Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 13

Vols. 39-204 (1874/75-1916/17) have a section 3 containing "Abstracts of papers in foreign transactions and periodicals" (title varies); issued separately, 1919-37, as the institution's Engineering abstracts from the current periodical literature of engineering and applied science, published outside the United Kingdom.

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Pagina 298 - ... if the spirit of evil is, before the final consummation of things, to be cast down from his dominion over men and bound in the chains of a thousand years, the foretaste here of man's eternal felicity, then this system of common instruments to accomplish all the changes of social and friendly commerce will furnish the links of sympathy between the inhabitants of the most distant regions; the metre will surround the globe in use as well as in multiplied extension, and one language of weights and...
Pagina 298 - Considered merely as a labor-saving machine, it is a new power, offered to man, incomparably greater than that which he has acquired by the new agency which he has given to steam. It is in design the greatest invention of human ingenuity since that of printing.
Pagina 176 - QC A New, Revised, and considerably Enlarged Edition (the 6th), with very numerous Illustrations. 4s. 6d. cloth limp; 5s. 6d. cloth boards, gilt. 82. THE POWER OF WATER, as applied to drive Flour Mills, and to give motion to Turbines and other Hydrostatic Engines.
Pagina 176 - Treatise on the Principle and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations.
Pagina 165 - ... the principal dimensions of the Engines and Vessels, draught of water, tonnage, speed, consumption of fuel, &c. 23. The best forms for river and seagoing Steam Vessels ; with practical examples.
Pagina 169 - Practical Essays on subjects connected with Civil Engineering, such as Geology, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanic Arts, Statistics, Agriculture, &c. ; together with Models, Drawings, or Descriptions of any new and useful Apparatus, or Instruments applicable to the purposes of Engineering, or Surveying.
Pagina 170 - Institution shall be considered the property thereof, unless there shall have been some previous arrangement to the contrary, and the Council may publish the same, in any way and at any time they may think proper. But should the Council refuse, or delay the publication of such Paper, beyond a reasonable time, the Author thereof shall have a right to copy the same, and to publish it as he may think fit, having previously given notice, in writing, to the Secretary of his intention. No person shall...
Pagina 52 - Australian trade, had calculated, from the data afforded by their own business, what amount of freight and passengers would require accommodation, and it was found, that the quantity was greater than could be received by the ship just calculated. The dimensions, therefore, required to be enlarged, to meet the demand of the existing trade. Thus the traffic itself did actually fix the dimensions of the proposed large class of vessels. As to the mechanical strength of such vessels, there was no difference...
Pagina 416 - ... placed over it, so as not to produce any pressure ; the liquid, either cold or hot, was poured into an upper reservoir, whence it descended by a centre tube to beneath the lower diaphragm, and was forced upwards by the pressure through the superposed substance, every particle of which...
Pagina 166 - Descriptions of the various kinds of machinery in use in the principal shipping ports, for the shipment of coal; noticing particularly those in which the greatest expedition is combined with the least amount of breakage of the coal ; and also accounts of the means of unshipping and measuring or weighing the coal, on its arrival in port.

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