A Survival Acre: 50 Northeastern Wild Foods & Medicines : a Basic Guide

Chauncy Press, 1 jan 1985 - 43 pagina's
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Eat Free for Life on One Acre of Land! -- Yes, you read that right. Skeptical? The Author of this book did it for years. Author Linda Runyon was raised during summers at Nirvana Lodge, a tourist camp owned by her grandparents. As an adult, returning to Indian Lake from the Jersey shore seemed the natural thing to do. Homesteading in the Adirondack Mountains without modern conveniences, seeking wild foods, cooking outdoors & learning basic Native American ways became the beginning of "A SURVIVAL ACRE." There are literally hundreds of plants to choose from when selecting food sources. However, the 50 Survival foods listed here seem to be the most prevalent, and are found naturally throughout the Adirondacks, the country & the world. A few are unique to the East or the West United States. These 50 form the basis of an "Environmentarian" diet, and these staples nourish a body well and give great health. (An environmentarian is one who eats from their environment.) Linda has sold tens of thousands of these books. She was featured in People Magazine and has demonstrated her skills using wild foods on National TV. 52 pages long. A great beginning primer for the Wild Food way, this book has enjoyed great success from its first publication in 1985.

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