Court Festivals of the European Renaissance: Art, Politics and Performance

J.R. Mulryne, Elizabeth Goldring
Routledge, 5 jul 2017 - 426 pagina's
Festival culture is an area which has attracted increasing interest in the field of Renaissance studies in recent years. In part the outcome of scholars' focus on the place of the city in the establishment and dissemination of common culture, the attention paid to festivals also arises from the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, which reaches across the usual demarcation lines between disciplines such as cultural, political and economic history, literature, and the visual and performing arts. The scholars contributing to this volume include representatives from all these disciplines. Their essays explore common themes in festival culture across Renaissance Europe, including the use of festival in political self-fashioning and the construction of a national self-image. Moreover, in their detailed examination of particular types of festival, they challenge generalizations and demonstrate the degree to which these events were influenced the personality of the prince, the sources of funding for the ceremony, and the role of festival managers. Usually perceived as binding forces promoting social cohesion, festivals held the potential for discord, as some of the essays here reveal. Examining a wide range of festivals including coronations, triumphal entries, funerals and courtly spectacles, this volume provides a more inclusive understanding than hitherto of festivals and their role in European Renaissance culture.

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List of Figures
Early Modern European Festivals Politics and Performance
The Renaissance Triumph and its Classical Heritage
Court Festival and Triumphal Entries under Henri II
Etiquette and Architecture at the Court of the Last Valois
The Politics of Festivals at the Court of the Last Valois
The Financing and Material Organization of Court Festivals
Artists as Arguments in
The Funeral of Sir Philip Sidney and the Politics of Elizabethan
Cosimo I de Medici and the Theatre of Death
The Role of Music in Italian Court Festivals in the Early
Spanish Naples
Harmony and Chaos
The Theatrum for the Entry of Claudia de Medici and Federigo
The First Temporary Triumphal Arch in Venice 1557

The Two Coronations of Charles V at Bologna 1530
Charles Vs Journey through France 153940
Ephemeral Ceremonial Architecture in Prague Vienna
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