I tell you that which you yourselves do know; 1

THE EXECUTION OF MONTROSE. Show you sweet Cæsar's wounds, poor, poor dumb mouths,

James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, was executed in EdinAnd bid hom nool for me. but were I Brutus burgh, May 21, 1650, for an attempt to overthrow the Common. And bid them speak for me : but were I Brutus,

wealth, and restore Charles II.)
And Brutus Antony, there were an Antony
Would ruffle up your spirits, and put a tongue Come hither, Evan Cameron !
In every wound of Cæsar, that should move

Come, stand behind my knee-
The stones of Rome to rise in mutiny.

I hear the river roaring down

Toward the wintry sea.
Here is the will, and under Cæsar's seal : There's shouting on the mountain-side,
To every Roman citizen he gives,

There 's war within the blast -
To every several man, seventy-five drachmas. Old faces look upon me,
2 Cit. Most noble Cæsar ! — we'll revenge Old forms go trooping past.
his death.

I hear the pibroch wailing 3 Cit. O royal Cæsar !

Amidst the din of fight, ANT. Hear me with patience.

And my dim spirit wakes again
CITIZENS. Peace, ho !

Upon the verge of night.
Ant. Moreover, he hath left you all his walks,
His private arbors, and new-planted orchards,

'T was I that led the Highland host On this side Tiber; he hath left them you,

Through wild Lochaber's snows, And to your heirs forever, - common pleasures,

What time the plaided clans came down To walk abroad, and recreate yourselves.

To battle with Montrose. Here was a Cæsar! when comes such another?

I've told thee how the Southrons fell i Cit. Never, never! -- Come away, away!

Beneath the broad claymore, We 'll burn his body in the holy place,

And how we smote the Campbell clan And with the brands fire the traitors' houses.

By Inverlochy's shore. Take up the body.


I've told thee how we swept Dundee,

And tamed the Lindsays' pride ;

But never have I told thee yet

How the great Marquis died.
BEHOLD, I have a weapon ;

A traitor sold him to his foes ; —
A better never did itself sustain

O deed of deathless shame! Upon a soldier's thigh : I have seen the day,

I charge thee, boy, if e'er thou meet That, with this little arm and this good sword,

With one of Assynt's name — I have made my way through more impediments

Be it upon the mountain's side, Than twenty times your stop :- but, ( vain

Or yet within the glen, boast !

Stand he in martial gear alone, Who can control his fate? 't is not so now.

Or backed by armed men Be not afraid, though you do see me weaponed ;

Face him as thou wouldst face the man Here is my journey's end, here is my butt,

Who wronged thy sire's renown ; And very sea-mark of my utmost sail.

Remember of what blood thou art,
Do you go back dismayed ? 't is a lost fear ;

And strike the caitiff down !
Man but a rush against Othello's breast,
And he retires : - where should Othello go? -
Now, how dost thou look now ? O ill-starred |

They brought him to the Watergate,

Hard bound with hempen span, Pale as thy smock ! when we shall meet at compt,

As though they held a lion there, This look of thine will hurl my soul from heaven,

And not a 'fenceless man. And fiends will snatch at it. Cold, cold, my girl?

They set him high upon a cart Even like thy chastity - 0, cursed slave !

The hangman rode below -Whip me, ye devils,

They drew his hands behind his back,
From the possession of this heavenly sight!

And bared his noble brow.
Blow me about in winds ! roast me in sulphur! Then, as a hound is slipped from leash,
Wash me in steep-down gulfs of liquid fire ! - They cheered the common throng,
O Desdemona ! Desdemona ! dead ? 0! 0! And blew the note with yell and shout,

And bade him pass along.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

In the morning, as he entered the hall,

THE SACK OF BALTIMORE. Where his picture hung against the wall,

[Baltimore is a small seaport in the barony of Carbery, in South A sweat like death all over him came,

Munster. It grew up around a castle of O'Driscoll's, and was, after For the rats had eaten it out of the frame.

his ruin, colonized by the English. On the zoth of June, 1631, the crews of two Algerine galleys landed in the dead of the night,

sacked the town, and bore off into slavery all who were not too old, As he looked, there came a man from his farm,

or too young, or too fierce, for their purpose. The pirates were He had a countenance white with alarm : steered up the intricate channel by one Hackett, a Dungarvan fish

erman, whom they had taken at sea for the purpose. Two years “My lord, I opened your granaries this morn,

after, he was convicted of the crime and executed. Baltimore never And the rats had eaten all your corn."

recovered from this.) Another came running presently,

| The summer sun is falling soft on Carbery's And he was pale as pale could be.

hundred isles, “Fly! my lord bishop, fly!" quoth he,

The summer sun is gleaming still through “Ten thousand rats are coming this way,

Gabriel's rough defiles, — The Lord forgive you for yesterday !".

Old Inisherkin's crumbled fane looks like a

moulting bird ; "I'll go to my tower in the Rhine," replied he ; And in a calm and sleepy swell the ocean tide is "'T is the safest place in Germany, —

heard : The walls are high, and the shores are steep, The hookers lie upon the beach ; the children And the tide is strong, and the water deep."

cease their play ;

The gossips leave the little inn ; the households Bishop Hatto fearfully hastened away ;

kneel to pray ; And he crossed the Rhine without delay,

And full of love and peace and rest, – its daily And reached his tower, and barred with care

labor o'er, — All the windows, doors, and loop-holes there.

Upon that cosy creek there lay the town of Balti. He laid him down and closed his eyes,

more. But soon a scream made him arise ;

A deeper rest, a starry trance, has come with He started, and saw two eyes of flame

midnight there; On his pillow, from whence the screaming came. No sound, except that throbbing wave, in earth He listened and looked, – it was only the cat ;

or sea or air. But the bishop he grew more fearful for that,

| The massive capes and ruined towers seem conFor she sate screaming, mad with fear,

scious of the calm ;

The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing At the army of rats that were drawing near.

heavy balm. For they have swum over the river so deep, So still the night, these two long barks round And they have climbed the shores so steep,

Dunashad that glide And now by thousands up they crawl

Must trust their oars — methinks not few – To the holes and the windows in the wall.

against the ebbing tide.

0, some sweet mission of true love must urge Down on his knees the bishop fell,

them to the shore, — And faster and faster his beads did he tell,

They bring some lover to his bride, who sighs in As louder and louder, drawing near,

Baltimore! The saw of their teeth without he could hear.

| All, all asleep within each roof along that rocky And in at the windows, and in at the door,

street, And through the walls, by thousands they pour ;

And these must be the lover's friends, with gen. And down from the ceiling and up through the

tly gliding feet. floor, From the right and the left. from behind and A stitled gasp! a dreamy noise! The roof is in

a flame ! before, From within and without, from above and be

From out their beds, and to their doors, rush

maid and sire and dame, low, And all at once to the bishop they go.

And meet, upon the threshold stone, the gleam.

ing sa bre's fall, They have whetted their teeth against the stones, And o'er each black and bearded face the white And now they pick the bishop's bones ;

or crimson shawl. Thev anawed the flesh from every limb.

The yell of “ Allah !” breaks above the prayer For they were sent to do judgment on him!

and shriek and roar — ROBERT SOUTHEY. 10 blessèd God ! the Algerine is lord of Baltimore !

Then Aung the youth his naked hand against the | "T is Hackett of Dungarvan, — he who steered shearing sword;

the Algerine ! Then sprung the mother on the brand with which He fell amid a sullen shout, with scarce a passing her son was gored ;

prayer, Then sunk the grandsire on the floor, his grand-For he had slain the kith and kin of many a babes clutching wild ;

hundred there : Then fled the maiden moaning faint, and nestled Some muttered of MacMorrogh, who had brought with the child.

the Norman o'er, But see, yon pirate strangling lies, and crushed | Some cursed him with Iscariot, that day in Balwith splashing heel,

timore. While o'er him in an Irish hand there sweeps his

THOMAS DAVIS. i Syrian steel ; ! Though virtue sink, and courage fail, and misers yield their store,

There's one hearth well avenged in the sack of

PARRHASIUS stood, gazing forgetfully

Upon the canvas. There Prometheus lay,

Chained to the cold rocks of Mount Caucasus, Midsummer morn, in woodland nigh, the birds The vulture at his vitals, and the links begin to sing ;

Of the lame Lemnian restering in his flesh; They see not now the milking-maids, deserted is Andas

And, as the painter's mind felt through the dim the spring!

Rapt mystery, and plucked the shadows forth Midsummer day, this gallant rides from distant | with its far-reaching fancy, and with form Bandon's town,

And color clad them, his fine, earnest eye These hookers crossed from stormy Skull, that Flashed with a passionate fire and the quick curi skiff from Affadown.

Of his thin nostril, and his quivering lip, They only found the smoking walls with neigh. Were like the winged god's breathing from his bors' blood besprent,

flights. And on the strewed and trampled beach awhile

they wildly went, Then dashed to sea, and passed Cape Clear, and i

“Bring me the captive now! saw, five leagues before,

My hand feels skilful, and the shadows lift The pirate-galleys vanishing that ravaged Balti. / From my waked spirit airily and swist;

And I could paint the bow more.

Upon the bended heavens, - around me play

Colors of such divinity to-day. O, some must tug the galley's oar, and some

must tend the steed, This boy will bear a Scheik's chibouk, and that,

i “Ha! bind him on his back! a Bey's jerreed.

| Look ! as Prometheus in my picture here ; 0, some are for the arsenals by beauteous Darda. ( Quick, — or he faints ! - stand with the cordial nelles,

near ! And some are in the caravan to Mecca's sandy

Now, – bend him to the rack ! dells.

Press down the poisoned links into his flesh ! The maid that Bandon gallant sought is chosen And tear agape that healing wound afresh :

for the Dey, She's safe, -- she's dead, — she stabbed him in “So, – let him writhe! How long the midst of his Serai ;

Will he live thus ? Quick, my good pencil, now! And when to die a death of fire that noble maid What a fine agony works upon his brow! they bore,

Ha ! gray-haired, and so strong! She only smiled, — O'Driscoll's child, - she How fearfully he stifles that short moan ! thought of Baltimore.

| Gods ! if I could but paint a dying groan !

"T is two long years since sunk the town beneath “Pity thee! so I do! that bloody band,

11 pity the dumb victim at the altar, And all around its trampled hearths a larger But does the robed priest for his pity falter ? concourse stand,

I'd rack thee, though I knew Where high upon a gallows-tree a yelling wretch A thousand lives were perishing in thine ; is seen, -

| What were ten thousand to a fame like mine?

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