48 p.

298 p.

ter W. Ficklin, Belmont, near Charlottesville, Virginia, March 3d., 1870. Charlottesville, Printed by James Alexander.

1730a 16 p. 22 1/2 cm. Fidelity trust and safety vault company. In the circuit court of the United

States for the district of Kentucky, at Louisville. Fidelity trust and safety vault company, trustee, &c., vs. the Richmond eye, ear and throat dispensary and infiimary and others, in equity. Brief for the Retreat for the sick. Eugene C. Massie, Richmond, Va., Meredith & Cocke, Richmond, Va., Randolph H. Blain, Louisville, Ky., solicitors and counsel for the Retreat. [James E. Goode printing co., Richmond, Va.] 1731

30cm. Fiege, Philip. Modern fairy tales, by Philip Fiege. Richmond, Va., W. C. Hill printing company, 1914. PZ8 F452 M.

1732 front. (port. group) illus. 22 14 cm. Field, S. S. Paper read [before Virginia state bar association] by S. S. Field. Shall the republic endure?

1733 (In Virginia state bar association. 22nd. report, 1910. p. 238-248) Fielding, G. H. John Lewis, the pioneer of Augusta county. By G. H. Fielding.

1734 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. (v. 1] no. 3. June, 1903. p. 206-216) Fifty years a pastor. An account of the observance of the semi-centennial

anniversary of the installation of Rev. Mo es Drury Hoge, in the pastorate of the Second Presbyterian church, Richmond, Virginia. Rich. mond [Privately printed] 1895. C1 H715 F27.

1735 vi, 1 l., 156 p. front. (port.) 20cm. [Figg, Royall W.] "Where men only dare to go!” or, The story of a boy

company (C. S. A.) By an ex-boy . . . Richmond, Whittet & Shepperson, 1885. E581 8 P2.

1736 viii, [17)-263 p. front., port. 2012 cm.

History of the Parker battery, Virginia light artillery. The final sale of the relics of General Washington owned by Lawrence

Washington, Esq., Bushrod C. Washington, Esq., Thomas B. Washington, Esq., and J. R. C. Lewis, Esq., embracing the most important col. lection ever brought together, of letters, deeds, leases, legal documents, receipts, bills, account books, and memoranda belonging to and written by General Washington ... April 21st, 220, 230, 1891 Catalogue compiled and sale conducted by Stan. V. Henkels, Thos. Birch's sons, auctioneers, Philadelphia. Ci W318 H15.

1737 152 p. plates, ports., facsims. 26 42 cm.

Catalogue number 663. Finch, John. Travels in the United States of America and Canada, contain.

ing some account of their scientific institutions, and a few notices of the geology and mineralogy of tho e countries . London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1833. E165 F49. 1738

3 p. l., (ix)-XV, 455 p. 21 14 cm.

Travels in Virginia: p. 213-275. Finch, Marianne. An English woman's experience in America . . . London, R. Bentley, 1853. E166 F49.

1739 viii, 386 p. 2012 cm.

In Virginia: p. 288-334. Findlay, H. (Biographical sketch of Beverly Tucker, with selections from his writings, by H. Findlay]

1740 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 12. p. 5501

Findlay, John Van Lear. Address before Maryland General assembly at celebration of Washington's birthday, 1862. JK310

V. 16.

1741 8 p. 22cm. Fink, Henry. Federal regulation of railroad securities and valuation of rail.

road properties; letters to the Railroad securities commission in reply to their request for information and opinions ... [Roanoke, Va., The Stone printing company, 1911] HE1071 F8.

1742 37 p. 22cm. -Regulation of railway rates on interstate freight traffic 2d ed. New York, The Evening post job printing office, 1905. HE2112 F5.

1743 V, 236 p. 24cm. Finlay, Hugh. Journal kept by Hugh Finlay, Surveyor of the post roads on

the continent of North America, during his survey of the post offices between Falmouth and Casco Bay in the Province of Massachusetts, and Savannah in Georgia; begun the 13th Septr. 1773 and ended 26th June, 1774. Brooklyn, Frank H. Norton, 1874.

1744 xxv. 94 p. 2 maps. 23 by 20cm.

Post offices and post routes in Virginia: p. 89-94. First company, Governor's horse guard, Connecticut. Compliments of First

company, Governor's horse guard. Illustrations. Industries of Connecti. cut. Jamestown ter centennial 1907. History First company, Governor's horse guard, Hartford, Connecticut, 1778-1907. Hartford, Conn., Printed by the Transcript press, (1907?]

1745 94 p. illus. 27cm. Fishburne military school, Waynesboro, Va. Catalog.

1746 Library has 1892, 1893, 1894, 1898, 1901, 1906, 1907, 1908. Fisher, Elwood. Lecture on the North and the South, delivered before the

Young men's mercantile library association, of Cincinnati, Ohio, January 16, 1849... Richmond, Printed by John B. Colin, 1849. LB41. 1747

31 p. 23cm. Fisher, George D. History and reminiscences of the Monumental church,

Richmond. Va., from 1814 to 1878. . Richmond, Whittet & Shep. person, 1880. F233 62 F533.

1748 xvi, 508 p., 2 1. front., plates, ports. 2012 cm, Fisher, George Park. Jefferson and the social compact theory. E172 A48.

1749 (In American historical association. Report, 1893. p. 163-177) Fisher, Howell. Report on the agricultural and mineral resources of Vir.

ginia and West Virginia, and more particularly on the extent, quality and value of the coal and iron deposits situated along the line of the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, showing the advantage of that region for successful mining and manufacturing industry. By Hon. Howell Fisher, civil engineer, geologist, formerly of Pennsylvania, and a practical iron manufacturer. New York, Press of Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, 1870. F219 21 F53.

1750 24 p. 23cm. -Same. 1871. F219 21 F533.


Fiske, John, 1842-1901. Essays, historical and literary New York, Lon. don, The Macmillan company, 1902. PS1673 E7.

1751 2 v. front. (port.) 23cm. v. i:

Charles Lee, soldier of fortune Thomas Jefferson, the conservative reformer ?. James Madison, ihe constructive statesman



Old Virginia and her neighbors, by John Fiske ... Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1897. F229 F54.

1752 2 v.

12 mo. -Old Virginia and her neighbors, by John Fiske; illustrated with portraits, maps, facsimiles, contemporary views, prints and other historic materials . . . Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1900. F229F54.

1753 2 v. fronts., illus., plates (part double) ports., maps (part double) facsims. (part double) 22 122 cm. -Virginia in the colonial period.

1754 (In Harper's magazine. v. 65, 1882. p. 895-907) Fitch, John. The original steam-boat supported; or, a reply to Mr. James

Rumsey's pamphlet. Showing the true priority of John Fitch, and the false datings, &c. of James Rumsey. Philadelphia, Printed by Zacharia Poulson, junr. on the west side of Fourth-street, between Market and Arch streets. 1788. (Reprint)

1755 (In O'Callaghan, E. B. The documentary history of the state of NewYork. v. 2. p. (1039)-1102) Fitch, William Edward. ... The origin, rise and downfall of the state of Franklin, under her first and only governor, John Sevier.

an ad dress by William Edward Fitch ... delivered before the New York society of the Order of the founders and patriots of America, at the hotel Manhattan, New York, March 11, 1910. [New York?] The Society (1910] E186 6 N39.

1756 24 p. 23cm.

(Publications of the New York society of the Order of the founders and patriots of America. no. 25) Fitchett, Laura S. Beverages and sauces of colonial Virginia. 1607-1907. New York, Neale publishing company, 1906.

1757 19 142 cm. Fithian, Philip Vickers. Journal and letters, 1767-1774. Student at Prince

ton College, 1770-72, tutor at Nomini Hall in Virginia, 1773-74. Edited for the Princeton historical association by John Rogers Williams. Princeton, N. J., The university library, 1900.

1758 xxi p., 1 l., 320 p. front., plates, ports., map. 24cm. -Journal of Philip Fithian, kept at Nomini Hall, Virginia, 1773-1774. E171 A57.

1759 (In American historical review. v. 5, no. 2. Jan., 1900. p. 290-319) Fitz, J. W. Profitable farming in the Southern States. The first book on

farming written exclusively for Southern farmers, treating the Southern farm from a Southern standpoint. By J. W. Fitz . assisted by Josiah Ryland, jr., and a large corps of prominent agricultural writers; with an introduction by Col. Robert Beverly Richmond, Va., Franklin publishing co., 1890. S505 F54.

1760 xvi, 17-608 p. incl. front., illus. 26 12 cm. Fitz, James. The Southern apple and peach culturist, adapted to the soil

and climate of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, etc. containing full and practical instructions in successful culture, grafting, budding, etc. . . . Also a treatise on insects and their extermination ... J. W. Randolph & English, Richmond, 1872. SB363 F54.


110 p.

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336 p.

[Fitzhugh, George), 1807-1881. Ancient families of Virginia, Maryland, etc.

(In De Bow's review. v. 26. May, 1859. p. [487]-502)

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-Cannibals all! or, Slaves without masters. By George Fitzhugh, of Port Royal, Caroline, Va. ... Richmond, Va., A. Morris, 1857. HT1 F55.

1762 xxiit p., 25-379 p. 19 cm. -The northern neck of Virginia.

1762a (In De Bow's review. v. 27. September, 1859. p. 279-295) old churches, ministers, and families of Virginia. Review of Bishop Meade's work (with some additional data)

1762b (In De Bow's review. v. 26. February, 1859. D. (121)-135) -The revolutions of 1776 and 1861 contrasted.

1763 (In Southern literary messenger. V. 37. D. 718-726) -Sociology for the South; or, The failure of free society. By George Fitzhugh ... Richmond, Va., A. Morris, 1854. HT95 F55. 1764

310 D. 19cm. -The valleys of Virginia—The Rappahannock.

1764a (In De Bow's review, v. 26. March, 1859. p. 267-282, 611-629) -What shall be done with the free negroes; essays written for the Fredericksburg recorder, by George Fitzhugh, of Port Royal. Fredericksburg, Recorder job office, 1851. HT75 F55.

1765 16 p. 21cm. Fitzhugh, Georgianna. Life of Dr. John Tankard. Hampton, Va., Hampton institute press, 1907. ci T165 F55.

1766 130 p. 21cm. Fitzhugh, Thomas. The archaeological institute in our national life. Found

ing of the Richmond society. Thomas Fitzhugh, Professor of Latin in the University of Virginia. Anderson brothers, (Charlottesville), Uni. versity of Virginia, 1912.

1767 7 p. 23cm. -The Hertz classical library. [By] Thomas Fitzhugh, University of Vir. ginia. (Reprinted from the University of Virginia alumni bulletin for July, 1913]

1768 6 p. 2342 cm. -A plea for Greek in the American high school, by Thomas Fitzhugh, President of the association. (Charlottesville), University of Virginia, 1914.

1769 6 p. 23cm.

At head of title: The classical association of Virginia. -The sacred tripudium ... Charlottesville, Va., Anderson brothers, University of Virginia. F218 24 U5 A49.

1770 59 p. 2342 cm.

(University of Virginia. Bulletin of Philosophical society. v. 1, no. 1) Fitzpatrick, John Clement. Calendar of the correspondence of George

Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental army, with the Con. tinental Congress. Prepared from the original manuscripts in the Library of Congress by John C. Fitzpatrick, Division of manuscripts. Washington, Government printing osllce, 1906. Ci W318 F54. 1771

741 D. front. (facsim.), plates, facsims. 27 43 cm. Flagg, Charles A. Virginia's soldiers in the revolution; a bibliography of

muster and pay rolls, regimental histories, etc., with introductory and explanatory notes by C. A. Flagg, Catalogue division, and W. 0. Waters, Bibliography division, Library of Congress. F224

V. 8.

1772 (In The Virginia magazine of history and biography. v. 19. p. 402-414; v. 20. D. 52-68, 181-194, 267-281; v. 21. p. 337-346)


XV p.

Flanders, Henry. The life of John Marshall; by Henry Flanders . Philadelphia, T. & J. W. Johnson & co., 1905. ci M369 F34.

1773 x, 278 p. incl. front. (port.) 25cm.

"Originally issued in the author's 'Lives and times of the chief justices of the United States.'" Flavel, John. The balm of the covenant, applied to the bleeding wounds of

afflicted saints: to which are added, a view of the soul of man in the state of separation from the body. Also, a faithful and succinct narrative of some wonde ful sea deliverances, remarkable providences, &c. &c. Selected from the works of the Rev. John Flavel. 1st Amer. ican, from the 6th London ed. Richmond, Va., Pub. by Joseph Martin, Thos. W. White, printer, 1828.

1774 22 42 cm. -The fountain of life opened; or, A display of Christ, in his essential and mediatorial glory. Containing forty-two sermons, on various texts of scripture. By tne Revd. John Flavel. 1st Amer, ed. Richmond, Pub. lished by Joseph Martin, 1824.

1775 xii, 676 p. front. (port.) 22cm. -Sacramental meditations, upon divers passages of Scripture; wherein, believers are assisted in preparing their hearts, and exciting their affections and graces, when they draw nigh to God, in that awful and most solemn ordinance of the Lord's supper. By the Rev. John Flavel, late minister of the Gospel, at Dartmouth in Devon, England. 1st Amer. ican from 6th London ed., with corrections and translations. Richmond, Pub. by Joseph Martin, T. W. White, printer, 1824.

1776 (ii), iv, [3]-176 p. 18cm. A saint indeed, or the great work of a Christian in keeping the heart in the several conditions of life. With a sketch of the life of the author . . . By the Rev. John Flavel. With translations, corrections and additions. Richmond, Pub. by Joseph Martin, T. W. White, printer, 1826.

1777 18 42 cm. Fleet, Henry. A brief journal of a voyage made in the bark “Warwick" to Virginia and other parts of the continent of America. 1631.

1778 (In Neill, Edward D. The English colonization of America during the seventeenth century. London, 1871. p. 221-237) -A brief journal of a voyage made in the bark “Warwick" to Virginia and other parts of the continent of America. 1631.

1779 (In Scharf, John T. History of Maryland. Baltimore, 1879. v. 1, p. 13-20) Fleming, Lucy Randolph. Alice Withrow; or, The summer at home. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell & co., 1886. BF597 A8.

1780 241 p. front. 19cm. Fleming, Mary Elizabeth (Lee), Mrs. G. W. Fleming. Emergency helps for

housekeepers and others, comp. by Mrs. Geo. W. Fleming . Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell co., inc., printers, 1906. TX158 F53.

1781 2012 cm. Fleming, Walter L. (Biographical sketch of Zachary Taylor, with selections from his writings, by Walter L. Fleming]

1782 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 12. p.52175225)

309 p.

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231 p.

-The memoirs of James Murray Mason, Confederate commissioner to England.

1783 (In Southern history association publications. v. 8. 1904. D. 465-472)

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