The Bee & Other Essays

J. M. Dent, 1903 - 282 pagina's
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Pagina 246 - ... have abundance of sentiment and feeling. If they happen to have faults or foibles, the spectator is taught not only to pardon, but to applaud them, in consideration of the goodness of their hearts ; so that folly, instead of being ridiculed, is commended, and the comedy aims at touching our passions without the power of being truly pathetic.
Pagina 247 - If those pieces are denied the name of comedies, yet call them by any other name, and if they are delightful, they are good. Their success, it will be said, is a mark of their merit, and it is only abridging our happiness to deny us an inlet to amusement These objections, however, are rather specious than solid. It is true, that amusement is a great object of the...
Pagina 248 - It is of all others the most easily written. Those abilities that can hammer out a novel, are fully sufficient for the production of a sentimental comedy.
Pagina 80 - ... irreparable : wherefore the cobweb was now entirely forsaken, and a new one begun, which was completed in the usual time. " I had now a mind to try how many cobwebs a single spider could furnish ; wherefore I destroyed this, and the insect set about another. When I destroyed the other also, its whole stock seemed entirely exhausted, and it could spin no more. The arts it made use of to support itself, now deprived of its great means of subsistence, were indeed surprising.
Pagina 198 - Such were the reflections that naturally arose while I sat at the Boar's Head Tavern, still kept at Eastcheap. Here, by a pleasant fire, in the very room where old Sir John Falstaff cracked his jokes, in the very chair which was sometimes honoured by prince Henry, and sometimes polluted by his immoral, merry companions, I sat and ruminated on the follies of youth ; wished to be young again : but was resolved to make the best of life while it lasted, and now and then compared past and present times...
Pagina 62 - Justice may be defined that virtue which impels us to give to every person what is his due. In this extended sense of the word, it comprehends the practice of every virtue which reason prescribes or society should expect.
Pagina 48 - ... the true use of speech is not so much to express our wants as to conceal them.
Pagina 246 - ... a new species of dramatic composition has been introduced under the name of Sentimental Comedy, in which the virtues of private life are exhibited, rather than the vices exposed; and the distresses rather than the faults of mankind make our interest in the piece. These Comedies have had of late great success, perhaps from their novelty, and also from their flattering every man in his favourite foible.
Pagina 81 - The insect I am now describing lived three years : every year it changed its skin and got a new set of legs. I have sometimes plucked off a leg, which grew again in two or three days. At first it dreaded my approach to its web, but at last it became so familiar as to take a fly out of my hand ; and, upon my touching any part of the web, would immediately leave its hole, prepared either for a defence or an attack.
Pagina 132 - Street ; it was the topic in every coffeehouse, and the burden of every ballad. We were to drag up oceans of gold from the bottom of the sea ; we were to supply all Europe with herrings upon our own terms. At present we hear no more of all this. We have fished up very little gold that I can learn ; nor do we furnish the world with herrings as was expected.

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