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4, 1874



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ever, one notable exception. One name is con-

spicuously absent, and that name is-Sir Walter
CONTENTS. -1 27.

Scott's ! I do not mean that Scott is absolutely
HNOTES :-Sir Walter Scott, 1-Shakspeariana, 2Folklores the index, what was my surprise to find that

and literally unrepresented; but, on turning to
-Calomel-"Living One's Lift over Again"-Sneezing, 4-
The Flying Dutchman-“Excamgent 01d Funeral Cus amongst the two hundred and ten pieces which
toms in Cape Town—"Bonnie Dundee,” 5–Curious Treason- make up the volume, there was only a single one
able Letter-Parallel Passages, 0.

by Scott, "Jock of Hazeldean"! I at first
QUERIES:-"Built here for his envy":

"-"Ublogahell,” thought that perhaps Miss Aitken did not con-
“No when”-Falconet, the Artist-The Carmagnole
"The Pilgrim's Progress"-Rev. S. Hardy-"Newlyn

sider that Scott, although a Scottishman, wrote
Bedell of London, 8- Silver Badge-James Payzant--Mercury- distinctively Scotch poetry ; but this cannot be
water—"Pan"-"God and the King" — Zinzan Street- her reason for almost entirely rejecting him from
Dagger-cheap”-A “Water-blast, "9.

her anthology. There are at least three pieces in
REPLIES:- The Wordsworths, 9..De Quincey : Gough's the book which, although written by Scotchmen,
Fate, 10-Autograph of Burns: To Terraughty on His
Birth-Day," 11-The Jews in England-Hanging and Resus- are quite as much English as Scotch -Allan Cun-
citation, 12-Lavinia Fenton, Duchess of Bolton-Pastorini ningham's “ A wet sheet and a flowing sea," Hogg's
-"Tubar"-Latin and English Quantity-Heraldic-"Th'

Skylark," and Logan's “Ode to the Cuckoo."
berrin 's gone by," &c.—“There's somewhat,” &c., 13–Mrs.
Cowden Clarke's Sbakspeare Concordanco-Dr. William Indeed, the first of these, so far from being Scot-
bearing Serious Allasions-Plays on "Play"-Folk-Lore! Now it would be easy to name six or eight of
Dodd-Fleur de Lys="This marriage, &c Popular Verses tish, has a particularly English flavour about it.

Faws," 14 - “Markey” Young's “Night
Thoughts ”–Unsettled Baronetcies-- Selzing Corpses for Scott's lyrics which we might well expect to find
Debt, 15—Sir Thomas Strangeways-Buda-Cowper: Trooper in a coủection like Miss Aitken's—“
-Wayneclowtes : Plogh-clowtes-Swans, 16-Classical Sign-

boards Bardoll of Wirmegay." How they brought," &c. County Guy," "Soldier, rest, thy warfare o'er,"
- The Sunflower Shotten Herring - Thomas Frye O, Brignall banks are wild and fair," “ March,
"Bloody" - The Waterloo and Peninsular Medals — St.
Catherine of Sienna-Woolston Well, West Felton-Sterne march, Ettrick and Teviotdale," and the “Red
as a Poet, 17—Bar Sinister-Welsh Testament, 18. * Reginald field of Harlaw,” in the Antiquary, those glorious
Trevor : & Tale,” &c.—Arms of Milgate : Radcliffe Family, verses which, as Sir Philip Sidney said of Chevy

Chase,” stir the heart like the sound of a trumpet.
Notes on Books, &c.

Some of the above lyrics, taking lyrical poetry in
its most restricted sense, as meaning simply a song,

have perhaps never been surpassed, pt by

Shakspeare, Burns, and perhaps Tennyson in his

Princess. Miss Aitken, however, goes still further,

and says (page 6) that Allan Ramsay is the second
Mr. Gladstone, in a lecture on Scott delivered of Scotland's poets, Burns of course being the first.
at the Hawarden Literary Institution in February, Truly Mr. Gladstone knew what he was saying ;
1868, said that we did not in these days appreciate a generation has arisen which knows not Scott.
this great writer as we ought, and that newer Alas for Scotland, when an accomplished Scottish
literary fashions had for a while (but only for a lady presents her countrymen with a volume of
while) obscured his splendid fame. Mr. Glad- Scottish lyrics, and yet considers, I presume justly,
stone confessed himself a devoted admirer of that Scott is so little to their taste that she need
Scott, whom on another occasion he termed “the only include a single specimen of his verse in her
first among the sons of Scotland," and I dare book!
say he spoke the above words more in sorrow It is not too much to say that Scotland owes
than in anger. My reason for alluding to them more than half her fame to Scott, who was
now is, that I wish to point out that a recent the first to unfold the glories of her history
circumstance has gone far to prove that Mr. Glad- and the beauties of her scenery before the eyes,
stone was not speaking without book, and that not only of Britain, but of the whole civilized
Scott's sun is for a while eclipsed, although I doubt world. Yet how little, comparatively speaking,
not that ere long it will " repair the golden flood, does she appreciate him ; how coldly does she
and warm the nations with redoubled ray.” A repay " the debt immense of endless gratitude
Scottish lady, Miss Aitken, has just contributed a which she owes him ; and what a half-hearted
volume to Macmillan's “Golden Treasury Series," affair was the Scott centenary fête in 1871!
entitled Scottish Song, and this book purports But, as Mr. Gladstone said, “If we do not now
to contain "u selection of the choicest lyrics of appreciate Scott as we ought, it is our misfortune,
Scotland.” So far as I am competent to form an not his. The fashion of the moment may prefer
opinion, this selection is made with much good the newest to the best ; but as the calm order of
taste and sound judgment, and the volume quite nature is resumed after a storm, so the permanent
fulfils the promise of its title-page in giving us judgment of mankind will regain its equilibrium,
the choicest lyrical poetry of Scotland, with, bow- and will render the honours of poetical and literary

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