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1164 Library has 3 nos.

392 p.

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Europe during the last year of the war of secession. Paris, Neal's
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Extra no. 24 of the Magazine of history with Notes and queries.

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and reliable narrative of the trials and sufferings endured, during his twelve months' imprisonment in Richmond and other Southern cities ... Philadelphia, Barclay & co., 1864. E61i C792.

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services held in Hagerstown Maryland., by the Synod of the Potomac, October 20, 1897, in honor of the pioneer organizer of Reformed churches in America. Prepared for the occasion by Rev. Cyrus Cort, General John E. Roller, and Rev. E. R. Eschbach, and published by request of Synod, January, 1900 . Reading, Pa., 1900. C1 S338 C82. 1176

61 D. front. (port.), illus., plates. 22cm, Corwin, Thomas. Speech of Mr. Corwin, of Ohio, in reply to General

Crary's attack on General Harrison. Delivered in the House of repre

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