Social Class and the Division of Labour: Essays in Honour of Ilya Neustadt

Anthony Giddens, Gavin MacKenzie
CUP Archive, 30 dec. 1982 - 337 pagina's
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The problems of class analysis and the division of labour in industrial societies are of fundamental importance in the social sciences. Designed as a testimonial volume for Ilya Neustadt, Social Class and the Division of Labour provides a comprehensive discussion of the central issues of this debate. All the essays in this volume attempt to integrate theoretical debate and empirical investigation: some focus directly on the division of labour, considering especially Marxist views of its relation to class domination, while others are more concerned with the labour process as it currently exists in capitalist productions. The volume as a whole demonstrates forcibly that class divisions and class conflict can only be properly understood in conjunction with an elaborated analysis of the division of labour. The book represents a major contribution to class theory and analysis which will attract considerable attention amongst sociologists and economists, and become a standard textbook for undergraduates in these subjects.

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Marx and the abolition of the division of labour
Power the dialectic of control and class structuration
Managing the frontier of control
Class boundaries and the labour process
Control and resistance on the assembly line
Durkheims hidden theory of order
Work histories career strategies and the class structure
Gender inequality and class formation
peculiarities of the British
Divisions within the dominant class and British
some remarks on the British propertied
The division of labour incomes policy and industrial
The political role of the working class in Western Europe

On the service class its formation and future

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Over de auteur (1982)

Anthony Giddens, a British sociologist, was educated at Hull, the London School of Economics, and Cambridge, and is a fellow of King's College, Cambridge. His interests have been varied, but they tend to focus on questions related to the macro-order. Much of his theoretical writing deals with stratification, class, and modernity. Although he has concentrated on dynamic issues of social structure, he has also examined how social psychological concerns are part of this broader order of human relations.

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