Italy: With Sketches of Spain and Portugal, Volume 1

R. Bentley, 1835

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Pagina 70 - There seemed no end to these forests, except where little irregular spots of herbage, fed by cattle, intervened. Whenever we gained an eminence, it was only to discover more ranges of dark wood, variegated with meadows and glittering streams. White clover, and a profusion of sweet-scented flowers, clothe their banks ; above waves the...
Pagina 104 - The great bronze portal opened, whilst I was standing on the steps which lead to it, and discovered the interior of the dome, where I expatiated in solitude; no mortal appearing, except an old priest who trimmed the lamps, and muttered a prayer before the high altar, still wrapt in shadows. The sunbeams began to strike against the windows of the cupola, just as I left the church, and was wafted across the waves to the spacious platform in front of St.
Pagina 182 - I reposed myself, and looked up to the cypress groves spiring above the thickets ; then, plunging into their retirements, I followed a winding path, which led me by a series of steep ascents to a green platform overlooking the whole extent of wood, with Florence deep beneath, and the tops of the hills which encircle it, jagged with pines ; here and there a convent, or villa, whitening in the sun.
Pagina 103 - ... barges, that I could scarcely distinguish a wave. Loads of grapes, peaches and melons arrived, and disappeared in an instant, for every vessel was in motion ; and the crowds of purchasers hurrying from boat to boat, formed a very lively picture.
Pagina 183 - Lucullus hard by, in one of the porticos, and to stretch myself on his purple triclinias ; but waiting in vain for a summons till the approach of night, I returned delighted with a ramble that had led my imagination so far into antiquity.
Pagina 40 - Night approaching, lights glimmered on the turrets, terraces, and every part of the strange huddle of buildings of which this morisco-looking palace is composed ; half the family were engaged in reciting the litanies of saints, the other in freaks and frolics, perhaps of no very edifying nature...
Pagina 191 - The blue-eyed myriads from the Baltic coast The prostrate South to the destroyer yields Her boasted titles and her golden fields • With grim delight the brood of winter view A brighter day, and heavens of azure hue, Scent the new fragrance of the breathing rose, And quaff the pendent vintage as it grows. Proud of the yoke, and pliant to the rod. Why yet does Asia dread a monarch's nod, While European freedom still withstands Th...
Pagina 102 - I established myself to enjoy the cool, and observe, as well as the dusk would permit, the variety of figures shooting by in their gondolas. As night approached, innumerable tapers glimmered through the awnings before the windows. Every boat had its lantern, and the gondolas, moving rapidly along, were followed by tracks of light, which gleamed and played upon the waters. I was gazing at these dancing fires, when the sounds of music were wafted along the canals, and as they grew louder and louder,...
Pagina 104 - When my first transport was a little subsided, and I had examined the graceful design of each particular ornament, and united the just proportion and grand effect of the whole in my mind, I planted my umbrella on the margin of the sea, and viewed at my leisure the vast range of palaces, of porticos, of towers, opening on every side, and extending out of sight. The Doge's palace, and the tall columns at the entrance of the Piazza of St.
Pagina 92 - Canto 7, stanza 32. and the most gorgeous flies, many of which I here noticed for the first time, were fluttering about and expanding their wings to the sun. There is no describing the numbers I beheld, nor their gaily varied colouring. I could not find in my heart to destroy their felicity ; to scatter their bright plumage and snatch them for ever from the realms of light and flowers.

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