A Memoir of the Construction, Cost, and Capacity of the Croton Aqueduct: Compiled from Official Documents: Together with an Account of the Civic Celebration of the Fourteenth October, 1842, on Occasion of the Completion of the Great Work: Preceded by a Preliminary Essay on Ancient and Modern Aqueducts

C. King, 1843 - 308 pagina's

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Pagina 96 - Islands, for the purpose of drying their nets and. curing their ^fish; provided that in so doing they do not interfere with the rights of private property, or with British fishermen in the peaceable use of any part of the said coasts in their occupancy for the same purpose.
Pagina 124 - Burr and several other men applied for a charter for the purpose of " supplying the City of New York with pure and wholesome water," and on April 2, 1799, the bill was passed, incorporating the Manhattan company.
Pagina 109 - An act to amend chapter seven hundred twenty-four of the laws of nineteen hundred and five, entitled 'An act to provide for an additional supply of pure and wholesome water for the city of New York...
Pagina 103 - Legislature, setting forth the wants of the city, in relation to a full and ample supply of water ... ę. /. /. [New York, 1831 ?] 55 pp. 8į. A Clinton (De W.) Report [on the] sources for the supply of pure water for the City of New York; and the expense of bringing the water across Harlaem river.
Pagina 296 - Bound the aqueducts of story, As the mists of Lethe throng, Croton's waves in all their glory Troop in melody along. Ever sparkling, bright, and single, Will this rock-ribbed stream appear, When posterity shall mingle Like the gathered waters here.
Pagina 41 - Unlike our civilized ostentation, the name of the benevolent constructor never appears on these sculptured stones. The quaint Turkish adage, which serves as a rule of conduct, is well exemplified in this as well as in many other instances ; " Do good and throw it into the sea ; if the fishes don't know it, God will." " Among the hills at various distances, from fifteen to twenty miles from the city, are constructed large artificial reservoirs. These are termed bendts, a word of Persian origin, and...
Pagina 86 - Meanwhile, the aldermen and assistants were requested, "to set on foot in their respective wards representations to this Board in writing and subscribed by the citizens in order more fully to ascertain their sense whether the corporation ought to> grant to individuals the privilege of supplying the city with water or whether the same ought to be undertaken by the corporation and that the moneys necessary for the purpose should be raised by a tax on the citizens.
Pagina 185 - ... of the property of their respective counties, to be levied and collected as now provided by law for the assessment and collection of taxes, for the purpose of creating a fund for the relief of the needy blind of their respective counties.
Pagina 117 - It shall be lawful for the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of New York...
Pagina 102 - In 1832, a 12horse-power steam engine was^ installed at the well to force water through a main pipe to the reservoir.* The water was not good enough for domestic use; but the committee urged the laying of iron pipes, instead of the old-fashioned wooden pipes, arguing that when the long desired object of supplying the city with water for domestic purposes should be carried into effect, these same pipes would serve. A reluctant assent to these recommendations was wrung from the Common Council, and...

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