TO THE HONORABLE THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK: The Trustees of the State Library respectfully present this their Fifty-first Annual Report.

At the close of the year 1867, the whole number of volumes in the Library was,


Of which there were in the general library,....


In the law library,


At the close of the year 1868, the whole number was,..


In the general library,.


In the law library,


The additions for the last year were, to the general

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Among the additions to the general library during the past year, the trustees would make special mention of several interesting philosophical and historical works from the library of the late Professor Dean, of this city.

An unusually large number of volumes has been added to the law library, many of which are law reports of other States. The collection of American and British reports is now nearly complete, and measures are in progress for supplying the deficiencies. The library is also especially rich in its collection of common law treatises, and it is believed that the addition of two or three hundred select volumes would place it in advance of any other in the country in that department.

The boxes provided several years since for the continuation of the British patents are filled, and the trustees respectfully recommend that another special appropriation be made for this purpose.

Additional shelving is needed in the law library, and more enclosed cases for the greater security of rare and valuable works. The trustees deem it their duty to ask that the requisite means be provided for making such additions.

For the last two years the appropriations for binding have been inadequate, not having been increased to correspond with those for the purchase of books, and with the growth of the library by donations and exchanges; a large proportion of volumes from these sources being unbound or old and poorly bound. The Legislature is, therefore, respectfully requested to increase the appropriation for this purpose to two thousand dollars, in addition to providing for the existing deficiency of nearly four hundred dollars, as appears from the financial statement hereto appended.

The trustees respectfully but earnestly renew the recommendation contained in their last annual report that a joint rule of the Senate and Assembly be adopted, providing that copies of all publications issued by State authority be deposited in the library. The want of such a rule is illustrated by the fact that urgent efforts to secure a copy of the Convention Manual of 1867, for which there have been numerous calls by State officers, judges and others, were not, until within the past month, successful.

It seems reasonable that the State should place copies of all its own publications in its library.

The usual statement of cash receipts and expenditures, of books, pamphlets, maps, coins, medals, etc., acquired by donation and exchange, and of volumes catalogued and placed on the shelves of the Library, during the year 1868, is hereto appended.

Respectfully submitted, by order of the trustees,


Chancellor of the University.


The Trustees of the New York State Library in account with the several appropriations made by the Legislature for the fiscal year 1867-8.

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By balance of account for 1866-7 (overdrawn), $1,432 80

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By balance of account for 1866-7 (overdrawn), cash paid, as per vouchers,..

$455 16 1,622 06

$2,077 22

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