Brian O'Linn, Or "Luck is Everything".

Stringer & Townsend [(late Burgess, Stringer & Company)], 1849

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Pagina 188 - Respect, Master Hawthorn ! I tell you he shall marry her, or I'll disinherit him ! there's once. Look you, Tom, not to make any more words of the matter, I have brought the lady here with me, and I'll see you contracted before we part ; or you shall delve and plant cucumbers as long as you live.
Pagina 78 - Fortune unexpectedly had turned the scale against him. The pretty peasant girl was now an heiress in expectation ; and a shrine which, while it contained nought beyond its beauty and its purity, might have been approached only by the humble worshipper, would now be sought by those who before would have passed it unregarded. " If lusty love should go in search of beauty. Where would he find it fairer than in Blanche ?" and when wealth was added to it, many a suitor would claim opulence and beauty,...
Pagina 203 - Brian was fortunately saved all trouble in respect of Mr. Huggins — the Leg Lane Pet being convicted of the sailor's murder. He was executed at the Old Bailey; and, to the mortification of the fancy. died such a regular cur, that he was obliged to be carried to the gallows. His lady, to oblige the Recorder, emigrated to Australia for seven years ; but whether she picks oakum, or presides at another "Fortune of War," we cannot tell. With a brief notice of another, more sinned against than sinning,...
Pagina 197 - I jocrged his elbow, and whispered in his ear, "For God's sake, Sir, don't allude either to Tyburn or Harribee, until the settlement is signed ; and I don't even see any necessity for lugging in my grand-aunt, Janet. Miss Harley's family is not like ours. I suppose her great-grandfather died like other people's, and she might think that with us the halter is hereditary, and bolt before she affixed her sign-manual to that hundred weight of parchment." " I'll not," said the little gentleman, " touch...
Pagina 189 - Vy, it vill ruin me as a man of bisness, and the Fortune of War may jist as veil be shut up." " Well, don't make yourself uneasy about that, Ben." rejoined the Bow Street functionary. " Yes, but I ham !" returned the fighting man. " Ven customers inquires arter me, and hears I'm in the cage — vy, von't they toddle to another crib, don't you think? If so be I'm penned until the Sessions, The Fortune may go to Bath.
Pagina 194 - If this be the approved method adopted by gentlemen to declare off, it is to me absolutely incomprehensible." We looked round, — and there stood the little gentleman a lookeron — one toe gracefully protruded, and his arms what are termed akimbo. "Mr. Francis Elliott," he enquired, "by what authority have you dared to kiss my ward?
Pagina 202 - I am happy to inform you," he said, " that on the ladies' part neither let nor impediment has been offered. To-morrow you may repair to Doctors' Commons, obtain the usual license, and on the day following visit the Church of St. Paul. I see you have passed the decanters twice without diminishing their contents, and you may retire to the ladies, while we seniors talk over some matters for half an hour.
Pagina 181 - 11 jist keep her from fallin' on the floor;" — and the Pet hurried off to bring his lady to complete the work she had so skilfully commenced. Whatever the deleterious drug was which had been administered to the deluded girl, its effect was instantaneous. In a few seconds, sight, and speech, and hearing were extinguished — and when the fighting man and his villanous companion entered the room, a senseless body, the pulsations of whose heart could scarcely be detected, was upheld in the arms of...
Pagina 180 - Vy, nothing you could propose short of von thing," returned the Pet. " And, what 'a that ?" inquired the Captain eagerly. • I must know who my employer is — whether he 'sa gent, out and out — and vill he be likely to behave as sich ?" Hans Wildman started. It was a stunning proposition, and he remained silent for a moment. " Would you not trust me, Ben, to see that promises should be kept, and all be honour bright, and on the square ?" " ^y, ye seei Captain," returned the fighting man, " there...
Pagina 203 - ... assistance was obtained — the door after some delay was broken in, and Mr. Hunsgate found dead upon the carpet, with a phial of Prussic acid in his grasp. Whether intended for defence or self-destruction, lethal weapons were found in the closet in abundance ; but the discovery of several deadly poisons, beside that with which he had committed felo de se, would rather lead to a belief that for a long time, from stings of conscience or dread of detection, the unhappy wretch had contemplated suicide...

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