The average number of children at school in different states of Europe and
America compared with the number of inhabitants in those states has been
given as follows;
United States.

I scholar on 4 inhab.
Pays de Vaud.


6 Wirtemburg


6 Prussia.

7 Bavaria.

10 England.

11 Austria.

13 France.

20 Ireland.

21 Poland.

78 Portugal

88 Russia.


And now I shall proceed without further delay to beg the reader to follow me with a kindly spirit to the book for which I have been thus endeavouring to solicit and prepare his attention.

* M. César Moreau.


Page 16, add, last line, after translated, (freely).

26, for perforates, read perorates.
45, for illabitur, read illabatur.

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The Entrance into London by the Thames.- The Entrance into Paris by the

Champs Elysées.-Passing by the Caserne, intermingled with cafés and salons littéraires.-The Invalides; the Tuileries; the Chamber of Deputies.

- The rue de Rivoli.—The universal movement of pleasure.—Paris not the climate of Paris.-View of an autumnal evening from the rue de la Paix. -Proverb respecting the Boulevards.

It is by the Thames that the stranger should enter London. ... the broad breast of the great river, black with the huge masses that float upon its crowded waters the tall fabrics, gaunt and drear, that line its melancholy shores—the thick gloom through which you dimly catch the shadowy outline of these gigantic forms—the marvellous quiet with which you glide by the dark phantoms of her power into the mart of nations—the sadness, the silence, the vastness, the obscurity of all things around-prepare you for a grave and solemn magificence: full upon your soul is shadowed the sombre character of “ the golden city;" deep into your thoughts is breathed the genius of the great and gloomy people, whose gloom and whose greatness are perchance alike owing to the restless workings of a stern imagination. Behold St. Katherine's Docks, and Walker's Soap Manufactory! and“ Hardy's Sbades !" Lo! there is the strength, the industry, and the pleasure

the pleasure of the enterprizing, the money-making,

— the dark-spirited people of England. “Hardy's Shades !

singular appellation for the spot dedicated to festivity!...... Such is the entrance into London by the Thames.

Let us change the scene, reader!—you are at Paris ! To enter Paris with advantage, you should enter it by the Champs Elysées; visiting for the first time the capital of a mi

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