An Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia: From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time

Oliver & Boyd, 1834 - 472 pagina's

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Pagina 1 - Historical and Descriptive Account of British India. From the most Remote Period to the Present Time. Including a Narrative of the Early Portuguese and English Voyages, the Revolutions in the Mogul Empire, and the Origin, Progress, and Establishment of the British Power; with Illustrations of the Botany, Zoology, Climate, Geology, and Mineralogy.
Pagina 428 - To sum up their character in a few words," concludes the same judicious author, "their vices are revenge, envy, avarice, rapacity, and obstinacy; on the other hand, they are fond of liberty, faithful to their friends, kind to their dependents, hospitable, brave, hardy, frugal, laborious, and prudent; and they are less disposed than the nations in their neighborhood to falsehood, intrigue, and deceit.
Pagina 229 - I numbered the efforts it made to accomplish this object. The grain fell sixty-nine times to the ground; but the insect persevered, and the seventieth time it reached the top. This sight gave me courage at the moment, and I never forgot the lesson.
Pagina 194 - Semiramis ascended from the plain to the top of the mountain by laying the packs and fardels of the beasts that followed her one upon another.
Pagina 375 - When a Kurdish chief takes the field, his equipment varies little from that of the knights in the days of chivalry; and the Saracen who fought under the great Saladin was probably armed in the very same manner as he who now makes war upon the Persians. His breast is defended by a steel corslet inlaid with gold and silver...
Pagina 19 - My father's empire," said Cyrus to Xenophon, " is so large that people perish with cold at one extremity whilst they are suffocated with heat at the other.
Pagina 412 - ... would have left a country where every movement originates in the government or its agents, and where the -people absolutely go for nothing ; and he would find himself among a nation where the control of the government is scarcely felt, and where every man appears to pursue his own inclination undirected and unrestrained.
Pagina 163 - Parsees do not tolerate polygamy, unless the first wife prove barren ; nor do their laws allow concubinage. They cannot eat or drink out of the same vessel with one of a different religion, nor are they fond even of using the cup of another, for fear of partaking of his sins. Their religion, however, admits of proselytism. They have no fasts, and reject every thing of the nature of penance.
Pagina 5 - HISTORICAL and DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT of PERSIA, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time : With a detailed View of its Resources, Government, Population, Natural History, and the Character of its Inhabitants, particularly of the Wandering Tribes ; including a Description of AFGHANISTAN and BELOOCHISTAN. By JAMES B. FRASBR, Esq., Author of " Travels in Khorasan," " A Tour through the Hunila," &C.— 2d Edition — In one volume.
Pagina 394 - The looks, words and even the movements of the body are all regulated by the strictest forms. When the King is seated in public his sons, ministers and courtiers stand erect, with their hands crossed and in the exact place belonging to their rank. They watch his looks and a glance is a command. If he speaks to them, you hear a voice reply and see the lips move, but not a motion or gesture betrays that there is animation in the person thus addressed.

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