The History of England from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second: Designed as a Continuation of Mr. Hume's History, Volume 4

T. Cadell and R. Baldwin, 1785

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Pagina 41 - The result of that inquiry was that these laws were ineffectual. Then a motion was made for leave to bring in a bill for the better ordering of the militia forces in North Britain, and, though it met with great opposition, was carried by a large majority.
Pagina 461 - Barker, to advance and burn two ships that lay close to the mouth of the harbour. They accordingly approached with great intrepidity, and met with a very warm reception from divers batteries, which they had not before perceived. Two small forts they attempted to destroy, and cannonaded...
Pagina 391 - Westminster, is acquainted with some secrets that nearly concern your safety; his father is now out of town, which will give you an opportunity of questioning him more privately. It would be useless to your grace, as well as dangerous to me, to appear more publicly in this affair. Your sincere friend, Anonymous.
Pagina 388 - They moreover, allowed a gold medal in honour of him who should compose the best treatise on the arts of peace, containing an historical account of the progressive improvements of agriculture, manufactures, and commerce in the kingdom of England, with the effects of those improvements on the morals and manners of the people, and pointing out the most proper means for their future advancement.
Pagina 322 - Luttenberg, where understanding the enemy were at his heels, he forthwith formed his troops in order of battle, his right to the Fulde, and his left extending to a thicket upon an eminence, where he planted five fieldpieces. The cavalry supported the wings in a third line, the village of...
Pagina 213 - India company, towards enabling them to defray the expence of a military force in their fettlements, to be maintained by them in lieu of the battalion of his majefty's forces, commanded by Col.
Pagina 283 - French detachment, who had likewise lost their way in the retreat from the advanced post, and a warm skirmish...

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