Transforming European Militaries: Coalition Operations and the Technology Gap

Taylor & Francis, 4 sep. 2006 - 192 pagina's
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A unique look at European Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC) and their implications for transatlantic co-operation in future operations.

Gordon Adams and Guy Ben-Ari identify the key requirements for improvement of Europe’s abilities as an international actor. They focus on national and collaborative, as well as existing and planned, networks. They clearly show the reader how, with the removal of the risks of Soviet invasion, European defence planners must now modify their strategies and capabilities to address new threats, both at home and overseas. They also show why future operations within international coalitions will require network-based capabilities that can interoperate.

Europe possesses a technological and industrial base adequate to supply such capabilities, and its defence strategies are gradually being modified to emphasize expeditionary forces operations within coalition settings. However, much remains to be done. This volume tackles the key challenges facing European nations who need to operate alongside each other and with their North American allies more effectively and efficiently.

This book will be of great interest to all students of European affairs and politics, international relations and military and strategic studies.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Gordon Adams is an analyst of political and military affairs for the Council on Economic Priorities. He has written widely on defense economics, including The "B-l Bomber: An "Analysis "of Its "Strategic Utility, Cost, Constituency and Economic Impact and (with Sherri Rosenthal) The Invisible Hand: Questionable Corporate Payments Overseas.

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