sentially one heart and mind can the many and that, so long as Heavenly Mercy shall find themselves represented by the breath. stoop and earthly aspiration rise, a court ings of a single spirit. We do not look, of audience for trust and prayer cannot therefore, for the presence of various be obsolete? creeds together ; we simply offer no hin. Do you ask me, then, to desist from drance to their appearing successively. the negative language of disclaimer, and And as we possess, not our own acquisi- to say positively what is the ground and tions only, but a heritage from predeces- principle of our undertaking ? reply-A sors; as we build, not for ourselves alone, church is set up to embody and preserve a but for descendants; as our society runs perfect image or ideal of human life. It through generations, constant indeed in is ultimately based upon the fact, that in their religion, but variable (may I say, each man there is a strife between his progressive ?) in their theology; we pre- reality and his conception-between his sume not to impress our own peculiarities temptations and his resolves-between on this church. We own the partnership the actual to which he descends, and the of other ages in the baptism and charac- possible to which he climbs. The theatre ter of this place, and will not forfeit our of the one we call “the world;" the refuge affinity with the ancient and the unborn of the other we call “ the church." Were to gratify the egotism of a sect. Let it not we surrendered without reserve to the be said that we want a refuge for vagueness crush of labour and the weariness of care; of conviction, an excuse for cowardice of did the voice of our kind never speak but profession. We know what we believe; we in the cries of the market and the greetlove what we believe; we plainly tell what ings of the street; were our days unmarked we believe. I am a Unitarian ; you, who by any purer chalk than the scores of bu. will meet here from week to week, are doubt- siness, and our towns unrelieved by loftier less Unitarian too; but the Society of wor- structures than the dwelling, the office, shipers, of which we are only the living and the shop,- the truest, deepest, most members, and the Church erected here, of authoritative part of our nature would be which we sball be but transient tenants, without expression, would become faint these are not to be defined as Unitarian. and latent in many, and would live but for To stamp them with such doctrinal paine, sorrow in the few with whom it could not wonld be to perform an act of posthu. die. We stand here this day to forbid that mous expulsion against many noble dead sad issue. We create bere a centre and whom it is an honour to revere; and per- shrine for our highest sentiments. This is haps to provoke against ourselves, from to be a converging point for the scattered a future age, the retribution of a like ex- lights of love and hope and faith, that come communication. In refusing to commit athwart us in the path of our cares or the our churches to a determinate system, darkness of our griefs. Here is the focus we protest against the imputation of the of our worship-without passage through least indifference to truth. We simply whose atmosphere, without refraction carry out, in affairs of religion, the rule through whose tears, no tint of glory, no which is followed in all wise endowments painted bow of promise, would ever touch for the advancement of knowledge, and pro- the leaden clouds of our experience. In visions for the administration of states. whatever way men own the authority, and Institutes of Science and halls of learning find the aliment, of these devout couvic. are created, not to sustain the theories of tions and aspirations, and associate for the tbeir day, however earnestly adopted by expression of them, there is a Church. the first founders; but in the assurance And that is specifically & Christian that Nature and the human intellect will church which accepts Jesus of Nazareth ever seek to converse together, and that a as (under the limitations of humanity) place which aids their meeting will be a the realization of this ideal, the blending welcome heritage to any age. The struc- point of historical fact and divine per. ture of Government is raised, not to pre- fection. For those who thus accept him, serve irrevocably the political doctrines, or the eye of reverence becomes fixed in coneven the constitutional traditions, which tent. The craving imagination, roving makes a nation's momentary faith ; but over the universe for constituent atoms in simple reliance on the permanent need of moral truth and heavenly beauty, is of human weakness for control, and the restrained: veneration and love can stay demand of human conscience for Law. at home, and sit at the feet of the domesAnd why may not our Churches rise, not tic prophet of this dear world. Not that in blind expectation of perpetuity for the we need, as Christians, blind our hearts present types and classifications of theo. to any fresh admirations, read history or logy, but in pure faith that God and the life with a critic's superciliousness, and human soul will ever seek each other; shut up the Pantheon of our natural homage. On the contrary, he who has most earliest, it may not prove the latest term discernment of supreme perfection, will of human civilization. I am persuaded have the quickest sense of all other good. that so it will be. For there is in the But still there will be no passionate quest soul of man “a temple not made with of objects to satiate the fever of the heart; hands," which demands and shapes forth no straining of the eye, as across a desert- the visible structure as its shell of life ; world, to detect the cooling spring; no which is ever fresh amid the change and mistake of the mocking mirage for the wreck of ages, and can build again from pure lake. He that hath drank of the the ruins of the past; indeed, the hidden living water shall never thirst again. cloister of whose worship will remain still This, and no servile self-surrender, is open, and thrill with higher strains, when the true and only “rest in the church.” time and its structures shall be no more.

In a word, then, we unite for ad. vancement of the Christian Life. The

Mr. J. B. Yates, on behalf of the whole sphere of our thought we would congregation of the Ancient Chapel of bring into harmony with the image of Toxteth-park, Mr. Wm. Rathbone, on Christ's mind : in our worship, looking behalf of the congregation of Renshawup through it to God; in our efforts of street chapel,—the Rev. Lewis Lewis, on will, lifting ever nearer to it both onr.

behalf of the congregation of Gateacre selves and the world. The scope of a chapel,—and the Rev. J. J. Tayler, of church, like the sweep of conscience, is Manchester, made brief addresses of all-comprehensive :-io perfect the life sympathy and congratulation. The personal, domestic, industrial, political, last-named gentleman said, social, I claim it all as the aim of the I am happy, my friends, that circum. heavenly law, which seeks expression stances permit me to appear among you here. And in the mere fact of associa- this day, and to express in a few words tion for this end, there is an acknowledg- how deep an interest I take, as a friend ment by each member that others can aid and a neighbour, in the impressive cerehim to perfect the highest relations of his mony which has now been performed. In life. He owns that they are not wholly at whatever light we view it, ibe foundation the disposal of his private self-will. He of a church is a solemn act: it is the comrenounces the freedom to do as he likes, mencement of a work which interests not and asks at once liberty and help to do you alone who immediately engage in it, as he ought; not liberty for bimself but the thousands scattered through soci. against others, but help from others ety far and near, who may be affected by against himself. Here, then,- that truth the silent and wide-spreading influences may keep its health,-may there ever be of spiritual power hereafter to be diffused free teaching and free learning! Here,- from this centre-& work whose stages we that duty may hold its gentleness,-may must reckon, not by years, but by generainternal provision be made that the strong tious, it may be, by centuries. These are shall help the weak; and,—that it may not grand and awful thoughts, in presence of lose its courage,-may hearty protests be which we feel ourselves but transient shauttered against external wrongs, and a wel. dows on the earth. The towers that are come to the birth of every good! Here, destined to rise from this ballowed ground, that piety may resume its divine ascend. will long survive the frail hands that rear ancy,-may only guileless worship be paid, them, and generations hence, will look and true interpreters be found of the sor. down on our graves and those of our chil. rows and aspirations of good hearts! In dren as though they were but of yester. such an attempt to organize the Christian day; generations hence, they will greet life, there is nothing exclusive; and in the pilgrim as he comes over the waters the cluster of neighbouring churches that from the Western world, with a brow un. look down upon us here, we discern only wrinkled by time, while of us the very a fraternity of coadjutors whose work,-, memories will perchance have perished, part of the same husbandry of God. -lies or at most remain, in the case of a few, as in a field our tillage cannot reach. In such a subject of dim inquiry to some curious attempt, moreover, there is nothing tem- antiquary exploring the obscurely reporary and perishable. It is insured by corded ceremonies of this day. the laws of our nature and the providence Individuals pass away, but the truths of God. Amid the imposing growth of which are expressed aud asserted by them material wealth and pride, it is not unsea- do not perish. The changes of which we sonable to remember thut temple-archi- are the subject or the occasion, attest the tecture is the oldest in the world, and to more strikingly, by the very contrasts ask, after so impressive a vindication of which they present, the identity of prinits longevity, whether, having been the ciples which are eternal. The outward garb and visible manifestation of the re- place to speak of my friend in the way ligious life alter with the condition of so- which my own feelings would prompt, ciety, but through all time the livivg heart and to which your hearts would respond. of faith and duty endures unchanged. If I know him aright, he honours most Look back on the course which your so- in others, what he would desire others ciety has run, from its origin in the fervid should most honour in him - not the earnestness of your Nonconformist fore- accidental pre-eminence of great natural fathers. They met for the worship of the powers, but that consecration of them to conscience in the plain, substantial house the service of truth and virtue in which of prayer, which was a fitting expression every earnest and faithful soul is admitof their simplicity of purpose and strength ted to an honourable competition. My of principle. Ideas and manners became belief is, that such will be the consecramore refined; the ethical theology of the tion of all his powers--that such is the 18th century gradually expelled the spi- single purpose to which he has inwardly ritual enthusiasm of the 17th ; and you dedicated the remnant of his days—that discarded the unadorned sanctuary of the endowments which God has entrusted your ancestors, for a temple whose chaste to him, will be devoted with a religious elegance was intended to symbolize your fidelity and reverence to the assertion of calmer piety and more pbilosophical be- great principles, to the patient investigalief. Another change has come on. Ex- tion of truth, to the fearless enforcement clusion has thrown down its barriers, and of duty, and to the diffusion over every persecution has cast away its rod; and sphere of human affection and endeavour you feel yourselves at liberty to go back of the pure and loving spirit of Christ. into the broad bighway of traditional as- With such objects, the ministry of far sociation, and adopt those venerable forms inferior men must be blessed in its final which the devout feeling of centuries has result. With him, I cannot doubt that consecrated to the service of God. On the harvest will be abundant. Will he the broad ground of equal liberty, and in accept my fervent prayers and best wishes the clear light of legal recognition, you for his future success and happiness ? can lift up your front unabashed to hea. May he long be spared to carry on the ven, and clothe the truth that you love, in noble and arduous work which he has the reverend comeliness which is her pro- taken on him! And when, in God's apper attire. Your faith has thus subsisted pointed time, his active intellect must in various outward forms. As it has out- pause for a brief interval of rest, ere it grown one, it has put on another.--Allow take up its career anew in heaven, may me to express one wish for you, my friends: he quit this scene of earthly labour, fol. it is this--that all which was noble and lowed into his retirement by the grateful generous and true in the principles of reverence of many sympathizing hearts, your brave forefathers, their high trust in and leave behind him other minds, quickGod, their zeal for liberty, their unswerv- ened by his words into fruitfuluess and ing adhesion to principle -- those great power, to work with God through coming and glorious qualities which have made generations for the advancement and pertheir age the martyr and heroic age of fection of humanity! our country's history — may subsist in you and your descendants unimpaired, dren of Manesty-lane schools ; the con,

A hymn was then sung by the chilunchanged, through that new period of

cluding benediction was pronounced congregational existence on which you are about to enter,—not relaxed into compro- ministers and gentlemen officiating, ad

by Mr. Martineau ; and the committee, mise with fashionable error, nor weak. journed to the house of Mr. Bolton, ened into indifference towards unpopular Great George Square, to partake of truth, but drawn out into a largeness of refreshment which he had provided for application, and sublimed into a spiritu

them. ality of conception, which their narrower intelligence could not grasp, and their love, genuine thongh not expansive, hem- Opening of the New Unitarian Chapel, med in as it was by the prejudices of

Sheffield. their age, did not allow them to embrace. The ancient Presbyterian chapel of

I have a deeper reason for satisfaction this town, built in the year 1700, has at being present on this occasion. I re- for some time been unsuitable in apjoice thus publicly to express my affec. pearance and arrangement to the wants tionate regard for my friend and brother, of the congregation and the general your excellent minister-my sympathy style of ecclesiastical buildings in the with his spirit, my interest in his labours. neighbourhood. Last year a plan was It is not for me at this time or in this agreed to for the renewal of the chapel VOL. IV.

3 B

on the same site, retaining a portion of rious cornices; in addition to which the ancient walls. It has now been there is placed in each principal comcompleted. The following is a descrip- partment a centre piece of ornamental tion of what has been done. The style plaster work. of architecture is Italian, simple and The new chapel was opened on Sunplain in its details. The principal front, day, May 21st. An overflowing conwhich is built of cleansed stone, is di- gregation attended the service, which vided into three compartments, the cen- was conducted by Rev. Dr. Monttre one being composed of an Ionic gomery, of Belfast, who preached a masportico, of four columns, over which terly exposition of Unitarian opinions. there is a group of circular-headed win. In the evening, the service, which was dows, finished with composite pilasters again crowded, was conducted by Rev. and moulded archivolts. This com- Dr. Beard, who delivered an interesting partment has a slight projection, and, and beautiful discourse; his subject at the altitude of the building, is sur- being, the Practical Beneficence of mounted by a pediment. The wings Jesus Christ a Proof of the Divinity of on each side of the centre compartment his Mission. Collections were made have two windows, finished with dress which amounted to £90. On the folings, corresponding with the centre, lowing Sunday, the services were to and in size and form in unison with the be conducted by Rev. Charles Wickwindows in the flanks, of the chapel. steed and Rev. George Harris. The The flanks of the chapel have been cost of the rebuilding has been nearly raised eight feet higher than those of £2000, of which sum about £1250 has the former edifice, and are surmounted been raised, and a plan has been agreed or crowned with a bold architrave to by which it is hoped that the debt moulding, frieze and dentilled cornice, will be paid off by 1852. There is, we which runs on one level around all the are pleased to learn, a prospect that the outer walls of the building, with the substance of Dr. Montgomery's sermon exception of the pediment in the prin- (which was delivered extempore) will cipal front. The entrance to the inte- be given to the public through the rior is by two doors from the portico, press. which open into a vestibule extending On Monday, May 22nd, the opening the length of the chapel front, and hav- was celebrated by a splendid Soirée in ing at each extremity stone staircases that beautiful apartment, the Cutlers' leading to the gallery. The body of Hall. About 400 ladies and gentlemen the chapel is divided into three com- met on the occasion, under the very partments by two aisles, commencing able and eloquent presidency of Rev. at the entrances and terminating on B. T. Stannus, the minister of the coneach side of the pulpit and communion- gregation. Additional interest and imtable. The columns supporting the portance were given to the meeting by gallery are of a light composite order, the presence of the ministers constiand are set five feet back from the line tuting the Midland Counties, &c. Uniof the gallery front, by which arrange- tarian Association, viz., Revds. Benment the outer part of the ceiling under jamin Carpenter, of Nottingham; A. the gallery is coned upwards, and, being Jones, of Derby; R. L. Lloyd, of Belfinished in moulded panels, gives light- per; J. Hunter, of Chesterfield; T. C. ness to the interior, and affords a view Holland, of Loughborough ; P. Wright, of the minister from every part of the of Stannington; J. Brettell, of Rotherbody of the chapel. The gallery is ham, &c. There were also present, elliptical on the plan, with radiating Rev. Drs. Montgomery and Beard, E. pews. The space over the vestibule is Higginson, J. Malcolm, of Boston, R. fitted up for the children of the schools B. Aspland, &c. The proceedings lasted connected with the chapel. The pulpit from five till eleven o'clock, and were stands in the elliptical well, formed by of a deeply interesting character. Again the gallery front at the opposite end of and again was the sentiment uttered, the chapel. In the elipse, on each side and received with the approbation of of the pulpit there are two chequered the meeting, that Unitarianism was glass windows, with stained glass mar- chiefly valuable as it was an exposition gins, finished with ornamental pilasters of Christianity, and that its office was and an enriched arch, which forms the to protect the pure and simple, but front of the organ loft and orchestra. miraculously attested, religion of Christ The ceiling of the chapel is divided by equally from the corruptions of supermouldings into parallelograms, having stition and the assaults of infidelity. three sunk panels ornamented with va- On the following morning, the Midland Counties Association held its anni- schools. He concluded by calling on versary. The devotional service was Mr. Wright to introduce the subject of conducted by Rev. Noah Jones, and the evening discussion, viz., “What the sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. means will be found most useful for Montgomery. It was a fine specimen raising up an efficient body of Teachers of his bold, outspeaking style. His text in our schools ?" An interesting diswas Luke xiv. 28-33, and his subject cussion ensued, which was unfortuwas an estimate of the hindrances to nately interrupted at an early hour by the progress of pure, liberal views of the departure of the trains. Various Christian Truth. There was again a plans were suggested, such as teachers' fine congregation assembled, and it in- meetings, adult classes, mutual - imcluded persons of various religious opi- provement classes, temperance socie. nions.

ties, &c., by means of which the elder We may offer our best congratula- scholars might be led to feel an intions to our friends in Sheffield on the creasing interest in the schools, and very happy prospects of their congre- ultimately become teachers. Many of gation.

those who spoke dwelt on the need of cultivating a devotional spirit amongst

teachers and elder scholars, and holding Manchester District Sunday-School Asso

meetings for this purpose. Frequent ciation.

mention was made, with great regret, The third annual meeting of the Man- of the fact that so few of the betterchester District Sunday-School Asso- educated members of our congregations ciation was held at Bury, on Easter took any part in the schools. Monday, April 24th, Samuel Robinson, The Chairman, in some concluding Esq., in the chair. The meeting com- observations, bore testimony to the menced at three o'clock in the after- great delight and personal improvement noon, when the report of the Com- which he had derived from his con, mittee was read and other business nection with Sunday-schools. He transacted. It appeared from the re- urged the necessity of limiting the port that six schools, containing 928 number of pupils in proportion to the scholars and 210 teachers, had con- number of teachers, and dwelt on the nected themselves with the Association importance of the ministers of the variduring the year, and that in the twenty ous congregations paying particular atschools which belonged to the Asso- tention to the adult classes, and thus ciation previously, there were 4379 helping to train up a number of wellscholars and 643 teachers, being an in- qualified teachers. crease, during the year, of 75 scholars, Mr. Howorth having taken the chair, and a decrease of 19 teachers. The Dr. Beard gave an account of a class report of the Committee referred to the which he holds in connection with his establishment of the Sunday - School congregation and Sunday-school, and Penny Magazine, and dwelt at consi- concluded by proposing a vote of thanks derable length on the advantages which to Mr. Robinson. The proposition would result from a systematic plan of having been seconded by Mr. Thornvisiting the schools in the neighbour ley, and warmly responded to by all hood. In accordance with the sugges- present, the meeting was closed with tion of the Committee, several Visitors prayer. were appointed, who are willing, as far The next annual meeting of the Asas they are able, to visit any school to sociation will be held at Strangeways, which they may be invited. It is hoped when Dr. Beard will read a paper on that, in connection with their visits, the following subject: “The best way separate meetings of teachers and pa- to make the Bible useful in Sundayrents may occasionally be held. school education.” In conformity with

Shortly after five o'clock, tea was the strong desire which has been exprovided in the school-room under pressed, the Committee intend to make the chapel, after which the meeting arrangements for the holding of reliwas resumed. Mr. Robinson, on again gious services in connection with the taking the chair, alluded to the forma future meetings of the Association. tion of the Society and the purposes for which it was established. He referred to some of the defects of Sunday

Southern Unitarian Fund Society. schools, and particularly pointed out The annual meeting of the Southern the advantages that would accrue to Unitarian Fund Society was held at them from the establishment of day- Portsmouth on Good Friday, April 21,

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