A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and Her People, Volume 2

Lewis Publishing Company, 1908

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Pagina 11 - While Great Britain encourages in America the manufactures of pig and bar iron by exempting them from duties to which the like commodities are subject when imported from any other country, she imposes an absolute prohibition upon the erection of steel furnaces and slit-mills in any of her American plantations. She will not suffer her...
Pagina 30 - ... by the union of the oxygen of the air with the carbon of blood, of which these impurities are made up, are thrown off in the form of carbonic acid.
Pagina 1 - The vapour of the fire wasteth his flesh, And he fighteth with the heat of the furnace: The noise of the hammer and the anvil is ever in his ears, And his eyes look still upon the pattern of the thing that he maketh ; He setteth his mind to finish his work, And watcheth to polish it perfectly...
Pagina 274 - That all persons in this Province and Territories thereof, having children, and all guardians and trustees of orphans, shall cause such to be instructed in reading and writing, so that they may be able to read the Scriptures and to write by the time they attain to twelve years of. age...
Pagina 233 - Clergy, instead of having our very names connected with a fallen Church. Instead of offering a rich, and extensive plunder to every sectarian missionary, we should have had the first and highest station among the Christian Societies of the West.
Pagina 326 - At Captain Crawford's all day. Went to see a coal mine, not far from his house, on the banks of the river. The coal seemed to be of the very best kind, burning freely, and abundance of it.
Pagina 327 - I was truly astonished, now that I had entered the hydrographical basin of the Ohio, at beholding the richness of the seams of coal, which appear everywhere on the flanks of the hills and at the bottom of the valleys, and which are accessible in a degree I never witnessed elsewhere. The time has not yet arrived, the soil being still densely covered with the primeval forest, and manufacturing industry...
Pagina 11 - The house of commons readily resolved that " the erecting manufactories in the colonies tended to lessen their dependence ; " and, under pretence of encouraging the importation of American lumber, they passed a bill having the clause, " that none in the plantations should manufacture iron wares of any kind out of any sows, pigs, or bars whatsoever.
Pagina 326 - The camp moved two miles to Coal run. This run is entirely paved in the bottom with fine stone coal, and the hill on the south side of it is a rock of the finest coal I ever saw. I burnt about a bushel of it on my fire...
Pagina 274 - That all children within this province, of the age of twelve years, shall be taught some useful trade or skill, to the end none may be idle; but the poor may work to live and the rich, if they become poor, may not want.

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