The Making of the Humanities: Early modern Europe

Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, Thijs Weststeijn
Amsterdam University Press, 2010 - 400 pagina's

The first in a series that will provide a comprehensive comparative history of the humanities, this book focuses on the early modern period in the development of this dynamic field. Specialists in philology, musicology, art history, linguistics, and literary theory examine the intertwining nature of these various disciplines, as well as their impact on the sciences. The contributors, including the renowned scholars Floris Cohen, David Cram, and Ingrid Rowland, reveal how the humanities developed from the “liberal arts” to modern disciplines via the curriculum of humanistic schools. They go on to show how discoveries in the humanities contributed to a secular world view. This volume offers a wealth of insights for specialists and students alike.


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Over de auteur (2010)

Rens Bod is professor of cognitive science at the University of St Andrews. Jaap Maat is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Thijs Weststeijn is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Art History at the University of Amsterdam.

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