Bulletins of the campaign [compiled from the London gazette].


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Pagina 177 - ... those of your cruel advisers. His Majesty's seamen and soldiers when on shore will treat Zealand, as long as your conduct to them permits it, on the footing of a province of the most friendly Power in alliance with Great Britain, whose territory has the misfortune to be the theatre of war.
Pagina 96 - The fire of the two inner castles had, on our going up, been severe; but, I am sorry to say, the effects they have had on our ships returning, has proved them to be doubly formidable ; in short, had they been allowed another week to complete their defences throughout the channel, it would have been a very doubtful point whether a return lay open to us at all. The manner in which they employed the interval of our absence has proved their assiduity.
Pagina 285 - His Majesty feels himself under no obligation to offer any atonement or apology to the Emperor of RUSSIA for the expedition against Copenhagen. It is not for those who were parties to the secret arrangements of Tilsit, to demand satisfaction for a measure to which those arrangements gave rise, and by which one of the objects of them has been happily defeated.
Pagina 93 - ... to have occupied a situation which would have enabled the Squadron to commence offensive operations against Constantinople. On Sunday the 22d alone, for a few hours, the breeze was sufficient to have stemmed the current where we were placed ; but such was the rapidity on shore where the...
Pagina 69 - It has been much the custom to speak slightly of the resistance to be expected from the Spaniards in this country, and with confidence of the facility which has been given to naval operations, by a prior knowledge of the river : but the battles lately fought prove the former opinion to be erroneous ; and experience proves that all the information hitherto acquired had not prevented the most formidable difficulties.
Pagina 94 - ... only, as the strength of the current from the Bosphorus, with the circuitous eddies of the port, rendered it impracticable to place ships for an attack without a commanding breeze ; which, during the ten days I was off the town, it was not my good fortune to meet with.
Pagina 92 - Had it been then in our power, we should then have taken our station off the town immediately ; but as that could not be done from the rapidity of the current, I was rather pleased than otherwise with the position we had been forced to take ; for, in the conferences between Mr.
Pagina 93 - ... from day-break; but the peculiarly unsettled state of the weather, and the Minister's desire that I should give a few hours for an answer to his Letter, through Ysak Bey, prevented me from trying. Before five o'clock, PM it was nearly calm; and in the evening the wind was entirely from the eastward, and continued light airs or calm till the evening of the 28th, when it blew fresh from the NE and rendered it impossible to change our position.
Pagina 61 - Heavy as it was, our loss would have been comparatively trifling if the breach had been open, but during the night, and under our fire, the enemy had barricadoed it with hides, so as to render it nearly impracticable. The night was extremely dark. The head of the column missed the breach, and when it was approached it was so shut up, that it was mistaken for the untouched wall. In this situation...
Pagina 272 - Hersholm, and adjacents, and proceeding through a chain of Cavalry posts, reached the environs of Copenhagen in three marches. The embarkation of the Royal Artillery, with the field and battering ordnance, having been gradually carried on from the Kalk Brauderie, that of the Cavalry and Foreign Artillery in the dockyard, and that of the British Regiments from the Citadel, to the men-of-war, there...

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