Dictionary of Languages: The definitive reference to more than 400 languages

Bloomsbury Publishing, 28 okt. 2015 - 752 pagina's
Covering the political, social and historical background of each language, Dictionary of Languages offers a unique insight into human culture and communication. Every language with official status is included, as well as all those that have a written literature and 175 'minor' languages with special historical or anthropological interest. We see how, with the rapidly increasing uniformity of our culture as media's influence spreads, more languages have become extinct or are under threat of extinction. The text is highlighted by maps and charts of scripts, while proverbs, anecdotes and quotations reveal the features that make a language unique.

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Dictionary of languages: the definitive reference to more than 400 languages

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This encyclopedic dictionary offers an overview of over 400 alphabetically arranged living and extinct languages and language families. Introductory material provides background information on why ... Volledige review lezen

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a wonderful book to dip into for anyone fascinated by language. Volledige review lezen

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Over de auteur (2015)

Andrew Dalby is a historian and linguist. His languages include Sanskrit, Pali, Latin, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, German, and Burmese. He is the author of several books.

He studied classics and linguistics at St John's College, Cambridge, and gained a PhD from London University.

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