Davidson, James Wood. The living writers of the South. New York, Carleton; (etc., etc.] 1869. PS261 D3.

1360 xxii, 17-635 p. 19cm. Davidson, Robert. History of the Presbyterian church in the state of Ken

tucky; with a preliminary sketch of the churches in the Valley of Vir. ginia by the Rev. Robert Davidson, D. D. ... New York, Robert Carter, 1847.

1361 xii, [13]-371 p. 2314 cm. Davidson brothers. In the Supreme court of appeals. County of Albemarle

& board of education versus the Davidson bros.; S. Miller's ex'or & others. Appeal from decrees of Circuit court of Richmond. Views of counsel for the Davidsons. [no place. no date) K108 F78 1362

92, 34 p. 23cm. Javies, Samuel, 1723-1761. The crisis: or, The uncertain doom of kingdoms

at particular times. Considered with reference to Great Britain and her colonies in their present circumstances. A sermon, preached in Hanover, Virginia, October 28, 1756; a day appointed by the synod of New York, to be observed as a general fast, on account of the present war with France. By the reverend Mr. Samuel Davies, A. M. With a preface by the reverend Mr. Thomas Gibbons. London, Printed for J. Buckland in Pater-noster Row, J. Ward in Cornhill, and T. Field in Cheapside, 1757. F229 D257 Office.

1363 iii-viii, 36 p. -Letters from the Rev. Samuel Davies, and others; shewing, the state of religion in Virginia, South Carolina, &c., particularly among the negroes . London, Printed by J. and W. Oliver, 1761.

1364 36 p. 15 12 cm. A sermon delivered at Nassau-hall, January 14, 1761. On the death of his late majesty King George II. By Samuel Davies, A. M., late president of the College of New Jersey. To which is prefixed a brief account of the life, character, and death of the author. By David Bostwick, A. M., minister of the Presbyterian congregation in New York. Boston, Printed and sold by R. Draper. (1761)

1365 iii-xii, 13-32 p. 19 12 cm. -Sermons on important subjects, by the late reverend and pious Samuel Davies, A. M., some time president of the College of New Jersey. An additional volume never before published in America. Boston, Lincoln & Edmands, 1810.

1366 iv, 372 p.

22cm. -Sermons on important subjects. By the late reverend and pious Samuel Davies, A. M., sometime president of the College of New Jersey. To which is prefixed the character of the author, by the Rev. David Bostwick. Philadelphia, M. Carey & son, 1818.

1367 6 v. 18 cm. -Sermons on important subjects, by the late reverend and pious Samuel Davies, A. M., some time president of the College of New Jersey. To which are prefixed, memoirs and character of the author, and two sermons on occasion of his death, by the Rev. Drs. Gibbons and Finley. 4th Amer, ed. containing all the author's sermons ever published. New York, Printed by J. & J. Harper, etc., etc., 1828.

1368 3 v. 224 cm. The substance of a letter from Mr. Davies, minister of the gospel in Hanover county, Virginia, to Mr. Bellamy of Bethlem, in New England, concerning the state of religion in Virginia, from 1743 to Juno 1751. Printed for John Orr, bookseller,

1369 caption-title, 16 p. 17cm.

Letter dated: "Hanover, June 28, 1751." The vessels of mercy, and the vessels of wrath, delineated, in a new, uncontroverted, and practical light. A sermon first preached in New. Kent, Virginia, August 22, 1756. By Samuel Davies, A. M. London, Printed for J. Buckland, 1758.

1370 vi, 7-35 p. 20 cm. Davis, Arthur Kyle. "Education in Virginia." Its dictinctive qualities to-day

achieved through a noble and historic past. By Arthur Kyle Davis, A. M., president of Southern female college, Petersburg, Va. August, 1912.

1371 [4] p. 2342 cm. -Three centuries of an old Virginia town; the history and memorials and charm of Petersburg and the Appomattox, by Arthur Kyle Davis. [no place] 1912. F234 P4 D26.

1372 16 p. 234 cm. Davis, Arthur Powell. River heights for 1896 .. Washington, Gov't. print, off., 1897. GB701 U5.

1373 100 p.

23cm. (U. S. Geological survey. Water supply and irrigation paper no. 11) Includes Virginia rivers.

20 p.

Davis, B. W. Poetry on several subjects, for the people. By B. W. Davis,

of Valley School. Richmond, Chas. H. Wynne, printer, 1855. F233 37 R5.

1374 18 42 cm. Davis, Charles Hall. . . A plan for the organization of a rural banking

system in the state of Virginia ... Washington, Gov't. print, ofl., 1913, F217 2 D26.

1375 23 42 cm. (U. S. 62d Cong., 3d sess. Senate doc. 1006)

32 p.

Davis, Daniel Webster. Idle moments; containing Emancipation and other

poems by D. Webster Davis, with an introduction by Hon. John H. Smythe, L.L. B., ex. U. S. minister to Liberia. Baltimore, Md., The educator of Morgan college, book and job printing, 1895.

1375a 81 p. plates, portrait. 17cm. -The life and public services of Rev. Wm. Washington Browne, founder of the Grand fountain u. o. of true reformers ... written by D. Webster Davis with an introduction by Rt. Rev. Benjamin F. Lee [Richmond, Va.] Mrs. M. A. Browne-Smith (1910] C1 B884 D26.

1376 x, 11-192 p. front., plates, ports. 2242 cm.

-Weh down Souf and other poems Cleveland, The Helman-Taylor company, 1897. PS1514 D5 W4 1897.

1377 vi p., 1 l., 7-136 p. illus. 18 12 cm.

Davis, Henry Edgar. Development of the District of Columbia ..

Paper from the Proceedings of the Washington academy of Sciences, by Henry E. Davis, entitled, "The political development of the District of Columbia" . [Washington, Govt. print, off., 1909] F198 D26.

1378 20 p. 23cm. (U. S. 61st Cong., 1st sess. Senate doc. 110)


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Davis, J. E. Round about Jamestown. Historical sketches of the lower Virginia peninsula. By J. E. Davis. [1907]

1379 [107] p. front., plates, map. 19cm. Davis, Jackson. The negro in country life. By Jackson Davis, Supervisor

of the rural elementary schools of Virginia Reprinted from the “Southern workman." (An address delivered at the Rural life con. ference held at the University of Virginia in July, 1911. Hampton, Virginja, The Hampton normal and agricultural institute, 1911?] 1380

14 p. 254 cm. Davis, Jefferson. The rise and fall of the Confederate government. By

Jefferson Davis . .. New York, D. Appleton and co., 1881. E487 D26.

1381 2 v. front., pl., port., maps, plans. 234 cm. -A short history of the Confederate States of America. By Jefferson Davis ... New York, Belford co., 1890. E487 D27.

1382 xii, 505 p. front. (port.) 244 cm. (Davis, John) of Salisbury, Eng., b. 1776. The American mariners: or, The

Atlantic voyage. A moral poem . Prefixed is a vindication of the American character ... To which are added Naval annals: or, An impartial summary of the actions fought during the late war, at sea, and on the lakes, between the ships of Great Britain and those of the United States of America Salisbury [Eng.) Printed and sold by Brodie & Dowding: [etc., etc., 1822] E360 D26.

1383 xii, 384 p. 17cm. -The first settlers of Virginia, an historical novel, exhibiting a view of the rise and progress of the colony at James Town, a picture of Indian manners, the countenance of the country, and its natural productions. The second edition considerably enlarged. New York, Printed for I. Riley and co., 1806.

1384 xii, 13-284 p. 19cm. -Travels of four years and a half in the United States of America; during 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801 and 1802 . . . London, Sold by T. Ostell [etc.] New York, H. Caritat, for R. Edwards, Bristol, 1803. E164 D26. 1385

454 D. 214cm. -Travels of four years and a half in the United States of America during 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801, and 1802. By John Davis. With an introduction and notes by A. J. Morrison. New York, H. Holt and company, 1909. E164 D265.

1386 xi, [2] 429 p. facsim, 23cm. Davis, Mary Diuguid. Sne waited patiently. By Mrs. Mary Diuguid Davis Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell company, 1900. B B262 98.

1387 270 p. 20cm. Davis, Nicholas A. The campaign from Texas to Maryland. By Rev.

Nicholas A. Davis. . . . Richmond, Printed at the ofice of the Presbyterian committee of publication of the Confederate States, 1863. E545 D26.

1388 168 d. 2 port. (incl. front.) 19 12 cm. Davis, Rebecca Harding. Kent Hampden. By Rebecca Harding Davis New York, Charles Scribner's sons, 1892.

1389 5 p. 1., 152 p. front., pl. 19cm. (Davis, Samuel Boyer] Escape of a Confederate officer from prison. What

he saw at Andersonville. How he was sentenced to death and saved

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co., 1892.

72 p.



220 p.

by the interposition of President Lincoln. Norfolk, Va., Landmark pub. E612 A5 D2.

1390 12 mo. Davis, Thomas J. A sketch of the life, character, and public services of

Thomas Jefferson, with some account of the aid he rendered in estab. lishing our independence and government. By Thomas J. Davis, emeritus rector of the Church of the resurrection, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1876. C1 J45 D5.

1391 xii, 179 p. 17cm. Davis, Mrs. Varina (Howell), Mrs. Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis, exPresident of the Confederate States of America. A memoir by his wife New York, Belford company (c 1890] C1 D262 D5.

1392 2 v.

fronts. (ports.), plates. 23cm. Davis, Varina Anne Jefferson, 1864-1898. A romance of summer seas New York, Harper & brothers, 1898. B B265


1393 278 p.

19 cm. -The veiled doctor New York, Harper & brothers, 1895. BD265 V8.

1394 19cm. Davis, Westmoreland. Remarks made upon the organization of the Virginia dairymen's association, Dec. 22, 1907. [1907] F220 32 D26. 1395

unp. Dawson, Charles C. A collection of family records, with biographical

sketches and other memoranda of various families and individuals bear. ing the name Dawson, or allied to families of that name. Comp. by Charles C. Dawson ... Albany, N. Y., J. Munsell, 1874.

1396 viii, 572 p. front. pl., ports. 24 42 cm. Dawson, Edgar. [Biographical sketch of James Madison, with selections from his writings, by Edgar Dawson]

1397 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. V. 8. p. 32833304) Dawson, John L. An address by Hon. John L. Dawson, before the Wash.

ington and Union L. societies of Washington college: delivered on Wed. nesday evening, June 18th, 1856. Washington, Pa, Grayson & Hart, printers, 1856.

1399 22cm. Dawson, Moses. A historical narrative of the civil and military services of

Major-General William H. Harrison, and a vindication of his character and conduct as a statesman, a citizen and a soldier. With a detail of his negotiations and wars with the Indians, until the final over. throw of the celebrated chief Tecumseh, and his brother the prophet

By Moses Dawson, editor of the Cincinnati advertiser. Cincinnati, Printed by M. Dawson, 1824. ci H323 D5.

1399 viii, 464, [8] p. front. (port.) 22 142 cm.

21 p.

[Day, Maie Dove), Mrs. W. C. Day. The blended flags. [Danville, Va., Dance bros. co., 1898] PS1525 D2 B6 1898.

1400 8 vo.

46 p.

- Virginia. Prehistoric and antebellum. [Danville, Va., Dance bros. co., 1899] B D275 V29.

1401 20 cm.

119 p.

Day, Samuel Phillips. Down South; or, An Englishman's experience at the

seat of the American war, By Samuel Phillips Day, special correspond

V. 4.


ent of the Morning herald London, Hurst and Blackett, 1862. E487 D28.

1402 2 v. fronts. (ports.) 20 12 cm. Dead calumnies against General Mahone, exhumed again by Democratic

hyenas, here buried once more! Other Democratic falsehoods met and exposed! (1889]

1403 8 p. 22cm. The death of death, or A study of God's holiness in connection with the

existence of evil, in so far as intelligent and responsible beings are concerned. By an orthodox layman, Richmond, J. W. Randolph & English, 1878.

1403a (xii), 210 p. 19 12 cm. The death of J. E. B. Stuart. By a private of the 6th Va. cavalry. E468 B33.

1404 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

p. 194) De Bow, James Dunwoody Brownson, 1820-1867. The industrial resources,

etc., of the Southern and Western states: embracing a view of their commerce, agriculture, manufactures, internal improvements; slave and free labor, slavery institutions, products, etc., of the South, together with historical and statistical sketches of the different states and cities of the Union, statistics of the United States commerce and manufac. tures, from the earliest periods compared with other leading powers; the results of the different census returns since 1790, and returns of the census of 1850, on population, agriculture and general industry, etc., with an appendix ... New Orleans, The office of De Bow's review, 1852-53. F210 D28.

1405 3 v. tables.

Virginia, see v. 3, p. 453-468. Defoe, Daniel. Life of Col. Jack. Another Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel

Defoe. This curious and interesting book, by the author of Robinson Crusoe, and exactly in the style of that celebrated work, has never, it is believed, been published in America. Much of the scene of it is laid near the site of the city of Washington, and it has been pronounced to be the very best picture which was ever given of white slavery in Virginia. Boston, J. Stilman Smith & Co., [c. 1891)

1406 181 p. 18cm. -The history and remarkable life of the truly honourable Colonel Jacquo commonly called Colonel Jack. Complete in 2 parts. With the author's preface, and an introduction by G. H. Maynadier, Ph. D. New York, The Jenson society, 1905.

1407 2 v. fronts., plates. 22cm. -The fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders. Complete in 2 parts. With the author's preface, and an introduction by G. H. Maynadier, Ph. D. New York, The Jenson society, 1905.

1408 2 v. fronts., plates. 2142 cm. De Hass, Wills. History of the early settlement and Indian wars of Western

Virginia; embracing an account of the various expeditions in the West, previous to 1795. Also, biographical sketches of ... distinguished actors in our border wars Wheeling, H. Hoblitzell; Philadelphia, King & Baird, 1851. F229 H353.

1409 416 p. front., illus., pl. 8 vo.

A review of this book appeared in the Southern literary messenger, v. 17, p. 544-551. Deltrick, R. L. Deitrick's standard paper money catalogue: listing all Con.

federate treasury notes issued by the Confederate government and all

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