The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, Volume 1

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1832
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Pagina 427 - Each of us thought the other weaker in intellect than himself, and more in need of advice and assistance.
Pagina 425 - Had my own life alone been threatened, I would not have purchased it by such a measure ; but I considered myself as intrusted also with the protection of Hepburn's, a man, who, by his humane attentions and devotedness, had so endeared himself to me, that I felt more anxiety for his safety than for my own.
Pagina 422 - Such news could not fail to create despondency. All were shocked at the emaciated countenances and hollow voices of Dr Richardson and his companion, while Captain Franklin and his fellowsufferers, having become gradually accustomed to the dreadful effects of famine upon each other, were not aware that, to the eyes of their friends who had just arrived, the alteration upon themselves was equally melancholy. " The doctor," says Franklin, " particularly remarked the sepulchral tone of our voices, which...
Pagina 472 - WE come ! we come ! and ye feel our might, As we're hastening on in our boundless flight, And over the mountains and over the deep Our broad, invisible pinions sweep, Like the spirit of Liberty, wild and free ! And ye look on our works, and own...
Pagina 425 - Thinking that the gun had been discharged for the purpose of cleaning it, he did not go to the fire at first ; and when Michel called to him that Mr. Hood was dead, a considerable time had elapsed. Although I dared not openly to evince any suspicion that I thought Michel guilty of the deed, yet he repeatedly protested that he was incapable of committing such an act, kept constantly on his guard, and carefully avoided leaving Hepburn and me together. He was evidently afraid of permitting us to converse...
Pagina 322 - Ricks, 14 Ark. 286. Of the time of the rising and setting of the sun and moon.
Pagina 538 - THE TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES OF ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT ; being a condensed Narrative of his Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia: together with Analyses of his more important Investigations. By w MACGILLIVRAY AM Intcratttif World In 2 vols.
Pagina 138 - There are but two things which, in my opinion, can reasonably deprive us of this cheerfulness of heart. The first of these is the sense of guilt. A man who lives in a state of vice and impenitence, can have no title to that evenness and tranquillity of mind which is the health of the soul, and the natural effect of virtue and innocence.
Pagina 424 - I discovered that the shot had entered the back part of the head, and passed out at the forehead, and that the muzzle of the gun had been applied so close as to set fire to the night-cap behind.
Pagina 424 - Hepburn afterwards informed me that previous to the report of the gun Mr. Hood and Michel were speaking to each other in an elevated angry tone ; that Mr. Hood being seated at the fire-side, was hid from him by intervening willows, but that on hearing the report he looked up, and saw Michel rising up from before the tent-door, or just behind where Mr. Hood was seated, and then going into the tent. Thinking that the gun had been discharged for the purpose of cleaning it, he did not go to the fire...

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