Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

OXFORD University Statutes. Translated by Ward and
Heywood. Vol. 2, 8vo. cloth, 9s....
(Vide Adv. 710.)
PANORAMIC View of Killarney from the Summit of
. [4531
Mangeston. Square, in case, cloth, 2s..
PARKER (W.)-The Bible Unveiled. By William Parker,
M.T. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 216, cloth, 3s. 6d.
PARKMAN (F.)-History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac,
American Tribes
War of the
and the
against the English Colonies after the Conquest of
Canada. By Francis Parkman. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp.
. [4533
688, cloth, 21s...


SERMONS (continued) :

BEECHAM (J.)-The Immutability of Christ the Hope
of the Church. Preached before the Wesleyan Con-
ference, in the Brunswick Place Chapel, Newcastle-
upon-Tyne, Aug. 4, 1851. By John Beecham, D.D.
8vo. pp. 36, sewed, 8d....
FLOWER (W. B.)-The Glories of the Church of Christ.
Preached by Command of Henry, Lord Bishop of
Exeter, on St. Barnabas' Day 1851, at the Consecra-
tion of St. James the Great, Stoke Damerel. By the
Rev. W. B. Flower. 12mo. pp. 24, sewed, 6d.... [4557
FORSTER (W.)-God's Mercy Man's only ground of
Hope: on the Death of the late Mrs. Spalding, wife of
Thomas Spalding, Esq. Preached in the Congrega-
tional Church, Kentish Town. By William Forster.
Fcp. 8vo. pp. 32, sewed, 6d......

HOLE (G.)-Preached at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Exeter, June 25, 1851, on the Occasion of the Diocesan Synod. By the Rev. George Hole. 8vo. pp. [4560 24, sewed, Is. WORDSWORTH (C.)-On the Great Exhibition of 1851. Nos. 17 and 18 of occasional Sermons preached in Westminster Abbey. By Charles Wordsworth, D.D. ..[4561 8vo. pp. 38, sewed, 28. By William Hazlitt. SHAKSPEARE (W.)-The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare. A New Edition. .[+562 Vol. 3, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Vol. 8 (Knight's Cabinet . [4563 SHAKSPERE (W.) Works. Edition), 18mo. pp. 364, cloth, 1s. 6d... SHIER (J.)-Directions for Testing Cane Juice, so as to Determine the Exact Quantity of Quick Lime required to Temper a given Quantity of Cane Juice. By John Shier. . [456+ Post 8vo. pp. 80, cloth, 3s.

Vide Adv. 679.)

(Vide Adv. 698.) PARLEY (P.)—The Birth Day. By Peter Parley. Square [4534 16mo. cloth, 2s. 6d...... PASCAL (B.)-The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal. A New Translation: with Life of the Author. 12mo. .....[4535 pp. 300, sewed, 1s. 6d.; cloth, 2s...... PATHS on the Hill of Life. 18mo. reduced to 1s. cl.[4536 PATHWAY (The): a Religious Magazine. Vol. 1, crown ..[4537 8vo. cloth, 2s. 3d. PEARCE (R. R.)-The New Law of Indictments; comprising Lord Campbell's Administration of Criminal Justice Improvement Act, &c.: with introductory Observations on the Law of Criminal Pleading, and Practical Notes and Forms adapted to these Statutes. By [4538 R. R. Pearce, Esq. 8vo. sewed, 3s. 6d....... PEARSON (G. F.)-Stories on the Eight Beatitudes. By the Rev. G. F. Pearson. 18mo. pp. 132, cloth, 1s... [4539 PERRIN (J.)-A New and Easy Method of Learning the Spelling and Pronunciation of the French Language. In 2 Parts. By John Perrin. New edition, revised by .[4540 C. Gros. 12mo. cloth, 2s. POEMS and ESSAYS: a Book for the Times. By Dalmo.[4541 cand. 12mo. cloth gilt, 3s. 6d... PRICE (B.)-Suggestions for the Extension of Professional Teaching in the University of Oxford. By Bonamy ..[4542 Price, M.A. 8vo. pp. 38, sewed, 1s... PRIDEAUX (C. G.)-The Act to Amend the Law for the Registration of Voters: with an Analytical Introduction, a reference to all the Cases under the Act, and the Points decided by the Court of Common Pleas on the Construction of the Reform Act, with other Matters of Election Law. By Charles Greville Prideaux, Esq. 2d edition, . [4543 12mo. pp. 170, boards, 5s. REGISTER of Sales of Arsenic pursuant to 14 Vic. cap. 13: to which is prefixed a copy of the Act referred to. Square, [4544 sewed, 1s. 6d. RICE (N. L.)-Romanism not Christianity. By N. L. Rice, D.D. 12mo. (New York), pp. 364, cloth, 8s... [4545 RICHARDS (J.)-Sermons. By the Rev. John Richards, late Minister of St. Alkmond's Church, Shrewsbury. 8vo. [4546 pp. 416, cloth, 8s...... RIPON (Bp.)-A Letter to the Parishioners of St. Saviour's, Leeds. By the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Ripon with an Appendix of Documents. 8vo. pp. 52, sd. 1s. 6d. [4547 ROBERTSON (J.)-Lights and Shadows of a Traveller's Path; or, Scenes in Foreign Lands. By Janet Robert..[4548 son. 8vo. pp. 356, cloth, 12s. 6d... ROBINS (S.)-A Speech delivered by the Rev. Sanderson Robins, at the Meeting of the National Society, June 4, [4549 1851. 8vo. pp. 18, sewed, 6d. ROWCROFT (C.)-An Emigrant in Search of a Colony. By Charles Rowcroft. 12mo. pp. 464, boards, 1s. 6d. ; ..[4550 cloth, 28. (Parlour Library.) RYLE (Rev. J. C.)-The Cross: a Tract for the Times. ..[4551 12mo. (Ipswich), sewed, 2d.....

gin of the Italian Language to the Death of Boccaccio: SIMPSON (L. F.)-The Literature of Italy, from the Orian Historical Sketch. By Leonard Francis Simpson. [4565 Post 8vo. pp. 332, cloth, 10s. 6d..... SMALL BOOKS on Great Subjects. No. 19, on the State of Man subsequent to the Promulgation of Christianity. ....[4566 Part 1, 4s. 6d. [not 3s. 6d. as in last No.] .... (Vide Adv. 719.) SMITH (C. R.)—Notes on the Antiquities of Treves, Mayence, Wiesbaden, Niederbieher, Bonn, and Cologne. By Charles Roach Smith, F.S.A. Svo. with plates, pp. 88,


7s. 6d..

[4567 .[4568 SMUGGLERS and FORESTERS: a Novel. 3 vols. post 8vo. boards, 31s. 6d... SOAVE (F.)-Novelle Morali di Francesco Soave. Nuova edizione; diligentemente corretta, in cui si sono, accentate tutte le voci; e che contiene un vocabulario aggiunto allo fine. 12mo. (stereotyped), bound, 48.......... [4569 STERNE (G. M.)-A Physical and Political School Geography: with a short Account of the Botany, Dendrology, Zoology, Ornithology, &c. By G. M. Sterne. 2d ....[4570 edition, 12mo. pp. 230, cloth, 3s. 6d. ..[4571 edition, 18mo. sewed, 6d.... STEPPING STONE (The) to the French Language, 2d STERNE'S Sentimental Journey through France and ..[4572 Italy. Illustrated by Tony Johannot. 8vo. cloth_gilt, STEVENSON (J. W.)-The Cottage Houses of England or, suggested Designs and Estimated Cost of Improved ...[4573 Cottage Erections. By J. W. Stevenson. Post 8vo. (Nottingham), pp. 58, cloth, 5s... STEVENSON (R. H.)-The Chronicles of Edinburgh, from its Foundation A.D. 617, to A.D. 1851. By R. H. Steve son. 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 460, cloth, 8s..........[4574


(Vide Adv. 720.)

SAND (G.)-The Countess of Rudolstadt: being a Sequel STOUT (W.)-Autobiography of William Stout, of Lan

to Consuelo. By George Sand. 12mo. pp. 300, bds. is. ;
cloth, 1s. 6d......
(Parlour Library.)
SCRIPTURAL Revision of the Liturgy: a Remedy for
Anglican Assumption and Papal Aggression. A Letter
to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P. By a
Member of the Middle Temple. 8vo. pp. 194, sewed,
3s. 6d....
SELECTION of Prayers for Family Use: with an Address
by Edward James, M.A. 12mo. (Winchester), pp. 84,
sewed, 9d...
BAILEY (H.)-The Buildings of the Temple of the Lord
by those that are far off: a Sermon on the Extension
of the Church in the Colonies and Dependencies of the
British Empire. Preached before the University of
Cambridge, May 18, 1851. By Henry Bailey, B.D.
8vo. pp. 22, sewed, 1s.

caster, Wholesale and Retail Grocer and Ironmonger, a
Member of the Society of Friends, A.D. 1665-1752.
Edited, from the Original MS. by J. Harland. S
(Manchester), pp. 158, cloth, 5s...
STRANGER'S (The) Guide to London and its Environs;
containing a Description of London from its Earliest
Date: with a full Description of the National Exhibition
for all Nations. 12mo. boards, 1s...


STRICKLAND (A.)-Lives of the Queens of Scotland and
English Princesses connected with the Regal Succession
of Great Britain. By Agnes Strickland. Vol. 2, post
8vo. pp. 450, cloth, 10s. 6d...
SURENNE (J. T.)-Dance Music of Scotland, Duets.
Books 1, 2, 3. Folio (Edinb.) sewed, 158....
to the History and Antiquities of the County. Vol. 4,

8vo. with plates, pp. 315, 14s...


GRIER (J. W.)-On the Worship of Mary. Part 2, 8vo.
(Stourbridge), sewed, 4d...


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Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

TACITUS.-C. Cornelii Taciti Opera omnia ad fidem Editione Orellianæ. 2 vols. 18mo. pp. 718, cloth, 5s... [4580 (Oxford Pocket Classics.) TAYLOR (1.)-Home Education. By Isaac Taylor. 5th edit. revised, fcp. 8vo. pp. 406, cloth, 5s. ..[4581 (Vide Adv. 742.) THIERS (M. A.)-History of the Consulate and the Empire of France under Napoleon. By M. A. Thiers. Vol. 10, svo. pp. 236, sewed, 7s..... ..[4582 (Vide Adv. 713.)

THOMAS (W. H.)-Interest Tables from 1 to 100 Days, and from 1 to 3 per cent. per annum, by Eighths per cent. calculated by Decimals. By Wm. Henry Thomas. 4to. cloth, 21s...... .[4583 THROWER (W.)-Questions in Arithmetic, for the Use of the Free Grammar School of Henry the 6th. By William Thrower. Fifth Thousand. 12mo. (Birmingham), pp. 200, cloth, 28. .[458+ TOMLINSON (C.)-Introduction to the Study of Natural Philosophy. By C. Tomlinson. New edition, 12mo. sewed, is. [not Is. 6d. as in last No.]....... . [+585 TOURRIER (J.)-A Guide to Paris and its Environs, in the Form of Familiar Dialogues in French and English, with the Elision marked. By J. Tourrier. Square, pp. 234, sewed, with Map, 3s. ; cloth, 3s. 6d. ....[4586 TREASURES of OXFORD. By Edelmand and Dakes. Edited and Rendered into English by M. H. Bresslan. Svo. cloth, 58. ..[4587 TUCKER (Mrs. C.)-The Teacher's Assistant for Catechumen and Bible Classes. By Mrs. C. Tucker. Part 1, Genesis. Fcp. 8vo. sewed, 6d. ..[4588 TYSON (P. T.)-Geology and Industrial Resources of California. By Philip T. Tyson. 8vo. (New York), pp. 120, cloth, 7s. 6d. ..[4589 VADE-MECUM to the Study of the History of England: for the Use of Schools and Students. 12mo. pp. 66, cloth, 28. [4590 VERSES. By Hazlefoot Arden. Post 8vo. pp. 124, cloth, 48. 6d..... ..... [4591 VERSES for 1851, in Commemoration of the Third Jubilee of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Edited by the Rev. Ernest Hawkins. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 148, cloth, 25.; cloth, gilt, 2s. 6d... . [4592 VLIELAND (J. N.)-The Italian Grammar: an Easy and Simplified Method of Acquiring the Theory and Practice of the Italian Language. By Mons. J. N. Vlieland. 2d edition, 12mo. pp. 236, cloth, 4s. 6d. . [4593 WALKER (A.)-Popery as opposed to the Knowledge, the Morals, the Wealth, and the Liberty of Mankind. By Alexander Walker. 2d edition, cloth, 5s........... ..[4594 WALTER THORNTON ¡ or, the Broken Promise. 32mo. pp. 130, cloth, 6d. . [4595 WANOSTROCHT (N).—A Grammar of the French Lan guage, with Practical Exercises. By N. Wanostrocht. Revised and enlarged by J. C. Tarver. 22d edition, 12mo. bound, 4s. . [+596

(Vide Adv. 731.)



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A Key to the Exercises. Revised by J. C. Tarver. 12mo. cloth, 3s.


(Vide Adv. 731.)


AGARDH (J. G.)-Species, genera et ordines Algarum, seu Descriptiones succinctæ specierum, generum et ordinum quibus Algarum regnum constituitur. Vol. II. 8vo. (Lunda) ...... 13s. 6d. BARLAAMS ok JOSAPHATS SAGA. En religiös romantisk fortælling om Barlaam og Josaphat oprind. forfat. paa græsk i det 8. aarhundrede, sen. overs. paa latin, og herfra igjen i fri bearbeid. ved aar 1200 overfört paá norsk af Kong Haakon Sverressön. Udgivet af R. Keyser og C. R. Unger. 8vo. (Christ.), facsimilies, 11s. 6d. CODEX liturg cus ecclesiæ universæ in epitomen redactus. Cur. H. A. Daniel. Tom. III. Codex liturgicus ecclesiæ reformatæ atque anglicana. Royal 8vo. (Lipsia).... 14s. CURTIUS (E.)-Peloponnesos. Eine historisch-geograph. Beschreibung der Halbinsel. Vol. I. 8vo. (Gotha), maps and woodcuts, cloth ERDMANN (A.)-Versuch einer geognostisch-mineralogischen Beschreibung d. Kirchspiels Tunaberg in Südermannland, m. besond. Rücksicht auf die in demselben beindl. Gruben. Aus d. Schwed. v. F. Creplin. 8vo. (Stuttg.), plates

...... 138.


WARD (J.)-The World in its Workshops: a Critical Examination of the Fabrics, Machinery, and Works of Art contained in the Great Exhibition. By James Ward. 12mo. pp. 146, sewed, 1s. .....[4598 WARD (Mrs.)-Jasper Lyle: a Tale of Kafirland. Vol. 2, 12mo. boards, Is.; cloth, 1s. 6d. ....[4599 (Railway Library.) WARREN (MRS.)-Timethrift; or, all Hours turned to good account. Containing 23 elegant Novelties in Crochet and Fancywork. Roy. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. .... [4600 (Vide Adv. 724.)

WAT TYLER. By Pierce Egan. New Edition, imp. 8vo. 78. ..[4601 WEEK (A) in the West of Ireland. Fcp. 8vo. (Dublin), pp. 60, bds. 6d. .....[4602 WESLEY (J.)-The History of John Wesley's Coat; showing by whom it has been worn, and how it has been trimmed. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 56, sd. óð......................... .....[4603 WHAT shall we do with Smithfield? or, how to rebuild the Hanging Gardens of Ancient Babylon in any Mo. dern Crowded City at a Profit. By an Old Sanitary Reformer. Embellished with a Plan. 12mo. sewed, 6d.[4604 WILDE (S. D.)-An Address to the Congregations of the Parish Church and Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Fletching, Sussex, on certain matters concerning the Church Service. By the Vicar of the Parish. 8vo. pp. 106, sd. [4605


WILD FLOWERS and their Teachings. 2d edition, with Dried Specimens, 8vo. (Bath), cloth, 21s. [4606 WILFRED, or Curiosity and Disobedience. 32mo. pp. 130, cloth, 61. [4607 WILMOT (SIR J. E.)—Digest of the Law of Burglary. By Sir John E. Eardley Wilmot, Bart. Inscribed by permission to the Right Hon. Lord Denman. Roy. 12mo.. pp. 412, bds. 10s.. ...[4608 WILSON (W.)-A Little Earnest Book upon a Great Old Subject. By W. Wilson. New edition, 12mo. cloth, ... [4609 WINSLOW (0.)–Midnight Harmonies; or, Thoughts for the Season of Solitude and Sorrow. By Octavius Winslow. New edition, 18m0. pp. 280, cloth, 2s. 6d.....[4610 (Vide Adv. 695.)


WORDSWORTH (C.)-Is the Church of Rome the Babylon of the Book of Revelation? an Essay delivered in part from the Author's Lectures on the Apocalypse, and partly from other Sources. By Chr. Wordsworth. 2d edition, 18mo. pp. 22, sewed, 1s.... .[4611 WRIGHT (T. P.)-Letter to the Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. on the Difficulties of his Synodal Theory, in reference to his Sermons on the Authority and Uses of Church Synods. By the Rev. T. P. Wright, M.A. 8vo. pp. 20, sewed, 18. ..[4612 YOUATT (W.)-The Dog. By William Youatt. New edit. 8vo. pp. 270, cloth, 6s... ...[4613 YULE (H.)-Fortification for Officers of the Army and Students of Military History: with Illustrations and Notes. By Lieut. Henry Yule. 8vo. pp. 226, 8 plates, cloth, 10s. 6d. ..[4614

Foreign Literature.

Law Reports.

CHANCERY (Beavan). Vol. 13, Pt. 1, 9s. 6d. .[4615
COMMON BENCH (Manning, Grainger, and Scott)
Vol. 8, Part 4, 8s, 6d..
.... [4616



IBN MALIK, Alfijjah carmen didacticum grammaticum et in Alfijjam commentarius quem conscripsit Ibn Akil. Ex libris impressis orientalibus et manuscriptis ed. F. Dieterici. 4to. (Lipsia)...... ....... 21s.

LANGE (J. P.)-Christliche Dogmatik. I.-II. 2, 8vo. (Heidelb.)........ ....... 35s. 6d. SAVIGNY (F. C. v.)-Das Obligationenrecht als Theil d. heutigen römischen Rechts. Vol. I. 8vo. (Berlin) ..78. WERNE (F.)-Feldzug v. Sennaar nach Taka, Basa u. Beni-Amer, m. besond. Hinblick auf die Völker v. Bellad-Sudan. 8vo. (Stuttgart), plates and map .... 6s, 6d. ZEITSCHRIFT für die vergleichende Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete des Deutschen, Griech. u. Latein. hrsg. v. S. T. Aufrecht u. A. Kuhn. Part 3, 8vo. (Berl.) ..28.

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This Day is published, in Two Parts, 16mo. price One Shilling each,


during the Years 1834, 1835, and 1836;

Made with a view to inquire into the Moral and Political Economy of that
Country, and the Condition of its Inhabitants.

New Edition (1851).

Forming the Sixth and Seventh Parts of THE TRAVELLER'S LIBRARY.

"Admirable essays by Macaulay, M'Culloch, and other avail themselves, for reading at fireside or window-corner, first-class writers, reproduced in a form that renders them of the elegant and excellent series of essays, &c. which we accessible to everybody." GARDENERS' CHRONICLE. are promised, and here have earnest of, in the Traveller's "Railway literature-or, more generally and correctly Library. The collection could not have begun better than speaking, travelling literature-for the wider term takes with Mr. Macaulay's brilliant historical and biographical in steamers, coaches, and all other modes of locomotion-paper on Warren Hastings. It is followed up by another has hitherto been for the most part confined to the two of his valuable contributions to the Edinburgh Review, the classes of periodicals and cheap editions of standard novels. scarcely less interesting biographical essay on the career But there is no good reason why the traveller, comfortably of Lord Clive; and others from the same vivid and powerseated in railway carriage or in steam-boat saloon or deck, ful pen are announced. But variety of authorship as well should limit himself exclusively to reading of a passing or as of subject is provided; and in the account of London, ephemeral character. This seems to have been the idea enlarged, and the errors that are caused by the passing of which originated the Traveller's Library. The publishers time amended, from Mr. M'Culloch's Geographical Dicoffer the travelling reader something of a higher quality tionary, we have a specimen of works of another kind and than the light literature which others have hitherto sup-class which will not less fitly find a place in the series. posed best suited for him; and by combining cheapness With the great resources and experience which the puband handiness of form with superiority of matter, they lishers possess, and the excellent mode in which they have seem likely to succeed in adding a valuable and popular begun this new enterprise, there is little risk in predicting department to the library for road, rail, river, and sea. its popularity and success." SCOTSMAN. Not but that people staying at home may also be glad to

Works preparing for publication in the TRAVELLER'S LIBRARY :— Part 8. Mr. MACAULAY'S ESSAYS on RANKE'S HISTORY of the POPES, and on GLADSTONE on CHURCH and STATE.

[On October 1.

Parts 9 and 10. EŌTHEN; or, TRACES of TRAVEL BROUGHT

HOME from the EAST. Complete in Two Parts, price One Shilling each.

[On November 1.


Complete in Two

Parts, price One Shilling each.





Just published, in 18mo. price One Shilling, sewed,



"This is one of the best numbers of this excellent School Series, containing a brief survey of the geography of the world, sufficiently copious in its details to render it interesting, and comprehending all the leading facts connected with the different countries, especially those most interesting to the English pupil." JOHN BULL. GLEIG'S SCHOOL SERIES.-"The object of this School Series is to combine the impartation of useful knowledge with the ordinary purposes of reading exercises.... In the selection of his materials, the treatment of the different topics, and the style of expression, Mr. Gleig has shewn great judgment. He has extracted all the marrow of our history, and presented it to the reader in an intelligible shape, unencumbered with dates or details that are not absolutely essential. In the Sacred History the editor has col


For the use of Beginners.

Late Professor of Geography in the College of Civil Engineers.

Forming the Seventh Work of a New School Series, edited by Rev. G. R. GLEIG, M.A.,

Inspector-General of Military Schools.


lected all the main facts of the historical part of the Old and New Testament. The account of the interval between the close of the Old and the beginning of the New is supplied from authentic sources. Great care has been taken to exclude whatever would be likely to give offence to the adherents of any religious body. The story is told with clearness and force.... The third book gives a succinct and accurate account of the history of India from its commencement down to the present time. Short though it be, it contains sufficient information for ordinary purposes, and more than many people possess. The space which it occupies is well employed. There is no waste of words, though there are enough of them to ensure perspicuity." ATHENEUM, August 23, 1851.

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Advertisements of New Books, &c.-continued.



A New

of Names. Corrected and revised to the present time, in one very thick volume, 8vo. (pp. 1100), 15s.

The former Edition was published at £1. 10s.
Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden. (708)


Part II.,

Selections from the METAMORPHOSES. With English Notes. By the Rev. THOMAS KERCHEVER ARNOLD, M.A., Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. In 12mo. 5s. Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard, and Waterloo Place;

Of whom may be had, by the same Editor, ECLOGE OVIDIANÆ, Part I. 7th Edition, 2s. 6d.

This Work is from the Lateinisches Elementarbuch of Professors Jacob and Döring, and has an immense circulation on the Continent and in America. (709)


II. containing the Modern Statutes from 1767
to 1850. Translated to 1843 by the late G. R. M.
WARD, M.A., formerly Fellow of Trinity College,
Oxford, and completed under the superintendence of
JAMES HEYWOOD, M.P., F.R.S. 8vo. 9s.
Lately published,
VOLUME I. of the SAME WORK, con-
taining the Caroline or Laudian Code of University
Statutes. Translated, by G. R. M. WARE, M.A.

8vo. 7s.

William Pickering, 177, Piccadilly. (710) OTHE HE EXPOSITION of 1851; or, Views of the Industry, the Science, and the Government of England. By CHARLES BABBAGE, Esq.. Author of the "Economy of Manufactures and Machinery." 2d edition. 8vo. with additions.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.



showing the Prices at which Articles must be sold to obtain Profit at a certain Per-Centage upon their Invoiced Cost; and also the Net Cost of Articles when Discounts are allowed on the Invoiced Prices. Adapted for the assistance of Traders in their Purchases, Sales, and taking Stock. The Calculations are upon prices from One Penny to Twenty Shillings, and at the rates from One and a Half per Cent. to Seventy-five per Cent. 3s. 6d. bound in roan; or 4s. free by post.

The following Example will show the application of the Tables:-The Invoiced Price of Silk is 2s. 4d. per yard, which it is proposed to sell at 15 per-cent. profit.

Refer to the page showing that rate of per-centage, find the cost price in the first column, and, by looking to the same line of the second, the price to be asked is shown to be 2s. 84d.

If the same article is purchased, subject to a dis-
count of 4 per cent. on the Invoiced Price, and it is
proposed to offer it for sale at a profit of 12 per cent.
upon the net cost, first turn to the 4 per cent. Table,
and in the third column, in a line with 2s. 4d., the
net cost will be shown to be 2s. 3d.; then. by refe-
rence to the 12 per cent. Table, find 2s. 3d. in the
first column, and in the second, in the same line, it
will appear that the selling price should be 2s. 74d. a
yard, which it is proposed to sell at 15 per cent.

By CHARLES ODY ROOKS, Accountant. (712)
William Tegg and Co., 85, Queen Street, Cheapside.



(Colburn's English Edition)

is now ready at all the Booksellers, in 8vo. price 7s.
Colburn and Co., Publishers, 13, Great Marl-
borough Street.

MISS JEWSBURY'S NEW Novel. Now ready at all the Libraries, in 3 vols. MARIAN WITHERS.

By GERALDINE E. JEWSBURY, Author of "Zoe," ," "The Half-Sisters," &c. Also, now ready, in 2 vols. The TUTOR'S WARD. By the Author of "Wayfaring Sketches." "A masterpiece of fiction."-JOHN BULL.. Colburn and Co., Publishers, 13, Great Marlborough Street. (714)



HE LITERATURE of the RAIL: Reprinted, by Permission, from "The Times" of Saturday, August 9th, 1851. With a Preface. Post 8vo. 6d.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.



CHURCHYARD MANUAL: intended chiefly for Rural Districts; with a Collection of 501 Epitaphs. By W. HASTINGS KELKE, A.B., Rector of Drayton Beauchamp. With Designs for Churchyard Memorials, by G. G. SCOTT, Esq., and W. SLATER, Esq., Architects. 3s. cloth.


C. Cox, 12, King William Street, Strand. (716) COLDEN DREAMS and WAKING REALITIES; being the Adventures of a Gold-Seeker in California and the Pacific Islands. By WILLIAM SHAW. Post 8vo. 9s. cloth.

Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornhill. (717)

[blocks in formation]


Just published, fcp. 8vo. 4s. 6d.


N the STATE of MAN SUBSEQUENT to the PROMULGATION of CHRISTIANITY. Part I., embracing the Period from the Birth of Christ to the Death of Constantine the Great, being No. XIX. of "Small Books on Great Subjects."

"It will be my object in the present work to trace the reciprocal effect of Christianity on the people and the laws, and of these on Christianity. I shall endeavour to give a fair view of the doctrines and customs of the Church in every century, from contemporary writers, and thus afford the reader means of judging for himself on those questions of ancient practice which are now so often mooted." AUTHOR'S PREFACE. William Pickering, 177, Piccadilly. (719)

Charmingly illustrated by TONY JOHANNOT,

Is published this day, elegantly bound, gilt edges, price 78. May be had of all Booksellers.

London: WILLOUGHBY and Co., Warwick Lane and Smithfield.

TRADE and TRAVELS in the GULF of

GUINEA, Western Africa; with an Account of the Manners, Habits, Customs, and Religion of the Inhabitants. By J. SMITH. Fcp. 3s. 6d. cloth lettered.

London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Easingwold: Thomas Gill. (721)

CONTENTS: No. 73. Ancient Rites and Mysteries. -74. Siberia and the Russian Penal Settlements.75. Harriette; or, the Rash Reply: a Tale.-76. Childhood of Experimental Philosophy.-77. Con. fucius.-78. The Temptation: a Tale.-79. Siam and the Siamese.-80. Thomas Moore. In fancy boards, 1s. 6d.

Edinburgh W. and R. Chambers. : W. S. Orr and Co., Amen Corner. Glasgow: D. N. Chambers. Dublin: J. M'Glashan. Sold by all Booksellers. (722)


being an Answer to certain Statements contained

CHAMBERS'S PAPERS for the PEOPLE. in a Pamphlet entitled "Singular Specimens of the

Volume X.

Edinburgh Practice of Criticism, John Joseph
Professor of Medicine and Botany in the University
of Edinburgh. 2d.


comprising all the principal Editions of the Greek
and Latin Classics, Translations and Commentaries,
with prices annexed. Royal 8vo. 2s. 6d. half-
morocco.-Allowed to Purchasers.
Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden. (723)

TIMETHRIFT; or, All Hours turned to

good account. Amongst other attractive features, it contains Twenty-three elegant Novelties in Crochet and Fancy Work. By Mrs. WARREN. 1 vol. royal 8vo. 3s. 6d. cloth gilt.

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans; and all Booksellers and Berlin-Wool Houses. (724)





DITION of the WORKING CLASSES.In the year 1849, the Committee of the Religious Tract Society offered Two Premiums, of £100 and £50 respectively, for the best and second-best Essays "The Present Condition of the Manufacturing and other Working Classes, so far as the same is affected by Moral Causes and Personal Character and Habits; together with the best means of promoting their Temporal and Spiritual Welfare." The following Essays were successful in obtaining the award of the adjudicators :

The GLORY and the SHAME of BRITAIN; being the Essay which obtained the Premium of One Hundred Pounds. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 242, 2s. extra cloth boards.

ING DESTITUTION; with Exemplifications from the Teaching of the Conditions of Well-being, and the Principles and Applications of Economical Science at the Birkbeck Schools. Prefaced by a Letter to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P. By WILLIAM ELLIS, Author of "Outlines of Social Economy," &c. &c. Post 8vo. 4s. cloth.

Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornhill. (725)



OUIS XIV. By G. P. R. JAMES. New 2 With


LE E MORVAN (a District of France); its
Wild Sports, Vineyards, and Forests; with
Legends, Antiquities, Rural and Local Sketches, by

DE formerly Officer of Dragoons.

Translated from the original manuscript in French by

Captain JESSE, Author of of a Half-Pay,"
"Life of Brummell," "Murray's Hand-book for
Russia," &c. &c. In one handsome volume, 8vo. 10s.
Saunders and Otley, Conduit Street. (726)


Portraits of Louis XIV. and Cardinal Mazarin.
volume, 3s. 6d.

Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden. (727)

Edinburgh Adam and Charles Black.

as a MEANS of PREVENT-ject. A large number of Manuscripts were

London: Longman and Co. (728)


BRITAIN; their existing State and its Improvement: being the Essay which obtained a Premium of Fifty Pounds. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 256, 2s. extra cloth boards. RIZE TRACTS.-The Committee also offered Premiums for Tracts on the above sub


in competition. Two of the Tracts to which Prizes have been awarded are now in the press, and will be shortly published.

A COMPANION for the WORKING CLASSES. 11s. per 100.

The TRIALS and REWARDS of LABOUR. 12s. per 100.


THE LIFE OF SIR ISAAC NEWTON. 6d. fancy paper cover; 10d. cloth boards, gilt edges.

The MONTHLY VOLUME.-Vol. 70. THE BRITISH NATION; its Arts and Manufactures. 6d. fancy paper cover; 10d. cloth boards, gilt edges. [OME TALES. 18mo. with Engravings, 1s. cloth boards.


of the Monthly Series bound in One
Volume, with Frontispiece, 1s. 6d. cloth boards.
Depositories: 56, Paternoster Row; 65, St. Paul's
Churchyard; and 161, Piccadilly.

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