v. 19.


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1472 10 v. facsims. 241/2 cm. Bibliography: v. 1, p. 105-107.

Volumes 1 and 2 contain material concerning plantation management and life, and general industrial conditions in Virginia. Documents laid before the Legislature at the session of 1827-28 upon the

application of the Cartersville bridge co. for a loan or lottery to rebuild the bridge. Richmond, 1828. JK310

V. 27.


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xvi, 443 p. 18cm.

Raleigh, N. C., Edwards and Brough.


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"This is the third printing of 'Doddridge's Notes.' The first was in 1824, by Mr. Doddridge himself, at the office of the Wellsburg, Va., Gazette The second edition, edited by Alfred Williams was printed at Albany, N. Y., in 1876, by Joel Munsell.”—Pref.

This has been reprinted in the three editions of Kercheval's History of the Valley. Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from the year 1763 until the year 1783 inclusive. Together with a view of the state of society and manners of the first settlers of that country. By the Rev. Dr. Joseph Doddridge. F232 S5 K3.

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Doddridge, Philip. Sermons to young persons By Philip Doddridge,

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V. 3.

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Dodge, Martin Road conventions in the Southern States, and object.

lesson roads constructed under the supervision of the Office of public road inquiries, with the cooperation of the Southern railway Wash. ington, Govt. print. off., 1902. TE23 A8.

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23cm. Dods, John B. A sermon, delivered in the Episcopal church, Gloucester, Vir.

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good boat Adventure, from Fort Patrick Henry on Holston River, to the French Salt Springs on Cumberland River, kept by John Donaldson. F436 R17.

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Confederate States Army, ex-Governor of Louisiana. New York, M. Doolady; New Orleans, James A. Gresham [c 1866] Ci A426 D52.

1503 420 p. front. (port.)

Gov. Allen was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, April 29, 1820. Dos Passos, John R. Address (before Virginia state bar association) of

Hon. John R. Dos Passos, of New York. The results and responsibillties of our representative democracy.

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Virginia, August 28, 1860. (Washington] L. Towers & co. JK310 V. 10.


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16 p.

Douglass, William, 1691-1752. A summary, historical and political, of the

ürst planting, progressive improvements, and present state of the British settlements in North America ... By William Douglass, M. D. London, Printed for R. & J. Dodsley, 1760. E188 1733.

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"Concerning the colony and dominions of Virginia": v. 2, p. 385-416. "A digression concerning the small-pox": p. 392-414. Douthat, Robert. Argument before the committee of privileges and elec

tions, in the case of Robert Douthat, returned delegate from the county of Charles City. Richmond, Printed by Shepherd & Pollard, 1826. 1508

26 p. 224 cm.

Dove, John. The Virginia text-book; containing a history of masonic grand

lodges, and the constitution of masonry, or Ahiman rezon: together with a digest of the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand lodge of Vir. ginia; also a complete compilation of the illustrations of Masonic work, as drawn from Preston, Webb, Read and others, by John Dove, Grand secretary of the Grand lodge of Virginia. 3d ed. Richmond, Printed by James E. Goode, 1886. F221 3 F85 D74.

1500 380 p. front. (port.) 20cm. Preface to 1st ed. dated 1846.

Dover Baptist association. Minutes.

1510 Library has 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1900, 1907-1910. The session of 1910 was the 128th.


Dow, Lorenzo, 1774-1834. Quintessence of Lorenzo's works. History of cos.

mopolite; or, The four volumes of Lorenzo's journal, concentrated in one: containing his experience and travels, from childhood, to near his fortieth year. Also his polemical writings. to which is added, Tho journey of life, by Peggy Dow : : . 3d ed. cor, and enl. Philadelphia, Printed by Joseph Rakestraw, 1816. Ci D744 D74.

1511 I p. incl. ports., 700 p. 19 cm. "Visit through Virginia": p. 185-203.

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Doyle, John Andrew. English colonies in America New York, H. Holt and company, 1882-1907. E188 D76.

1512 fold. maps (incl. fronts.) 23cm. Contents:v. 1. Virginia. Maryland and the Carolinas.-v. 2-3. The Puritan colonies.-V. 4. The middle colonies.--v. 5. The colonies under the house of Hanover.

5 v.

Doyle, Thomas S. The Virginia institution for the education of the deal

and dumb (and of the blind), Staunton, Va., 1839-93. By Thos. S. Doyle, principal of the institution. HV2530 V8.

1513 1 l., 12 p. front. (port.)

(In Volta bureau, Washington, D. C. Histories of American schools for the deaf ... v. 1) Drake, Samuel Adams. The making of Virginia and the middle colonies; 1578-1701 .. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1893. F229 D8. 1514

, 228 p. front., illus., port. 12 mo. -A brief memoir of Sir Walter Raleigh; prepared for and published in the New England historical and genealogical register for April, 1852. And now reprinted with additions Boston, Printed for the author for private distribution, 1862. C2 R163 D64.

1515 35 D. front. (port.) 23cm. Draper, Henry, 1837-1882. . . . On the construction of a silvered glass tele

scope, fifteen and a half inches in aperture, and its use in celestial photography Reprinted from vol. 14, Smithsonian contributions to knowledge, 1864 Q11 56 C.

1516 Henry Draper was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, in 1837. Draper, John Christopher, 1835-1885. Year-book of nature and popular

science for 1872. Ed. by John C. Draper . New York, Scribner, Armstrong & co., 1873. Q9D76.

1517 xxi, 333 D. 184 cm.

John C. Draper was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in 1835. Draper, Lyman Copeland. King's Mountain and its heroes: history of the

battle of King's Mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the events which led to it, by Lyman C. Draper, Secretary of the State historical society of Wisconsin ... Cincinnati, P. G. Thomson, 1881, E241 K5D7.

1518 xv, (16)-612 p. front., pl., port., map. 24cm.

Contains many references to frontier Virginians. 400 of the militia of Washington County. Virginia, under Col. Wm. Campbell, took part in tho

battle. Drayton, Michael. Ode to the Virginian voyage.

1519 (In Brown, Alexander. Genesis of the United States.

V. 1. p. 86-87) Drewry, P. H. Old Fort Henry, the first fortification in the history of Petersburg. F234 P4 D7.

1520 Clipping from the Petersburg daily index-appeal, July 31, 1910. 14 columns. Drewry, William Francis. Care and treatment of the defectives in the South.

1521 (In The South in the building of the nation. v. 10. p. 597-602) -Care and condition of the insane in Virginia. Dr. Wm. F. Drewry, superintendent of the Virginia state hospital for the insane. (Read at the 35th national conference of charities and correction, Richmond, Va., May, 1908) (1908]

1522 [8] D. 224 cm. -Circula insanity: report of 3 cases. Reprinted rom the Journal of nervous and mental disease, April, 1895. RC608 D70.


-Clinical study of thyroid extract. By W. F. Drewry and J. M. Henderson. Reprinted from Virginia medical semi-monthly, June 22, 1900. RC602 D74.


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