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The illustrated book gives historical and cultural background of major holidays around the world. Introduces major world carnival, festivals and parades. Where is the best time to spend February?. What nation celebrates Durga Puja in September?. What are major film festivals around the world?. Do you know what is celebrated on March 8, and where?. When is Vietnamese New Year, and how is it celebrated?. Educate yourself about world celebrations, observations, parades, carnivals, festivals and holidays. Use your down time to read about your favorite holidays. Table of Contents. Index By Month A-Z Index. Holidays: Overview National Holidays International Labour Day Flag Day Independence Day Republic Day Federal holiday (USA) Unofficial New Year Secular Holidays List Holidays of Japan Chinese Holidays. Religious Holidays: Christian Buddhist Muslim Jewish Hindu Bahi'' Celtic/Pagan/Neopagan. Festivals: Overview Arts Festival Beer Festival Literary Festival Film Festival Music Festival Food Festival Religious Festival Sand Festival Theatre Festival Hot air balloon festivals LGBT Festivals Storytelling festival New Media art festivals Renaissance fair. by Country: Australia Romania Iran Canada United States United Kingdom Hindu China Japan. Carnivals: Overview History Around the world: Cities Europe Latin America North America & Australia Carnivals List Parades Parties. About Calendars: Liturgical year Gregorian calendar Roman Catholic calendar of saints Islamic Calendar Buddhist Calendar Hebrew Calendar Chinese Calendar"

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