A Treatise of the Law Relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen: In Four Parts; I. Of the Owners of Merchant Ships; II. Of the Persons Employed in the Navigation Thereof; III. Of the Carriage of Goods Therein; IV. Of the Wages of Merchant Seamen

E. Little & Company, 1810 - 656 pagina's

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Pagina 247 - Hull (the act of God, the Queen's enemies, fire and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation of whatever nature and kind soever, save risk of boats so far as ships are liable thereto, excepted...
Pagina 532 - ... obligation shall be void and of no effect, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Pagina 586 - In the exercise of this power, congress has passed "an act for enrolling and licensing ships or vessels to be employed in the coasting trade, and fisheries, and for regulating the same.
Pagina 549 - States, and that there is no subject or citizen of any foreign prince or state, directly or indirectly, by way of trust, confidence, or otherwise, interested in such vessel, or in the profits or issues thereof...
Pagina 246 - London, (the act of God, the queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation, of whatever nature and kind soever, excepted,) unto order or to assigns, he or they paying freight for the said goods at 51.
Pagina 591 - ... as soon as the voyage is ended, and the cargo or ballast be fully discharged at the last port of delivery, every seaman or mariner shall be entitled to the wages which shall be then due according to his contract...
Pagina 292 - That no owner or owners of any ship or vessel shall be subject or liable to answer for or make good to any one or more person or persons any loss or damage which may happen to any goods or merchandise whatsoever which shall be shipped, taken in, or put on board any such ship or vessel, by reason or by means of any fire happening to or on board the said 'ship or vessel...
Pagina 554 - ... shall have been made, or of the value thereof, to be recovered, with costs of suit, of the person by whom such oath or affirmation shall have been made...
Pagina 548 - Vessels built within the United States and belonging wholly to citizens thereof; and vessels which may be captured in war by citizens of the United States and lawfully condemned as prize, or which may be adjudged to be forfeited for a breach of the laws of the United States...
Pagina 557 - ... of such ship or vessel shall forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars, to be recovered with costs of suit.

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