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Together as the most-successful husband-and-wife duo ever, Sonny & Cher sold over 10 million singles worldwide and topped the charts in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States with original hits Baby Don't Go, Sing C'est La Vie, Little Man and, of course, 1960's anthem I Got You Babe. Their 3-million selling debut album Look At Us spent 8 consecutive weeks at #2 on the Billboard 200 and was one of 14 hit albums by the duo - the epitome of "super-couple".

Later honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for their television work, the often-controversial tabloid-favourites - whom had undisputed significance in Phil Spector's success and the folk-rock era - also put their stamp on variety show history with their much-loved 1970's The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, which received 19 Emmy Award nominations.

Due to the late-Sonny's conspicuously-crafted hits still being re-issued and played or imitated on TV shows such as The Simpsons, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory and American dad!, and Cher's outstandingly-successful career still going strong in 2016 - plus son Chaz Bono's colossal amount of column inches - the beat goes on for this legendary duo....


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†Daniel Wheway was born in England, 1991, and grew up with a keen interest in music much older than himself, especially that of legendary American artists such as Elvis Presley, Cher, Michael Jackson, Meat Loaf, Deborah Harry and Tina Turner.


He created several blogs and websites dedicated to music, with the most popular being 'Cher News', for which he wrote over 500 original articles, attracting 2,000,000 views. He produced 'The Cher Bible', a small series of books consisting of a collection of interesting ideas about Cher. 'Vol. 1: Essentials' and 'Vol. 2: Timeline' have been released.

"I have been a Cher fan since the mid-1990's, when I was about six years old. My father was watching 'Extravaganza — Live At The Mirage'. As soon as I saw Cher performing 'We All Sleep Alone', I was hooked." — The Cher bible, Vol. 1: Essentials

2018 sees the release of The Cher Bible 2018 Edition series.


Daniel has already released music guides on Blondie & Deborah Harry, Wham!, Dead Or Alive & Pete Burns and Sonny & Cher — primarily consisting of biographies, discographies and filmographies. His most recent one is of Meat Loaf.

"My major fandom came when Atomic was used on the soundtrack of 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City', the video game. I must have only been around thirteen years old. But to me, that song was, and is, phenomenal." — The Essential Guide To Blondie & Deborah Harry

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The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials: "★★★★★ I have always considered myself a super fan of the Goddess of Pop, Cher. Not until I picked up this e-book did I realize I still had so much more to learn." — Caleb W., Amazon

The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials: "★★★★★ It's like a Cher Bible, a lot of info about Cher and family in it!" — Patty A. Powell, Amazon

The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials: "★★★★★ I was really surprised how much I learned about Cher! And I thought I knew just about everything!" — Pete H., Kobo

The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials: "★★★★ Great little read for vacation!" — Michael C. Moser, Amazon

The Cher Bible, Vol. 2: Timeline: "★★★★ It's always great to catch up and remember a great American story. Cher is that story." — Michael C. Moser, Amazon

The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials & Vol. 2: Timeline "Essentials is a concise biography, discography, filmography, television, tours, awards, relationships and a Cher Q&A. Very well done. Timeline is an incredibly detailed list of facts and occurrences, month by month from 1963 to 2016." — Cher Scholar

The Essential Guide To Blondie & Deborah Harry: "★★★★★ Very accurate and detailed." — Lester C. Christianson, Amazon

The Essential Guide To Blondie & Deborah Harry: "★★★★ As a longtime Blondie fan, I was really looking forward to reading this book -- I don't think there are any other books available about the music of Blondie and it's members. It is very factual and provides much information about releases, very thorough and detailed, in chronological order. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned, and Debbie Harry's filmography being included -- a definite plus." — RonnieLava, Amazon

The Wham! Guide: "★★★★ Book letting us know what songs they made, and when, and after Wham! broke up, it talks about George's career. and the songs he wrote and sang." — lyndajean23, Amazon

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The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials 2018 Edition: "★★★★★ ...Everything you could possibly want from a Cher book. I have been a Cher fan since the sixties, and this book covers everything from then until now! Everything is mentioned! Absolutely recommend it. Brilliant work." — OGCherFan, Kobo

The Taylor Swift Fan Guide: "★★★★★ I do not know lots about Taylor Swift but this book taught me lots about this starlet." — Pete Haddie, Goodreads

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