The Hahnemann materia medica, Deel 1


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Pagina 39 - ... pains in the left side of the head and over the left eye. Dull, heavy pains in the occiput pressing upward with a dizzy sensation.
Pagina 51 - A more correct way of judging of the resemblance is in the further development of the constitutional symptoms. We have in this remedy the rash on the skin ; then the sore throat, which has been mistaken for syphilitic ; then the periosteal pains ; then the rheumatism ; and, lastly, the diseases of the skin, chiefly of the pustular kind, which have the hard, dark scab, and leave the depressed cieatrix.
Pagina 32 - An eruption of red round spots broke out on the back, arms, and belly ; the spots then formed pustules the size of a pea, covered with a scab, which came off in a few days and left a small dry ulcer, which mostly healed up in about a fortnight, leaving a colorless depressed cicatrix (after a few davs),".
Pagina 2 - On boiling a chromate in muriatic acid mixed with alcohol, the chromic acid is at first set free, and is then decomposed, a green muriate of the oxide of chromium being generated. The only native chromate hitherto discovered is the red...
Pagina 2 - Chromate of Potassa. — The neutral chromate, from which all the compounds of chromium are directly or indirectly prepared, is made by heating to redness the native oxide of chromium and iron, commonly called chromate of iron,* with nitrate of potassa, when chromic acid is generated, and unites with the alkali of the nitre.
Pagina 3 - a gradual sinking of the powers of life, without any violent symptom, — a nameless feeling of illness, failure of the strength, slight feverishness, want of sleep, an aversion to food and drink and all the other enjoyments of life, livid;!
Pagina 33 - In the seat of a scratch, exposed to ch. sol. swelling and irregular ulcer, covered with a scab, painful on pressure, dry : this continued for months, and a hard knot moveable is felt under the skin, with an ulcerated spot like a corn. This gradually hardens, and is covered with a white skin, and remains so for months.
Pagina 40 - Inflammation of all parts of the respiratory apparatus is especially under its power, including croup, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and pleuritis. In fact, to enumerate the diseases for which it is suitable would be to mention the acute inflammations of every possible organ and tissue in the body ; and if it be not for all of these the sole remedy, it is almost always useful, either previous to or in alternation with another remedy, which has perhaps a more specific relation to...
Pagina 32 - Vesicular eruption on a red and elevated base (itching and burning much, especially when exposed to steam), in a few days becoming pustular, and in some presenting a dark point in the centre, invading hands, arms, face, back, and belly (after seven days),**.
Pagina 32 - Heat and itching of the skin, at night, in the warmth of the bed, followed by eruption on the thighs and legs, of reddish hard knots, from the size of a pin's head to that of a split pea, with a depressed dark scurf in the centre, surrounded with an inflamed base, declining in two or three days ; similar attacks recurred frequently,*2.

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