Healing Fire of Christ: Reflections on Modern Miracles-- Knock, Lourdes, Fatima

Ignatius Press, 1 jan. 2003 - 260 pagina's

What are miracles? Why do miracles happen? Do miracles still happen? The subject of miraculous activity is one that has compelled believers for millennia. This book describes and recounts some of the most fascinating stories that have taken place not on the dusty pages of some centuries-old manuscript, but here and now in our own modern world.

Fr. Paul Glynn, a Marist priest, takes the reader on a trip around the world to the sites of miraculous happenings, including healings, apparitions and conversions, including Lourdes, Knock, and Fatima. Through personal accounts and meticulous studies, he is able to show solid evidence and proof of God's work in our lives. These inspiring stories will enhance the reader's faith as well as provide a bastion of comfort for those in doubt. Illustrated with many photos.


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Foreword by Bishop David Cremin Introductory Notes
Marie KerslakeAnd Dr Wests Bitter Pills
Marion CarrollKnock Sunday September 3 1989
Peader ClarkeMary Youre Not Listening
John TraynorGallipoli Liverpool and Lourdes
Brother LeoThe AccidentProne Swiss
Serge PerrinI Went to Learn How to Die
Dr Alexis CarrelA Nobel Laureates Unplanned Search for
Pierre de RudderLourdes MostDiscussed Miracle
Gabriel GargamThe Corpse That Walked
…mile ZolaFrightful Pain
Exposing a Zola FictionThree People of Straw
Fatima 1917Miracle of the
Healing Fire from Frozen Earth
Fire in the BellyA Challenge to Priests
Immaculate ConceptionThe Triumph of Faith

Healing of Small Children
A Jewish TestimonyAnd the Child Pascal
Jeanne FretelPoor Girl Shes Dead
Acknowledgments Notes

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Over de auteur (2003)

Fr. Paul Glynn is a Marist priest who served as a missionary in Japan for twenty-five years. He has written five other books including A Song for Nagasaki and Healing Fire of Christ

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