paternoster Row. TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and be disposed of, an Old. established BUSINESS of a Bookseller, Stationer, fares in London. The Library is very extensive and well selected. Upwards of £3,000 required. Apply, by letter, to A. A. care of Messrs. Hamilton and Co. Paternoster Row, London.

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TO BOOKSELLERS.-A Young Man, who

has at present the Management of the retail department of a large Wholesale Retail Establishment in the West of England, wishes for an ENGAGEMENT in London or further north, as the present climate is too relaxing for his constitution. Has a good knowledge of the foreign trade. Refe. rence given to former and present employers. Salary no object.-Address R. R., Binns and Goodwin, Bath.

Burke's Commoners, royal 8vo. 1836. Parts 14, 15, and 16 of Vol. 4.


Butler's (Bp.) Works, 2 vols. 8vo. edit. Oxf. 1844. Vol. 1.
Castle Rackrent, by Edgeworth.
Chalmers' British Poets, 8vo. Vols. 12 and 13.
Church Missionary Register, from commencement to 1818,
and from 1835 to all published.
Clavering's Voyage to Greenland in 1823.
Collier's Ecclesiastical History, folio, 1708. Vol. 2.
D'Urfey's Pills to Purge Melancholy, 12mo. 1719. Vol. 3.
Elliot's Hora Apocalypticæ, 3d edit. in blue cloth, Vol. 4.
Fielding's Works, 8vo. 1784. Vol. 6.


N ASSISTANT is WANTED, thoroughly qualified to take charge of the Counter of a Bookselling and Stationery Establishment in the Country. He must be well educated, of good address, and a Churchman.-Address, enclosing terms and reference, A. B. T., Messrs. Simpkin and Co., Stationers' Hall Court, London.


PRINTERS.—A Compositor, who has just finished his Apprenticeship in a News and Jobbing Office in Town, wants a SITUATION. Could assist in Bookbinding.-Address "Printers," 17, Exeter Street, Strand.


O BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS.A Lady, who has had seven years' experience in the above lines, is desirous of an ENGAGEMENT: she has a good practical knowledge of the Bookselling and Stationery, and is fully competent to take the management of a business, having held a situation of this nature.-Address H. P., 13, Hertford Place, Coventry. WANTED, a respectable Young Man as an



A Stumble on the Threshold, by Molesworth.

** Letters to be addressed to Mr. SAMPSON Low, Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage free.
Andrewes' Sermons, folio.
Gibbon's Rome, 8vo. 1811. Vol. 1.
Girdlestone's Commentary on the Old Testament. 2 copies.
Grant's History of Churches and Sects, boards. Vol. 4.
Hare's Mission of the Comforter, 2 vols. 8vo. 1st edit.
Hone's Every-Day Book. Sheet 103, pp. 1601-32, Vol. 2.
Howell's State Trials, royal 8vo. Vols. 29 to 33.
Keach's Metaphors, folic.

Ben Ezra on Christ's Second Coming.

Lascelles' Familiar Letters on Angling.

Mosheim's Commentaries on the Laws of Christians, trans-
lated by Vidal. Vol. 1.

Napier's Peninsular War, 8vo. boards. Vols. 5 and 6.
Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticum, 4to. 1640.
Reigning Vice (The), 12mo. 1827.

Robinson's Biblical Researches in Palestine, 3 vols. 8vo.
Veterinarian (The). Vol. 19 to all published.

Stationer, and Printer, in a Cathedral Town: a practical knowledge of Printing indispensable.—Apply, by letter, stating expected salary, to W. W., care of Mr. Warren, Stationer, &c., London Street, Fitzroy Square, London.

A GENTLEMAN of many years' practical experience in the Bookselling, and Stationery Trade, well acquainted with the Midland Counties, is open to an ENGAGEMENT to represent any house where energy, fidelity, and mutual interest are required. Security to any reasonable amount will be given.-Address Y. Z., Nash and Co., 3, Saville Place, Regent Street, London.

Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snowhill, in the City of London, by ELIEZER CHATER WILSON, of 6, Palmer Terrace,in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington; and published by SAMPSON Low, of 14, Great James Street, in the l'arishi of St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Oflice, 169, Fleet Street, in the l'arish of St. Dunstan in the West.-Monday, June 2, 1851.

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Published on the 1st and 15th of each Month.




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General Record of British and Foreign Literature ;


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ABBOTT (J.)-Reader, Prose and Verse. 5th edit. 18mo. cloth, 3s. ...[3463 ABBOTT (R.)-Desolation of the Sanctuary, and Time of Restitution: a Course of Lectures. By the Rev. Robert Abbott. Post 8vo. pp. 196, cloth, 3s....... .... [3464



A FEW WORDS about Diocesan Synods. 8vo. pp. 16, 6d. ..[3465 APPEAL (The): a Magazine for the People. Vol. 6, 12mo. (Leeds), sewed, 44d. . [3466 ARCHITECTURAL QUARTERLY REVIEW. Vol. 1, No. 1, 8vo. sewed, 5s. ARNOLD (T. K.)-Homer for Beginners. Iliad, Book 1-3: with English Notes. By the Rev. T. K. Arnold. 12mo. pp. 142, cloth, 3s. 6d..... .[3468 ARNOT (W.)--The Race for Riches, and some of the Pits into which the Runners Fall, applying the Word of God to the Traffic of Men. By William Arnot. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 108, cloth, 1s. 6d.. . [3469 ARTHUR (T. S.)-Debtor and Creditor: a Tale of the Times. By T. S. Arthur. 48mo. cloth, 1s. 2d..... [3470 BABINGTON (C. C.)-Manual of British Botany; containing the flowering Plants and Ferns arranged according to the Natural Orders. By Charles C. Babington, M.A. 3d edit. with many additions and corrections, 12mo. pp. 468, cloth, 10s. 6d............... ...[3471 BAILEY (H. I.)-Church Education at Home and Abroad, and the Emigrant's Friend. In 2 Parts. By the Rev. Henry Ives Bailey. Post Svo. pp. 120, cloth, 3s.... [3472 (Vide Adv. 493.)





BALFOUR (H.)-Phyto-Theology; or, Botanical Sketches, intended to illustrate the Works of God in the Structure, Functions, and general Distribution of Plants. By John Hutton Balfour. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 256, cloth, 3s. 6d... [3473 BARTELS (H.)-French Grammar, Reading Book, and Exercises, with Dictionaries. Complete in One Volume. By Herman Bartels. 12mo. pp. 186, cloth, 4s. .... [3474 BEVAN (E.)-Hints on the History and Management of the Honey Bee: being the Substance of Two Lectures. By Edward Beavan, M.D. 12mo. (Hereford), pp. 24mo. sewed, Ed...... .[3475



Subscription, per

202-203 203-204


BIRTHRIGHT (The). By Emilie Carlen: from the Original. By the Translator of "St. Roche." 3 vols. post [3476 8vo. pp. 990, cloth, 31s. 6d... BOMBAY ALMANAC (The) and Book of Direction for 1851. 8vo. pp. 626, cloth, 12s. . [3477 BOOK (The) of Church History. 2d edit. 18mo. pp. 164, cloth, 18........ . [3478

BREES (S. C.)-A Key to the Colonies; or, Advice to the Million upon Emigration. For the use of all Classes. 18mo. pp. 100, sewed, 18........ . [3479 BRETT (W. H.)-Indian Missions in Guiana. By the Rev. W. H. Brett. 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 5s......... [3480 (Vide Adv. 499.)

BROUGHAM (Lord). Parties' Witnesses. Speech of Lord Brougham in the House of Lords, April 11, 1851, on Law of Evidence Bill. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed, 1s... [3481 BULL (G.)-Defensio Fidei Nicænæ: a Defence of the Nicene Creed out of the Extant Writings of the Catholick Doctors, who flourished during the three first centuries of the Latin Church. By George Bull, D.D. Bishop of St. David's. Vol. 1, 8vo. pp. 388, cloth, 10s. . [3482

(Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, Vol. 59.) BURKE (J. and J. B.)-The Royal Families of England, with their Descendants, Sovereigns, and Subjects. By John Burke and John Bernard Burke. Vol. 2, imperial Svo. cloth, 21s.. [3483 BURKE (P.)-Celebrated Trial connected with the Upper Classes of Society in the relations of Private Life. By Peter Burke. 8vo. pp. 520, cloth, 16s. .[3484 BYNG (Hon. Fred.)-Smithfield and Newgate Markets. By the Hon. Frederick Byng. 8vo. pp. 26, 1s...... [3485 CANTON (A.)-The Teeth, and their Preservation in Infancy and Manhood to Old Age. By Alfred Canton. 12mo. pp. 208, cloth, 4s. ...... [3486 CARPENTER (W. B.)-On the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease: Prize Essay. By William B. Carpenter. 2d edit. 12ino. pp. 336, cloth, 28. 6d........ .[3487 CARPENTER (W. B.)-Principles of Physiology, General and Comparative. By William B. Carpenter. 3d edit. 8vo. with 321 Wood Engravings, pp. 112, cl. 28s... [3488


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CARTER (T. T.)-A Letter to the Rev. J. F. Wilkinson, Priest of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Clewer, in answer to Remarks addressed by him to the Parishioners. By the Rev. T. T. Carter. 8vo. pp. 94, sewed,



Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

CASES of Conscience; or, Lessons on Morals: for the use of the Laity. Extracted from the Moral Theology of the Romish Clergy. By Pascal the Younger. 8vo. pp. 64, 1s. 6d...


(Vide Adv. 483.)

CATALOGUE of all Graduates in Divinity, Law, Medicine, Arts, and Music, who have regularly proceeded, or been created between Oct. 10, 1659, and Dec. 31, 1850; to which is added a list of Chancellors, High Stewards, Vice-Chancellors, Proctors, Heads of Colleges and Halls, and Burgesses of the University; together with a Statement of Matriculations and Regencies. 8vo. pp. 814, cloth, 12s. 6d. .[3491

(Vide Adv. 436.)


CHALLIS (T. M.)-Smithfield and Newgate Markets as they should and might be. An Answer to the Hon. Fred. Byng. By Thomas M. Challis. 8vo. pp. 26, sewed, . [3491* CHEEVER (H. T.)-The Island World of the Pacific; being the Personal Narrative and Results of Travel through the Sandwich Islands, and other Parts of Polynesia. By the Rev. Henry T. Cheever. With Engravings. 8vo. (New York), pp. 408, cloth, 7s........ .[3492

(Vide Adv. 511.)

CHRETIEN (C. P.)-Lectures on the Study of Theology. By the Rev. Charles P. Chretien. 8vo. pp. 120, cloth, ...[3493


(Vide Adv. 453.) CHRISTMAS(H.)-TheShores and Islands of the Mediterranean, including a Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia. By the Rev. H. Christmas, M.A. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 1014, cloth, 31s. 6d. .[3494 Baptism the 8vo. pp. 92, .[3495


CHURCH (The) and the Kingdom; or, Is Entrance to the Church. By Ovdèv Qv. sewed, 1s. 6d. CHURCH (The) of England in the Reigns of the Tudors. 12mo. pp. 260, cloth, 2s. 6d. ..[3496

(Library for the Times.) (Vide Adv. 407.)

(Vide Adv. 497.)

CLARK (W. G.)-Gazpacho; or, Summer Months in Spain. By William George Clark, M.A. 2d edition, revised, 12mo. pp. 278, cloth, 5s.... .[3497 CODE (The) of Civil Procedure of the State of New York. Reported, complete, by the Commissioners on Practice and Pleadings. 8vo. (Albany, U. S.) pp. 888, sd. 30s.[3498 CODE (The) of Criminal Procedure of the State of New York. Reported, complete, by the Commissioners on Practice and Pleadings. 8vo. (Albany, U. S.) pp. 560, sewed, 20s. .[3499 COGHLAN (F.)-The Blue Guide-Book for Travellers on the Continent, through Germany, from Hamburg to Vienna; the Rhine, from Rotterdam to Strasbourg; Paris and the Coast of France, Switzerland and the Alps; with the most recently adopted Fares and Number of Departures of the Railways on the Continent. Arranged and written for the first time on the present plan. By Francis Coghlan. 12mo. pp. 440, cloth, 7s. 6d. .... [3500 COPLESTON (E.)-Memoir of Edward Copleston, D.D. Bishop of Llandaff: with Selections from his Diary and Correspondence, &c. By Wm. James Copleston, M.A. 8vo. pp. 352, cloth, 10s. 6d..... [3501 CUMMING (J.)-Kome the Babylon of the Apocalypse: a Lecture delivered on Thursday, May 29, 1851, in Exeter Hall. By the Rev. J. Cumming. 12mo. pp. 40, sewed, .[3502

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and ES (J. H.)-Illustrations of Mediæval
Costume in land. Collected from MSS. in the
tish Museum, Bibliothéque de Paris, &c. by T. A.
7. HDines. Nos. 1 to 4, small 4to. with nu.
merous coloured engravings, 1s. each
DOOFLINES (Therand Practices of Popery, examined in
a Coarse of Lertures. By Ministers in Glasgow. 12mo.
PP0, clothes sewed, 1s. 6d.....
DRUMMOND Principles of Ecclesiastical Buildings
an Ornaments. By Henry Drummond. Small 4to.
P10 ith numerous illustrations, 7s...... [3505
de Adv. 483.)

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DYCE (W.)-Notes on Shepherds and Sheep: a Letter to John Ruskin, Esq. M.A. By William Dyce, M.A. Svo. pp. 36, sewed, ls." ..[3506

ENGLISH LIFE, Social and Domestic, in the Middle of the 19th Century. New edition, 12mo. pp. 320, cloth, 48. 6d..... ....[3507 ENQUIRIES for the Truth between the divided ChurchMilitant, denominated Roman and Protestant. By a Lady. 8vo. (Canterbury), 1s. .[3508 EUSTACE: an Elegy. 2d edition, roy. 8vo. pp. 48, with 4 illustrations, 7s. 6d. .[3509 EXTON (R. B.)-An Essay on the Physiology of the Sense of Feeling, as illustrative of the Wisdom and Benficence of the Almighty, in the Gift of the Senses to Man. By the Rev. Richard Brundenell Exton. 12mo. pp. 44. sewed, 6d.... [3510) EYRE (J.)-Practical Remarks on some Exhausting Dis. eases. By Sir James Eyre. 2d edit. post 8vo. pp. 110 cloth, 4s. 6d.. [351


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FABER (G. S.)-The Many Mansions in the House of t Father Scripturally Discussed and Practically Considere By G. S. Faber. 8vo. pp. 442, cloth, 128........... [351 FARLEY HEATH: a Record of its Roman Remains, and other Antiquities. Also, a Poem and a Tale about the Old Times at Fairlee; and an Antiquarian Dissertation. By Martin F. Tupper, of Albury. Post 12mo. pp. 84, (Guildford), with plates, fancy covers, 1s. 6d. ...... [3537 FAITHFUL (The) Promiser and Night Watches. 1 vol. 32mo. cloth, 1s. 6d. . [3513 FEMALE (The) Jesuit; or, the Spy in the Family. New edit. post 8vo. pp. 430, cloth, 7s. 6d. .[3514 FERGUSON (R.)-The Pipe of Repose; or, Recollections of Eastern Travel. By Robert Ferguson. 2d edition, square, pp. 228, cloth, 5s...


..[3515 A New

FOLLOWING (The) of Christ: in Four Books.

Translation, fcp. 8vo. pp. 380, cloth, 3s. 6d......... [3516 FOX (S.)-The Catechumen's Instructor: being a brief Explanation of the Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Ten Commandments. By the Rev. Samuel Fox. New edit. 18mo. pp. 94, cloth, is. ..[3517 FRANKLIN (M.)-Hours of Solitude, and Sempronius. Post 8vo. pp. 78, cloth, 5s....... ..[3518 FYFE (W. W.)-Summer Life on Land and Water. 12mo. pp. 84, 6s.... ..[3519 GAVAZZI (Father).-Orations. Decade the Second. With Sketches of Previous Reformers of the Italian Church. 12mo. sewed, 1s.; Two Parts together, cloth, 2s. 6d.[3520 GAYARRE (C.)-Romance of the History of Louisiana: a Series of Lectures. By Charles Gayarre. 12mo. (New York), pp. 266, cloth, 6s. 6d. ..[5521 GERLACH (J. J.)-The Comprehensive German and Eng lish Dictionary, in two Parts - German English, and English German. Edited by J. J. Gerlach, LL.D. 12mo. pp. 368, bound, 7s. 6d.. . [3522 GILFILLAN (G.)-Bards of the Bible. By G. Gilfillan. 2d edit. 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 362, cloth, 10s. 6d... [3523 GIRDLESTONE (C.)-Letters on the Unhealthy Condition of the Lower Class of Dwellings. 8vo. sd. 1s. 6d.[3524 GREGG (J.)-Commerce of the Prairies; or, the Journal of a Santa Fé Trader. By Josiah Gregg. 5th edit. 2 vols. 12mo. (Philadelphia), pp. 660, cloth, 9s.... ...{3525 GREY (W. H.)-Church Leases; or, the Subject of Church Leasehold Property considered, with a view to place it on a firmer basis. By W. H. Grey. 3d edition, pp. 106, sewed, 2s. 6d. [3526 GRIERSON (T.)-Autumnal Rambles among the Scottish Mountains; or Pedestrian Tourist's Friend. By the Rev. Thomas Grierson. 2d edit. 12mo. pp. 236, cloth, 3s...... ..(3527 GUYOT (A.)-Comparative Physical Geography; or the Earth in Relation to Man: agreeably to the Principles laid down by Carl Ritter, Humboldt, &c. By Arnold Guyot. Translated from the French by Professor C. C. Felton. 12mo. col'd maps and plates, pp. 210, 5s. cl.[3528 (Vide Adv. 447.)

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GWYNNE (P.)-A Word to the Wise; or, Hints on the Current Improprieties of Expression in Writing and Speaking. By Parry Gwynne. 2d edit. 18mo. pp. 74 3529 sewed, 1s...

Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

HACKETT (C. D.)-National Psalmist. New edit. folio, cloth, 188........ .[3530

HADDOCK (J. W.)-Somnolism and Psycheism; or, the
Science of the Soul and the Phenomena of Nervation as
Revealed by Vital Magnetism or Mesmerism. By Joseph
W. Haddock. 2d edit. post 8vo. pp. 210, cl. 4s. 6d. [3531
HALDANE (J. A.)-Baptism, as it embodies the Grand
Doctrines of the Gospel: with Remarks on Dr. M'Crie's
Recent Work. By the late J. A. Haldane. Fcp. Svo.
pp. 70, sewed, 9d.

HAM (J. P.)-Life and Death; or, the Theology of the Bible, in Relation to Human Immortality: Three Lectures. By J. Panton Ham. 2d edit. revised, 12mo. pp. 166, cloth, 2s.

[3533 HAMILTON (J.)-The Royal Preacher: Lectures on Ecclesiastes. By James Hamilton. 12mo. pp. 262, cloth, .[3534 HANDEL'S ORATORIO.-Joshua. Edited by Vincent Novello. Royal 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. .[3535


(Vide Adv. 454.)


HARE (T.)-Supplement to a Short Proposal for Diminishing the Costs and Accelerating the Determination of Suits in Equity. By Thomas Hare. Svo. pp. 20, sewed, [3536 HAWTHORNE (N.)-The House of the Seven Gables: a Romance. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 12mo. pp. 250, boards, 1s.... .[3538 (Railway Library.) HAZLITT (W.)-Criticisms and Dramatic Essays of the English Stage. By Wm. Hazlitt. 2d edit. 12mo. pp. 330, cloth, 3s. 6d... [3539 HIGGINSON(E.)-A World embracing Faith; or, Religious Whispers from the Exhibition of Industry. By Edw. Higginson. 12mo. pp. 24, sewed, 3d............ .[3540 HINTS addressed to the Common People upon the assumed Supremacy of the Bishop of Rome: a Tract for the Times. By a Rutland Rector. Svo. (Stamford), pp. 70, sewed, 2s.... [3541 HISTORY of Napoleon and France to the Death of Louis Philippe. 24mo. pp. 540, cloth, gilt, 2s. .......... . [3542 HITCHINGS (C. H.)-Poems. By Charles H. Hitchings, of the Middle Temple. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 152, 5s....... [3543 (Vide Adv. 483.)

HOBLYN (R. D.)-A Treatise on Botany; comprising the Structure and Functions of Plants. By Richard D. Hoblyn. 12mo. pp. 110, sewed, Is.... . [3544 (Scott's First Books in Science.)

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