Cattle and Cattle-Breeders

Dodo Press, 2009 - 156 pagina's
William M'Combie/McCombie/MacCombie (1805-1880) Scottish agriculturist, was born at Tillyfour, Aberdeenshire, where he founded the herd of black-polled cattle with which his name is associated. He was the first tenant farmer to represent a Scottish constituency, and was returned to Parliament, unopposed, as Liberal Party Member of Parliament (MP) for the western division of Aberdeen at the 1868 general election. His works include: Use and Abuse; or, Right and Wrong, in the Relations to Labour, of Capital, Machinery, and Land (1852), Cattle and Cattle-Breeders (1867) and The Irish Land Question: Practically Considered: A Letter to the Right Honourable William Ewart Gladstone, M.P. (1869).

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