A Study of Spinoza

Macmillan, 1883 - 393 pagina's

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Pagina 359 - The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son : the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.
Pagina 181 - But (II. vii.) the order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of causes...
Pagina 272 - God loves himself, not in so far as he is infinite, but in so far as he can be explained...
Pagina 295 - XXIII. The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed with the body, but there remains of it something which is eternal.
Pagina 295 - Thus, although we do not remember that we existed before the body, yet we feel that our mind, in so far as it involves the essence of the body, under the form of eternity, is eternal, and that thus its existence cannot be defined in terms of time, or explained through duration.
Pagina 295 - Yet it is not possible that we should remember that we existed before our body, for our body can bear no trace of such existence, neither can eternity be defined in terms of time, or have any relation to time. But, notwithstanding, we feel and know that we are eternal. For the mind feels those things that it conceives by understanding, no less than those things that it remembers. For the eyes of the mind, whereby it sees and observes things, are none other than proofs. Thus, although we do not remember...
Pagina 337 - ... through the nature of the human mind, or in so far as he constitutes the essence of the human mind...
Pagina 328 - Deity, yet he adores his Wisdom, and expressly declares the identity of Love, ie, perfect Virtue or concentric Will, in the human Being, and that with which the supreme loves himself, as all in all.
Pagina 274 - Hence it follows that God, in so far as he loves himself, loves man, and, consequently, that the love of God towards men, and the intellectual love of the mind towards God are identical.

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