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First book, with vocabularies appended Second and third books bound together, with copious vocabularies appended, and including sea and engineering-terms Second, third, and fourth books in one vol. Fourth book, or direct preparation for competitive or other examinations, with questions and foot-notes

Complete course (in the press)

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LONG experience in tuition in England, as well as in France, and a minute observation of the analogies and contrasts of the two languages, in pronunciation, in structure, and in idiom, have led the author of this course to hope that he may be able to remove many of the impediments which stili obstruct the progress in the study of French.

He has felt that, in acquiring a living language, accuracy of knowledge is of the greatest value, mainly as the foundation for facility in the practice of it; and he has therefore, throughout the work, endeavoured to conduct the student with ease, by clear and precise rules and by simplicity of explanation, from the very rudiments to the most difficult parts of the language.

His work, already adopted in some Government schools, as the most complete on the subject, has been carefully revised in this second edition, and is submitted again to the public in the hope that it will be found of some value in extending, by facilitating, the knowledge of the French language in this country.

F. Q.

THIS course is divided into four books :—

The first treats of the principles of pronunciation, which, in the opinion of the author, ought to be first well known and understood, and of the various elements of the French language considered in their simplest forms.

The second commences with special directions for translating English into French, then deals especially with the irregular, reflective, and unipersonal verbs, and ends with remarks on the use of adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions.

The third book has two parts :

The first treats of the government of verbs in relation to nouns and pronouns, of the subjunctive mood, the participles, and colloquial style.

The second offers a full exposition of the idioms, and a finishing series of free exercises written partly in French, partly in English, on the proper use of tenses.

At the end of book second will be found vocabularies giving not only the meaning of words used in upwards of 250 exercises, but also the gender of every noun, the signification of many sea and engineering-terms, and a list of sea-phrases.

The fourth book is entirely devoted to a direct preparation for competitive or other examinations, being in fact, not only a chosen compilation from papers and questions already given in French examinations, but also a selection of papers and questions which might be set for the same purpose, with foot-notes for words not included in the vocabularies, or peculiar turns.

This book contains 100 essays written partly in French, partly in English, to which has been added a last series of twenty essays on nautical subjects for the sake of students preparing for sea.

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