Free Parliaments, Or, An Argument on Their Constitution: Proving Some of Their Powers to be Independant [sic] : to which is Added, an Appendix, Containing Several Original Letters and Papers, which Passed Between the Court of Hanover, and a Gentleman at London, in the Years 1713 and 1714, Touching the Right of the Duke of Cambridge to Reside in England, and Sit in Parliament

D. Browne, 1731 - 322 pagina's

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Pagina 107 - Ormond's courage ; but he was not like a certain general, who led troops to the slaughter, to cause a great number of officers to be 'knocked on the head, that he might fill his pockets by disposing of their commissions.
Pagina 313 - Secret History of the Lives and Reigns of all the Kings and Queens of England, from King William the First, called the Conqueror, to the end of the Reign of the late Queen Anne.
Pagina 11 - Eighth; if all the pictures and patterns of a merciless prince were lost in the world, they might all again be painted to the life, out of the story of this king.
Pagina 122 - The apprehension that Spain and the West Indies might be united to France, was the chief inducement to begin this war...
Pagina 250 - The nature of this proposal is such, that it executes itself: the interest of Spain is to support it; and in France, the persons to whom that succession is to belong, will be ready and powerful enough to vindicate their own right. "France and Spain are now more effectually divided than ever. And thus, by the blessing of God, will a real balance of power be fixed in Europe, and remain liable to as few accidents as human affairs can be exempted from.
Pagina 211 - Be it enacted * * * that no person having any pension from the Crown for any term or number of years, either in his own name or in the name or names of any other person or persons in trust for him or for his benefit...
Pagina 208 - It declared that the election of members of Parliament ought to be free; that freedom of speech and debates in Parliament ought not to be questioned in any court or other place...
Pagina 199 - Hanover to thefe Kingdoms, being what I have neareft at Heart, particular Care is taken not only to have that acknowledged in the ftrongeft Terms, but to haVe an additional Security by the Removal of that Perfon out of the Dominions of France, who has pretended to difturb this Settlement.
Pagina 127 - As to Spain and the Indies, the succession to those dominions, after the Duke of Anjou and his children, is to descend to such prince as shall be agreed upon at the treaty, for ever excluding the rest of the House of Bourbon.
Pagina 129 - Ihould be ratified in the moft ftrong and folemn manner, both in France and Spain ; and that thofe kingdoms, as well as all the other powers engaged in the prefent war,.

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